Monday, January 26, 2009

Anagram: Gelder = Ledger

Discussions - and broader attention from the Drudge Report to the English media - regarding the Dendermonde Joker killer - continued on January 26, 2009. There were new speculations of a possible 4th killing, more on the suspect's copycat behavior, and continued interest in the strange links between Heath Ledger's and Kim de Gelder's names.

Belgian police now believe the man they are holding for the January 23rd daycare killings in Dendermonde may also have stabbed to death a 73-year-old woman who lived nearby on January 16th.

"There are very clear indications of links between the murders in Dendermonde and the death of the elderly woman," said spokesman Christian du Four. No details were forthcoming, although the suspect is due in court on Tuesday. (Update: Kim de Gelder has admitted to the court that he killed three at the daycare, but says he was not the person who killed the elderly woman, earlier.)

By Monday, the earlier links that had been being detailed first in the Belgian media, at The Copycat Effect, and throughout the blogosphere by Todd Campbell, Ben Fairhall, The Anomalist, SMiles Lewis, Theo Paijmans, and others, were being acknowledged by the UK and American press and then even by the Drudge Report (who seemed later than usual in picking up the copycat thread on this one, curiously).

The UK's Telegraph wrote on Monday: "Belgium's Le Soir newspaper has even speculated on the significance of the fact that the name Gelder is an anagram for Ledger."

This had Todd Campbell wryly observing over at "Through The Looking Glass": "Our trade gone mainstream???"

A comment maker (unnamed) left the remark noting that "Gelder" is an anagram of "Ledger" on this blog at 9:41 PM ET on Saturday, January 24, 2009.

I must add, the spooky links to the decapitation death of Tim McLean, who was beheaded on the Greyhound bus in Alberta on July 30th, allegedly by Vince Weiguang Li, 40, may rest in onomatology someday. If we ever decipher the ties between "Ledger," "Gelder," and the perhaps purely operational name "Badger," in the vortex of these events, no telling where this might lead us.


Vince Weiguang Li is taken into custody after police found "Badger" carrying McLean's head (box).

A police officer at the scene of the fatal stabbing on the Canadian bus saw Li hacking off pieces of McLean's body and eating them, according to a police tape leaked on the Internet on August 2nd. In the tape of radio transmissions, officers referred to the attacker, who also beheaded the victim, as "Badger." They said he was armed with a knife and scissors and was "defiling the body."

"Badger's at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and eating it," an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said on the tape.

The RCMP described the tapes as "operational police communications and, as such, are not meant for public consumption." The tape was posted on YouTube among other sites.

Further news is now being revealed that the suspect in the Belgian creche stabbings is said to have quoted Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight when he was arrested.

When he was arrested, Kim de Gelder's only words were: "I have a question."

According to the Telegraph, picking up their information from Belgian media, they report:

The words echo a scene in Batman: the Dark Knight when the Joker violently gatecrashes a party looking for a the fictional attorney general of Gotham City, Harvey Dent.

"I only have one question: where is Harvey Dent? I'll settle for his loved ones," says the character played by Ledger, before threatening a woman with a knife.

Patrick De Mey, the police officer who arrested Mr De Gelder, described the suspect as being in a passive and trance-like state.

"When I asked him to step off his bicycle and put his backpack on the ground he obeyed perfectly," he told the Gazet Van Antwerpen.

"But in answer to my questions, he clearly had no understanding. He continued to stare at me all the time with wide open eyes and a large grin on his face."

A wide grin? Like the Joker?

A trance-like state? We've certainly heard that before.

The most repeated reference to that kind of trance is the "Manchurian Candidate" state of being mentioned when Sirhan Sirhan was arrested after allegedly shooting RFK. I've noted others in my writings, of course.

Belgium's state-run media has issued more widely the high school photograph of Kim de Gelder.

As mentioned in early postings, according to witness statements and police drawings, the suspect had painted his face white, blackened his eyes and had colored his hair red, apparently to mirror the Joker in The Dark Knight.

Police have addeded another film inspiration, as well. His (so-called) "gruesome and bizarre" garb naturally caused investigators to note the Joker comparison, but then they made a link to another (to quote them) "cult Goth film," The Crow, which they say inspired Ledger in his Batman role.

Perhaps The Crow (1994) was important to de Gelder, but I'm not sure about its influence on Ledger. Actually, from my reading of contemporary Heath Ledger interviews, to prepare for the role, Ledger lived alone in a hotel room for a month researching the character and developing his performance. Ledger claimed he was basing his characterization upon Sid Vicious and the charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge (played by Malcolm McDowell) in A Clockwork Orange (1971). (BTW, "DeLarge" = "A Ledger," "A Gelder," as pointed out in the Bibliophile's comment below.)


Former classmates at the Roman Catholic Sint Carolus school, in the town of Sint Niklaas [= Saint Nicholas], described Kim de Gelder as "a fan of Goth music who could sometimes behave oddly."

He was nicknamed "Satan" because of his long black hair, notes the Belgian and UK press.

De Gelder studied to become a chemist's assistant (humm, an "alchemist"?) and successfully completed his exams in 2006.

ledger joker long


Prosecutor Christian Du four has said that there are "very concrete elements" linking the nursery attack to the murder of the elderly woman, De Gelder has said he knows nothing about the latter incident.

Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws reported that investigators had found a document on De Gelder's computer with precise information about the elderly woman, which was created several days before the murder.

Next to her name, Elza Van Raemdonck, was written: "Result of the action: one," according to the newspaper.

The newspaper said that the computer file also left no doubts that the nursery attack had been planned in detail in advance and that he targeted other day-care centres as well.

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FilmNoir23 said...

Ah yes...The "Badger"...had nearly forgotten that little nugget which NEVER sat well with me.

Anonymous said...

After first putting my tinfoil hat firmly in place:

As has been pointed out, 'Gelder' is a perfect anagram of 'Ledger'.

Heath Ledger studied the character of 'Alex DeLarge' to perfect his portrayal of the Joker.

'DeLarge' rearranges to 'A Gelder' (or, obviously, 'A Ledger'). Ack.

Okay, who's been messing with the Cosmic Forces again? I'm looking at YOU, Doctor Who...

Ben Fairhall said...

The triple anagram- Ledger, Gelder and DeLarge- is truly... something.

The gates have been well and truly opened.

Great work on this one, Loren.

Thuth said...

Great finds here, and lots to sink our teeth into.

I have to wonder, though - by saying these are copycat killings, you're saying they are not related except through a kind of meme - or ego identification that one deranged person has with another.

That denies the possibility that these killings are linked in a more insidious way - which many in the synchro-sphere have been sensing for quite a while.

What are your thoughts about the possibility that the killings your writing about are not isolated incidents but instead part of a greater pattern?



cryptidsrus said...

I'll go even further...

Has it ever occurred to anyone that this might be governmnet-related? The infamous HAARP, maybe?

I have long ago ceased considering most events to mere coincidence or "improbable." This is NOT coincidental.
With these events, we'll probably never know. Creeps me out intensely, nevertheless.

Loren Coleman said...

Thank you Thuth, for the reflective appreciation. Indeed, thanks to everyone who has placed any comments on any of these postings of late.

Let me explain, briefly, what I consider in sharing this material.

"Copycat" behavior, in and of itself, in no way only or specifically limits an understanding but merely is one of many first steps in examining patterns. It most definitely does not relate the behavior as a mirror of "one deranged person" to "another." The copycat effect, for example, can be evidenced in a modeling based on fictional characters (such as the Joker) or celebrities (like Heath Ledger), the latter of which I do not assume was "deranged."

The copycat insights, for some, should be viewed just as the beginning, not an end, to further analytic pattern-building. Certainly, whether such manipulations as Manchurian Candidates, meaningful coincidences, or embedded connections are occurring, or symbolism, signing, and synchronicities are taking place, they may perhaps all be revealed by deciphering the twilight language that appears involved in these events. I think that is a realistic possibility or I would not be doing what I am doing.

Prediction and prevention of violence human behavior has been an important focus of my work for years, so this all is not merely some kind of intellectual game for me. I know and trust that some of you understand that of my work (especially those who have read my book).

I certainly don't wish to project that I have half of the answers, let alone even any of them. I am comfortable with merely trying to point the way, if I see something that seems obvious or a hint to me, after looking down this path for five decades. But that does not necessarily tell me which way (most of the time) any of us should be going down this yellow brick road, down the rabbit's hole, or onto the grassy knoll.

I remain an explorer, trying to find my way without a clearly recorded map.

Oftentimes the "grand plan" seems to be a wryly delivered prank of the Cosmic Joker, while in other incidents it teases us into thinking there might be something understandably human underneath it all. I remain openmindedly confused and clear of mind, all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the timely message about 'the copycat effect' in your post. One must maintain a critical perspective. Reality contains the true and the false and connecting dots in this field requires great care and understanding lest you fall victim to an illusion of your own making (i.e. John Nash). I think like UFOs the study of 'the copycat effect' or whatever you like to call it, again with care and understanding, points a way to the study of the structure of reality itself in the latter case especially through studying causal and acausal connecting priniples. Thanx for your work Mr. Coleman. FYI: Ismail Ax = Alias Mix

Ben Fairhall said...

LaFarge returns. Sort of.


Red Pill Junkie said...

In one of Heath Ledger's movies—2001's A Knight's Tale— Heath's character, William Thatcher, tries to pass as a knight with the phony title Sir Ulrich from Gelderland.

Gelderland @_@

I just remembered it.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys this case is totally satanic.
Notice the town?
Former classmates at the Roman Catholic Sint Carolus school, in the town of Sint Niklaas [= Saint Nicholas], described Kim de Gelder as "a fan of Goth music who could sometimes behave oddly."

Now check this out:
The startling fact is, Santa Claus is not the Bishop St. Nicholas – but his Dark Helper!

In certain German children’s games, the Saint Nicholas figure itself is the Dark Helper, a devil who wants to punish children, but is stopped from doing so by Christ. (Renterghem, Tony van. When Santa Was a Shaman. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1995, p. 105)

Black Pete, the ‘grandfather’ of our modern Santa Claus. Known in Holland as Zwarte Piet, this eighteenth-century German version, is—like his ancient shamanic ancestor—still horned, fur-clad, scary, and less than kind to children. Although portrayed as the slave helper of Saint Nicholas, the two are, in many villages, blended into one character. This figure often has the name Nikolass or Klaus, but has the swarthy appearance of the Dark Helper. (Renterghem, Tony van. When Santa Was a Shaman. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1995, p. 98)

there's a lot more information on this Jolly ol' "st." Nick in the article:

Also do not forget the guy does his henious act 1 year and 1 day after the demise of Mr.Ledger.
Number 11, check it out.
Hint: Little horn - eleventh horn...

Anonymous said...

Check this out; two tv-stations rescheduled their program that night; vt4 skipped Scary Movie 4 and replaced it by Wallace & Gromit: The curse of the were-rabbit.

quote; Wallace: I'm sorry, Gromit. I know you're doing this for my own good, but the fact is I'm just crackers about cheese. Look, if I must change me ways, at least let me do it my way, with technology.
[Lowers the Mind Manipulation-omatic onto his head]
Wallace: It's time we tried my latest invention, the Mind Manipulation-omatic. It extracts unwanted thoughts and desires. I haven't tested it yet, but it should be perfectly safe. Just a bit of harmless brain alteration, that's all.

And the other tv station [Eén] reprogrammed to Finding Neverland

Don you think thats....odd?