Monday, September 16, 2013

Aaron Alexis Id'ed As Shooter of Dozen Dead in Washington Navy Yard Shootings

Aaron Alexis has been identified by police as the dead Washington Navy Yard shooter, NBC News reports.

Alexis, 34, originally of Fort Worth, Texas, recently began working at the Navy yard as a civilian contractor, the station reported. USA Today and CBS News also report that an unnamed source identified Alexis as the shooter, who was confirmed dead by police earlier today.
LA Times Update: The shooter has been identified as a 34-year-old man from Fort Worth, Texas.

He was killed by police during a gun battle some two hours after the initial shootings, and was a government civilian contractor new to the Washington, D.C., area.
CNN Update: At least 12 dead in Washington Navy Yard shootings, District of Columbia mayor says.

Updated from original post: Police now say two shooters, including one in fatigues, have killed four people and wounded eight others at the Washington Navy Yard. Police initially said three shooters were involved, according to the Washington Post.

Three shooters are involved in the Navy Yard shooting, a police spokeswoman said. One of the shooters is “down,” police said, but two remain in a building on the grounds. One of the shooters at large is dressed in fatigues. At least one has a long gun, police said.

One tweet has this description of one shooter who has been "neutralized": "Black male, 5'10" 170 pounds with black shirt and black hat"

Another said "six feet tall."

Reports of shots fired at Bolling Air Base near the Washington Navy Yard. Police responding.


On Monday, September 16, 2013, the Washington D.C. Navy Yard is the scene of an active shooter who has shot various people, including a D.C. police officer.

A law enforcement spokesman confirmed at 9:20 a.m. that the officer was shot near the room where a lone gunman has barricaded himself after allegedly shooting at least three people, perhaps four, all in critical condition, on the Navy Yard grounds in Southeast Washington.

The U.S. Navy said that three shots were fired around 8:20 a.m. at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters building, where about 3,000 people work.

S confirmed that "police closed the 11th St Bridge as well as M St SE between 2nd and 4th streets SE due to the shooting. In addition, Metro Transit Police closed the New Jersey Avenue entrance at the Navy Yard station. The Half Street entrance remains open."

Navy Seas Systems Command is the focus.

Ground stop is in effect at Reagan National Airport due to incident at the Washington Navy Yard.

Check back for further details.


purrlgurrl said...

Local news here in Seattle is reporting that Alexis was arrested here in 2004 for shooting at a vehicle belonging to construction workers parked at a job site near his Grandmother's home. He claimed at the time he was "blacked out" by anger because the workers had disrespected him.

I've wondered about the Washington state/Washington DC connection in some recent violent events (e.g., the DC sniper once lived in Tacoma; his young accomplice once lived in Bellingham).

Just a thought . . .

SJCP said...

Thirteen dead and Friday the Thirteenth is only two days ago.

He is given to "blacking out" and committing violent acts. In other words, highly susceptible to dissociative states (and thus an ideal mind control subject).

He participated in 9/11 rescue activity.

One of those present at the Navy Yard was the mother of Joshua Morgan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and because of his status sports community was captivated by his inability to contact her for seven hours during the shooting. She later appeared safe, though it remains to be said what she was doing while the shooting took place.

She formerly worked at the Pentagon and was there on 9/11. She was working there when her son was attending Virginia Tech. He survived the massacre there. In

In 1995, Nidal Malik Hasan graduated from Virginia Tech and he carried out the massacre at Fort Hood in 2009. It was very similar to this attack. Both left thirteen dead and in both cases there were two uniformed assailants who were documented in the early reports but later mysteriously, inexplicably cleared.

I feel that there is a deep ritual aspect to these events, and that mind control is deeply involved. We were clearly meant to be reminded of Fort Hood, given the setting, the affiliation of the gunman, the death toll and the two other assailants. Given the reports that the suspect was "traumatised by 9/11," it is clearly a reminder of that as well. Much of these trauma-based rites connect to 9/11 in some way.

The story surrounding Morgan was designed to subliminally reinforce the connection with 9/11 and, through Virginia Tech, with Fort Hood. Fort Hood also connected back to 9/11, as Anwar al-Awlaki, who corresponded with Hasan and allegedly inspired the attack, was visited by the alleged hijackers. Awlaki is a CIA asset who dined at the Pentagon two months after the attacks.

Virginia Tech, of course, is a major center for programming. The surrounding area has been identified as such by survivor Cathy O'Brien and her account is confirmed by strange murders that continue to occur there year after year. The college is funded by DARPA. CIA and NASA heavily recruit from there. Hasan, Cho and Morgan may have all received the same brainwashing regimen before being released to play their parts on the great game board of the cryptocracy.