Saturday, October 22, 2016

Phantom Clowns and Bigfoot

What's the connection between "Phantom Clowns" and "Bigfoot"? The visual comics and cartoonists have not been afraid to venture into this realm, long before the current flap.

McDonald Corp., 2006.

Daniel Charles Piraro, 2010

Kerry Callen, 2014.

Chris Holm, 2016.

The origins of the overlap...

Louisiana, Missouri, 1972 (Momo)

Brookline, Massachusetts, and the elsewhere, 1981 (Phantom Clowns)

Greenville, SC, 2016 (Phantom Clowns)

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PDXWiz said...

Two more clown articles:

This one is about how haunted houses are dealing with stuff, and references how Ohio was named the most haunted state (with a link)

And this clown got hit by a guy with a gun (not shot, sounds like more whacked).