Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mark Anthony Conditt ~ Why?

Why did the Austin bomber set off his bombs? It appears to be a question that will linger for days.

One clue may exist in the map, and various maps of the bombing in context have been created.

Source: Secret Sun

A man who police believe carried out a string of package bombings in Austin is dead, putting an end to a weekslong hunt to track down and stop the bomber who had the Texas capital and its residents on edge. 

Conditt at the FedEx counter.

Law enforcement officials, who identified the suspect as 23-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt, said they traced the white male to a hotel in the Austin suburb of Round Rock, about 20 miles north of the city. In a confrontation with the police, the suspect detonated a device and died, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said. Shots were fired during the encounter with police.

Conditt, via Facebook.

Conditt detonated one final bomb in his car.

The Round Rock motel where Conditt was staying.

Mark Anthony Conditt

Mark Anthony Conditt Reportedly ID'd as Austin Bomber

Blew himself up after police chase early Wednesday morning.


“I have this idea I haven't been putting out publicly...but screw it. The guy doesn't have time to watch FB with all he's doing. If you didn't catch, the 3rd one was meant for Erica Mason, across the street from the lady who's doorstep it was on (she was carrying it to her). 1st was House family, son of Rev. Dixon. 2nd and 3rd--Mason. "Mason-Dixon" as in line :-( and 4th was on a street that was hidden well enough from traffic to set it up...traffic from the feeder street, Republic of Texas Blvd. So...yeah.” ~ Debbie Russell (with comments)


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Frank said...


The Interstate 35 pic was created by my girlfriend. But it wasn't created since the Austin bombings began but a couple of months ago. Seen this one coming for a while now.

It's About Time.

Loren Coleman said...


Since you left no way to contact you except through this fashion...

Where and when was the map published?

Who is “Jenny”?

Thank her for the map contribution.

Does she have more to share?


*Jenny Almond* said...

Hi Loren. I'm Jemmy. :)
I created the map after noticing I35 was a hotbed of energy.
Clearly, it needs updating now...and I failed to add another
event...2014 Ebola outbreak was also along I-35 (Parkland Hospital),
which was the same hospital that treated JFK's fatal wound.

Tom Mellett said...

Hello Loren and Frank,

One event missing from the map is the Smiley Face Balloon Crash which occurred near Lockhart about 30 miles South of Austin in July 2016.

Tom Mellett said...


This blogpost evokes a mixed bag of memories for me since I have lived 17 years of my life in Austin, — in 2 segments (1976-80) and (1986-98). I’ve only been back there once in the 20 years since I left so I feel locked in a literal Time Warp since the Austin I know existed 20 to 40 years ago.

PLaying the name game, I notice that Conditt’s initials are MAC. He meets his end on IH 35 in Round Rock, where Michael Dell lived and I link to this 2013 Forbes article about Dell only because of the word play in their headline

Michael Dell: Between A Round Rock (TX) And A Hard Place

His name Conditt immediately evoked for me the name of Gary Condit, the California congressman who was having an affair with the young Chandra Levy when she disappeared in 2001 in DC.

I can feel more Austin memories starting to bubble up. I’ll post them here as they do.

Tom Mellett

PS. One nice memory that did bubble up was meeting and getting to know SMiles Lewis in the early 90’s. Hi SMiles! Has it been a quarter of a century? Yes it has! Now that’s a Time Warp! Probably for both of us!

Frank said...


I've asked her to reply either here or on Merovee.

Jenny is Jenny :-)

The one that we only thought about after she created the pic was Remember The Alamo which is linked to San Antonio.

It all goes on in Texas !

Loren Coleman said...

I appreciate all the followup comments.

However, I am still looking for the first actual location that Ms. Almond's map was published. And when?

Maybe it wasn't published?

But if it appeared before the Austin events, it certainly is amazing it had Round Rock on the map - that's where Conditt died by suicide.

And now, is is "Jemmy" or "Jenny" or was that a typo?

Again, thanks for all the comments. More to come.

*Jenny Almond* said...

Loren, Apols. Jemmy was a typo.
The map was originally published on Frank's Merovee site.
If I'm not mistaken, this was the article wherein it was first published...

glenn said...

Curious to note that Vega (Aramaic for "swooping/falling eagle") (part of the constellation, Lyra, which is visible in the sky as an inversion of the plotted map) is part of an asterism of three stars in the summer sky in the Northern hemisphere called the "Summer Triangle" (Vega, Altair, Deneb). Vega becomes the star at zenith during the summer months for the middle of the country.

Note the rise time in the calculation below of Vega over Austin on the day of the first bombing (00:33):

Astronomical Applications Department
U. S. Naval Observatory
Washington, DC 20392-5420


Location: W 97°43'48.0", N30°17'24.0", 0m
(Longitude referred to Greenwich meridian)

Time Zone: 6h 00m west of Greenwich

Date Rise Az. Transit Alt. Set Az.
h m ° h m ° h m °
2018 Mar 02 (Fri) 00:33 43 08:27 81N 16:22 317
2018 Mar 03 (Sat) 00:29 43 08:23 81N 16:18 317
2018 Mar 04 (Sun) 00:25 43 08:19 81N 16:14 317
2018 Mar 05 (Mon) 00:21 43 08:15 81N 16:10 317
2018 Mar 06 (Tue) 00:17 43 08:11 81N 16:06 317

Gene Aquamarine said...

Name Game news story from this week: Marco Antonio Saavedra was pulled over in Pasadena Texas and shot by police. Another "Mark Anthony" fatality hot on the heels of the Conditt story.