Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tapped in Tampa?

Beware of the Ides of March

Thinking About Being Tapped in Tampa?

In modern times, the term Ides of March is best known as the date on which Julius Caesar was killed in 44 B.C. Caesar was stabbed (23 times) to death in the Roman Senate by a group of conspirators led by Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus. The group included 60 other co-conspirators according to Plutarch.

According to Plutarch, a seer had foreseen that Caesar would be harmed not later than the Ides of March and on his way to the Theatre of Pompey (where he would be assassinated), Caesar met that seer and joked, "The ides of March have come," meaning to say that the prophecy had not been fulfilled, to which the seer replied "Ay, Caesar; but not gone." This meeting is famously dramatized in William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, when Caesar is warned by the soothsayer to "beware the Ides of March."

Let me ponder, as a futurist, on this special date, one remote but possible unfolding melodrama in our upcoming political arena.
Why is the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida?

If the legacy of missteps continues in the Romney tradition, if President Obama looks like his is faltering in the campaign for election, if the door is open a bit, who might be tapped in Tampa?

Let us wonder in the direction of the most covert family dynasty now operating in this nation.

Who will be given the choice spot to deliver the best speech at the Florida convention?

Or if the Republican candidate is Mitt Romney, if he loses in 2012 to President Obama, who do you think will be in the best position for 2016? 


Mark said...

Oh for heaven's sake! Didn't someone in the "alternative research" community recently do an essay or editorial asking what's happened to alternative research?

Because it seems to me that "alternative research"--conspiracy theorists"--used to be about hunting down over-looked facts or unreported facts or misrepresented facts and connecting the dots in a rational way that helped us all understand the world around us.

Now for some reason the internet has turned all alternative research and conspiracy thinking in mindless 'what if' speculations and portentous nods and winks and heavy hints and there seems to be no longer any imperative to connect any dots at all. People just draw new dots and connect anything to anything because, apparently, they just like drawing lines between dots.

Sorry, Loren, to rant at you, but this post seems to be an example/illustration of the awful modern state of alternative research. Really, this whole activity needs a new name.

Michael said...

It is, perhaps, too obvious to state that Obama is the 44th president, considering the Ides of March.

Loren Coleman said...

Sometimes blog postings are not as "heavy" here as "Mark" appears to assume they are.

Sometimes they are merely speculative outlets to record possible scenarios, to share some thoughts, and to get some reactive feedback.

But as "alternative research," nay, I don't think so, and I certainly am not presenting this one as such. You can look at a few of my other more thoughtful postings here for that kind of "research." For example, the recent two postings on the Cowboys versus Yankees fill that bill. There will be more in that thread.

Rant away, my readers. That is fine with me. That is what it is all about.

Jason said...

Good point, Michael.

As to alternative research sites, unfortunately we lost a decent one recently as the Nuke Lies forum was taken down. Hope it will be back up soon, but I enjoy this site. The previous entries this month on Cowboys and Yankees were excellent.

Jason said...

I also wanted to add that perhaps it's up to us to take this amalgamation of dots and draw our own lines of connection, or to take the lines that researchers draw and analyze or discuss them (like what is done over in the September Clues forum). Loren and other bloggers simply introduce a topic and let the commentators run with it, whether it be heavy or light. You certainly won't find many other postings like what is found here, specifically things like secret society relations to baseball and various Downardia.