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JFK Resonator Obituaries of 2019

A resonator (first used in 1869) is a device or system that exhibits resonance or resonant behavior, which naturally oscillates with greater amplitude at some frequencies, called resonant frequencies, than at other frequencies.

Resonator is often defined as a device used to make something (such as a musical instrument) louder. Can individuals be defined as "resonators" that call forth more attention to a specific event? Certainly.

On July 6, 2019, a tweet from Diagonal22 noted "The Resonator #2," which apparently was talking about "JFK Jr. Is Still Dead." This was at a private blog located, inaccessible to me. However, this appears to be about the social media's obsession with the rumors that John Kennedy Jr. was not dead, going to surface soon, and a Trump supporter. All well and good, but what intrigued me was the use of "Resonator."

On April 16, 2019, cryptokubologist Alex Fulton used the term "bell-clear resonator of 9/11" with regard to the "Notre Dame Fire of 4/15/19." A direct event-to-event resonance.

On August 30, 2019, Fulton began using "resonator" with a modified human-aligned definition pointing to a person who has a greater amplifying effect on a person-related event. Fulton said, upon the death of Jim Leavelle:
"How about this for a JFK resonator? Oswald's escort dies on the 20370th day after JFK was killed. Former Dallas detective famously photographed escorting Lee Harvey Oswald dies at 99."
From the end of August 2019 onward, I used "JFK Resonator" to denote specific deaths of people who directly were connected to JFK, RFK, and their associated threads. In past years, anyone who is a relative of the Kennedys and died, would be said to have been touched by the Kennedy curse. But the deaths we are discussing in 2019 appear to be ones putting attention on the assassinations of 1963 and 1968 of the Kennedys.

Looking at 2019, here is a chronology of the year's "JFK Resonator" obituaries.

(But first, let me mention a bizarre announcement. In April 2019, the death of James McCord was revealed, two years after the death of this Watergate conspirator and, for some reason, a man who was in Dallas the day John F. Kennedy was killed. McCord died at the age of 93 from pancreatic cancer on June 15, 2017, at his home in Douglassville, Pennsylvania. His death was not reported in local and national news outlets until 2019.)

The 2019 "JFK Resonator" deaths include:

Dick Miller from Executive Action (1973).

January 30, 2019. Dick Miller died of natural causes at age 90. He played “Rifleman, Team B” in Executive Action (1973). His role was to shoot JFK. [Name game: Miller played a lot of different characters (eight up through 2020) named "Walter Paisley." Paisley = "church," "cemetery."] See more.

February 7, 2019. John Dingell, 92, was the last member of Congress who had served in the 1950s and during the presidencies of Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy. On 12/18/2019, Donald Trump implied at a Battle Creek, Michigan rally that the late John Dingell was "looking up" from Hell. See more and more.

Lee Radziwlll and Jackie Kennedy at the RFK funeral.

February 15, 2019. Caroline Lee Radziwill (née Bouvier, formerly Canfield and Ross), usually known as Princess Lee Radziwill, 85, the younger sister of First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and sister-in-law of President John F. Kennedy, died, from undisclosed causes. See more.

Nancy Gates in Suddenly (1954).

March 24, 2019. Nancy Gates, 93, an American actress, who starred in Suddenly (1954), a film about an attempt to assassinate the President, died. The assassin in Suddenly was played by Frank Sinatra. Sinatra starred in The Manchurian Candidate, which was released as a film in 1962. Sinatra asked United Artists to withdraw Suddenly from circulation because he heard the rumor that Lee Harvey Oswald had seen it before shooting President Kennedy. See more and more.

May 11, 2019. Lyle Noah died. An ambulance driver with Camp and Son Funeral Home in Mesquite, Texas, Noah was inside Parkland Memorial Hospital when the presidential party arrived. He briefly examined the backseat of the Kennedy limousine. See more.

May 16, 2019. I. M. Pei, 102, died in Manhattan. Pei designed The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum located at Columbia Point, near the University of Massachusetts Boston. See more.

June 18, 2019. H.P. Albarelli Jr., 72, died of a stroke. Wrote about the Kennedy killing, A Secret Order: Investigating the High Strangeness and Sychronicity in the JFK Assassination (2013), and a forthcoming book, Coup in Dallas: Who Killed JFK And Why (2020). See more.

July 27, 2019. Edward Lewis, a producer who hired Dalton Trumbo to work on Spartacus (1960), and continued working with him through Executive Action (1973) and other films, died at 99. See more.

August 1, 2019. Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter Saoirse Kennedy Hill, 22, died at the Joseph P. Kennedy House, Barnstable, Massachusetts, died of an accidental overdose. See more.

Tim McIntyre guards JFK, shown to the left of the President.

August 25, 2019. William "Tim" McIntyre, a Secret Service agent who was 30 ft away from JFK when he was shot, died on August 25, the 237th day of the year, at age 84 (42 + 42). See more.

Dallas Police Department Homicide Detective Jim Leavelle (in light hat and light suit) escorts Lee Harvey Oswald, as Jack Ruby shoots Oswald, November 24, 1963.

August 29, 2019. Dallas Detective James Robert "Jim" Leavelle, 99, died. He is seen wearing the light suit while escorting Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement parking area of Dallas Police Department for transport, when Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby. [I met Leavelle and Marina Oswald-Porter at the Assassination Symposium on John F. Kennedy (known as the A.S.K. or ASK conference) held in Dallas in November 1992.] See more.

August 31, 2019. Marita Lorenz, 80, died. Lorenz reportedly had an affair with Fidel Castro, and was involved with CIA assassination plots. She testified about the John F. Kennedy assassination, stating that she was involved with a group of anti-Cuban militants, including Frank Sturgis, and E. Howard Hunt of CIA and Watergate infamy shortly before the assassination. See more.

September 10, 2019. Dr. Albert McClelland, 89, one of the original operating-room doctors who tried to save JFK. He felt one of the shots came from the front and that there was a second shooter. See more.

September 11, 2019. Robert Kennedy Jr. uses Instagram to say that Thane Eugene Cesar, who just died 9/11/19, was the “second gunman” who assassinated RFK, JFK's brother. See more.

September 16, 2019. Sander Vanocur, 91, who for decades covered U.S. politics, and JFK & RFK assassinations for NBC, PBS, and ABC news, died. Worked on the Kennedy-Nixon debate, was the last to interview RFK, and interviewed Jackie Kennedy. See more.

September 17, 2019. Political commentator Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne "Cokie" Roberts (née Boggs), 75, died. Her father was Senator Hale Boggs, JFK Warren Commission member (he believed it was a conspiracy); he vanished in Alaska in 1972. In 2002, Cokie Roberts was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She was successfully treated at the time but died from complications of the disease in Washington, D.C. Her funeral mass took place at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, the site of President John F. Kennedy's funeral in 1963. See more.

November 7, 2019. Winston Lawson, 22-year Secret Service agent who planned John F. Kennedy's route, rode in front when JFK was assassinated, and carried Oswald’s rifle back to DC, died at 91, Norfolk, Virginia. See more.

December 12, 2019. Danny Aiello, 86, died. Aiello played the title role in Ruby (1992), as the Dallas nightclub owner who killed Lee Harvey Oswald. He co-starred w/ Sherilyn Fenn's Candy Cane (Twin Peaks) & David Duchovny's J. D. Tippit (The X-Files, Twin Peaks). See more.


Visual notes on the cryptokubrology of the Kennedys by Alex Fulton and Shawn Montgomery.


Two movies mentioned above, Ruby and Executive Action, have been noted as having been "buried," "ignored," and "censored." Whether any of those criticisms are too large, nevertheless, such films are often skipped in individual actors' obituaries.

A footnote for the future, actor Willie Garson played Lee Harvey Oswald in Ruby (1992) and in Quantum Leap (1989-1992).

Willie Garson as Lee Harvey Oswald, in Ruby (1992).

Jim Leavelle, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby meet in history, November 24, 1963.

Highly recommended.

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PDXWiz said...

I didn't realize Dick Miller was such a strong resonator. I'm especially intrigued by the Paisley name.

There's both a Paisley in Lake County, Oregon, and one in Lake County, Florida, as well as a Paisley in Scotland.

Both US areas have had Bigfoot reports.

And both the Oregon and Scotland Paisleys have had UFO reports.

I also find the fact that Miller attended Columbia University pretty interesting.

Gordon Long/PDXWiz