Thursday, September 19, 2013

"My ELF Weapon"

Navy Yards shooter Aaron Alexis appears to have had an "elf" in mind when he killed a dozen people this week. But the man-without-a-middle-name was probably not talking about "little people." He carved the phrase "My ELF weapon" into his shotgun, thought people were sending vibrations into his body, and heard voices.

Was "Decatur" in his background? Aaron Alexis damaged furnishings inside a near-Decatur, Georgia, nightclub on Chamblee-Tucker Road near Interstate 285 at 1:10 a.m. on August 10, 2008, according to a disorderly conduct citation from DeKalb County police. It was probably the El Noa Noa, which is very near I-285 at 4298 Chamblee Tucker Rd, Tucker, Georgia, but it could have been El Tucanazo, at 2816 Chamblee Tucker Rd, Atlanta, Georgia.

The report says Alexis began using profanity repeatedly outside the nightspot after he was thrown out. The citation says he wouldn’t stop swearing, despite being told several times. The name of the club was not in the police report.

Mysteries are being revealed the more that is learned about Aaron Alexis. Alexis apparently carved two phrases into the stock of his shotgun before going on his shooting spree: "Better off this way" and "My ELF weapon." Officials told The Washington Post that they didn't know what either phrase meant.

But could one phrase relate to what many assassination theorists and ufologists have been talking about for years? ELF could stand for "extremely low frequency," which refers to electromagnetic fields with low frequencies, like those carried in power lines and household appliances.

It is well-documented that the U. S. Navy has used extremely low frequencies in a program with the Air Force called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), an ionospheric research program often cited by theorists as a tool used by the government to trigger natural, unnatural, and human events.

On August 6-7, 2013, according to the Los Angeles Times, Alexis told police in Rhode Island that three people were following him and using "some sort of microwave machine" to send vibrations through the ceiling and into his body, keeping him from sleeping. He also claimed that voices were speaking to him through "the walls, floor, and ceiling."

He reportedly sought mental health treatment twice at Virginia hospitals since that incident took place. The Navy and his employer claim they had no idea that Alexis was experiencing mental health problems.

Aaron Alexis used a Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun in the Navy Yard killing spree, which he bought for $540 at a gun store in Newington, Virginia. He allegedly walked into the Navy Yard facility with the shotgun in parts and assembled it in a fourth-floor bathroom.

He tried to buy a handgun at that same store, but was denied because he had an out-of-state ID, according to the Associated Press. He also tested out an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle in the store's firing range but didn't end up buying it, a lawyer for the store claimed.

Was Aaron Alexis (AA=11) focused on 9/11? What was his middle name? Was "Aaron Alexis" his invention? Following the shootings, research showed that when Alexis was arrested in Seattle in 2004 for shooting out the tires on an individual's vehicle, he informed Seattle law enforcement officers that he was present during "the tragic events of September 11, 2001." His father told police that Alexis suffered from PTSD and that he had helped rescue people from the attack site.

NBC News confirms that Aaron Alexis was "working as a clerical worker at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, located near the World Trade Center, and that he had told multiple other people that he was suffering from what he saw during 9/11."
One does not have to be a Weatherman to know which way the elfin winds blow, my friends.
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8 comments: said...

'Elf' is the German word for 'Eleven'.

AA = 11

Jason said...

I believe he entered the complex through Security Gate 9 - at least that was the gate they were showing on television news reports.

Jack City said...

Why not ask why Aaron Alexis had a top level security clearance after his bizarre behavior on record with the police and being treated for multiple ‘mental disorders’?

Why not ask why he was prescribed the anti-depressant drug Trazodone which has anger, aggression, suicide tendencies as a side effect?

Why not ask why both the military AND SWAT were ordered to stand down for 45 minutes while the massacre continued?

Why would think it important to post Will Ferrell's Elf movie promo photo?

Anonymous said...

Elves (elf) also represent nightmares..

Also,to Jack City, trazadone doesn't not cause anger and aggression as side effects- take it from someone who used to be on them, though I will agree with the suicide tendencies. It actually makes you sleepy, groggy, dragging, apathetic, sort of zombie like lifeless, and while depressive people have low energy, Trazadone zaps your vitality even more. I was useless on Trazadone. I find it hard to believe that a depressive person would even have the will to devise a plan to kill, and carry it out. Most depressive people just want to be left alone, and would never go into the middle of a shipyard to kill randomly- just not the MO.

bgibson135 said...

"End Life Forever" or "End Life Finally" with a double meaning of killing others and as the means of his own suicide, "death by officer".

bobfairlane said...

Making letters out of people's names and claiming it's witchcraft or "conspiracy" is stupid. The guy might have been tormented by handlers or might have been brain damaged by an IED etc, or plum crazy, but having two A's in his name doesn't mean shit.

Loren Coleman said...

Dear Mr. Bob Fairlane, you wrote:

"Making letters out of people's names and claiming it's witchcraft or 'conspiracy' is stupid...having two A's in his name doesn't mean shit."

Have you been reading this blog for long? Do you misunderstand the meaning and history behind the name "twilight language"?

Sibyl Hunter said...

fyi...the nightclub was probably The Velvet Room located at 3358 Chamblee Tucker Rd. It's quite popular.