Monday, September 14, 2015

Delta State University: Professor Killed

Update: "Late Monday night, officers spotted [adjunct instructor Shannon] Lamb pull over his car near Greenville and run into the woods. Soon afterward, they heard a single gunshot and found Lamb's body," reported the media. The woods, the trees, the tragedy. It ended as a murder-suicide, after all.

The seal of Delta State University is an eagle (symbolic of the hidden Masonic Phoenix) and a triangle (symbolic..., well, you know).

On September, 14, 2015, there was a shooting at the college, leaving at least one dead.

A male professor was dead in the Monday shooting at Delta State University, said Bolivar County Deputy Coroner Ted Ray. The campus remained under lockdown, according to the university's Twitter account.

Police identified the victim as Prof. Ethan Schmidt, an assistant professor of history who recently published his second book, according to an article on the school's website.

Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain, in earlier reports, said a man who is believed to be the shooter was still at large. He said a description of the person was not immediately available. That would soon change.

The book is entitled The Divided Dominion: Social Conflict and Indian Hatred in Early Virginia (University Press of Colorado, 2015), about Bacon's Rebellion.

A Geography professor at Delta State University is accused of killing a woman in Gautier, Mississippi, just after 10 a.m. on September 14. That shooting is believed to be linked to the shooting death of Professor Eric Schmidt at the college at 10:45 a.m. on the same day. The suspect in the Gautier killing has been named as Shannon Lamb, 45. He’s considered a person-of-interest in Schmidt’s death.

Lamb, who earned a Ed.D in education from Delta State earlier this year, listed his areas of research as Public Memory Suppression and the Hidden Landscape. He had a speciality in Geography in Crime.

These are some photos from Lamb's Facebook page.

Lamb is a native of Germany. Abigail Osteen, his bandmate, is the daughter of his girlfriend, the woman he allegedly shot dead, Amy Prentiss.

The earlier murder victim is believe to be Amy Prentiss. (Amy Prentiss is the character name of a 1974-1975 television program about a police woman, a spin-off of Ironsides.)

The shooting appears to be a love-triangle, no pun intended.

Students and faculty at the Cleveland, Mississippi campus are being advised to stay away from windows.

The lockdown began about 10:45 a.m. local time, with the university advising students, faculty and staff to take shelter and stay away from windows. The university has about 4,000 students.

Cleveland is a city of just over 12,000 people. It's located 38 miles northeast of Greenville.

(Various media are saying that a hostage situation was in progress, and then denied by law enforcement. Also there are reports that a shooting took place at another university, and then the gunman came to the Delta State University to shoot Schmidt. Neither were examples of completely correct or informed reporting.)

In summary, Ethan Schmidt was a professor who specialized in indigenous peoples' mistreatment in colonial times, and yet the German-born Shannon Lamb has the name of the one conducting the sacrifices. Lamb's academic specialities, he reported, were the Geography of Crime (such as 33 degree locations), Hidden Landscape, and Public Memory Suppression. 

Please note, the location of where Lamb killed Schmidt, Cleveland, Ohio's Delta State University is on the 33 degree - specifically 33deg44'31" N & 90deg,43'36" W.

Amy Prentiss was an outreach minister at Oasis Church, an interdenominational congregation in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Pascagoula is well-known as the site of a 1973 alien abduction involving unforgettable creatures (see illustration). Amy Prentiss was born on April 3, 1974, in Anadarko, Oklahoma. According to her Facebook page, she was a fan of Finding Bigfoot.


Short History of Delta University

The school was established in 1924 as a public institution by the State of Mississippi, using the facilities of the former Bolivar County Agricultural High School, which consisted of three buildings in Cleveland. On February 19, 1924, Senators William B. Roberts and Arthur Marshall cosponsored Senate Bill No. 236, which established Delta State Teachers College, which Mississippi Governor Henry Whitfield signed on April 9, 1924. The three buildings were Hill Hall, an administration and classroom building, Hardee Hall, a men's dormitory, and Taylor Hall, a women's dormitory. On February 14, 1924, James Wesley Broom was appointed president of the college and the college opened its doors on September 15, 1925. In May 1926, Broom died following complications from an ear infection, and William Zeigel was named his successor. The seal of the college was designed in 1928 as a project of an art class.

World War II greatly affected the college. Anticipating the war in 1941, the college created a civilian pilot training program, which evolved into the current Commercial Aviation Department. When the war began, 254 Delta State students joined the armed forces. When the war ended, student enrollment at Delta State increased from 185 to 483.

During the 1947 session of the Delta Council, Dean Acheson (Under-Secretary of State in Truman's administration) delivered a speech on campus that unveiled the Marshall Plan, detailing postwar relief for Europe.

In 1955, the name Delta State Teachers College was changed to Delta State College. Delta State earned full accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1963, which eventually led to the opening of the graduate program in 1965. In 1974 the college changed its name to the current Delta State University.

In 1965 Delta State initiated a graduate program (Master of Education in Elementary Education, Elementary Supervision, Guidance, English, History, Math, Music, Social Studies, Business Education, Physical Education, and Science).

From 1925 to 1967 the university had a White-only race admission policy. In 1967 racial segregation of DSU ended. The first African-American student, Shirley Antoinette Washington, enrolled at DSU.

In 2005 Delta State assisted refugees from Hurricane Katrina by opening Hugh White Hall as temporary housing.

I note Leflore Circle:

(French): unexplained; perhaps an altered form of German Leffler or Löffler (see Loeffler, below).
Antoine Leflore (b. c. 1763 in Alsace-Lorraine) was a fur trader who migrated from France to Canada, and from there to New Orleans, then up the Mississipi River to Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo.

German (Löffler) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a maker or seller of spoons, from an agent derivative of Middle High German leffel, löffel ‘spoon’. In the Middle Ages spoons were normally carved from wood, or more rarely from bone or horn.


Blue Gate said...

Bizarre.....the street connected to Leflore is Quitman...I lived on a Quitman here in Virginia for several years.....always hated that name because well, "Quit" "Man"....I moved to an even worse street'd think I'd learn because the other "woojer" is the ear infection....which I'm trying to stay out of the hospital with just an infection which is rare in adults...

Blue Gate said...

Amy Prentiss as in "Ironside" the police detective.....(well the spin-off for for the first female detective)....

Blue Gate said...

sorry..taking over comment section....but........Lamb specialize (supposedly) in Public Memory Suppression and the Hidden Landscape........his resume states he also specializes in "Geography of Crime' which is weird...because I just watched a show called the Hidden Code on Netflix this past weekend which talks just about this. In fact, they brought an USA specialist over to the UK to help with the mathematics and geography of the suspect's profile.

But....his eyes look weird....VACANT!!! but the crime undertone (with regards to his resume, and the name of the female victim) is interesting.

Oh, and I haven't verified...but apparently his brother was killed by the brother's gf/wife for abuse....and ole' Lamb here was also a heavy hitter. That needs to be vetted though of course.

Unknown said...

Some of my ancestors are Leflores from Mississippi. The original spelling was Lafleur, which is French for flower.

Syncra said...

Can't help but think of sacrifice when I hear the word lamb, especially capitalized.

Delta State University is located in Cleveland, MS, which is on the 33rd Degree! Specifically it's at 33deg44'31" N & 90deg,43'36" W.

I realize the event is sad, and I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I was curious.
Here are two some what stretchy connections about the city. In 1967, Robert F. Kennedy toured the city in regarding the war on poverty. Cleveland, MS is home to pro-football player Pat Coleman. Hmmm, any relation Loren?

Andrew said...

This is a curious case. Synchronistically, I noted that Schmidt's book, about the mistreatment of indigenous people in colonial Virginia, coincides with efforts here in Oklahoma City to get Indigenous Peoples' Day established in place of Columbus Day. I wrote a story about it. And the day of this story, Amy Prentiss's hometown, Anadarko, Oklahoma, approved Indigenous Peoples' Day, the first town in Oklahoma to do so. Additionally, when I was a reporter in Lawton, Oklahoma, not far from Anadarko, there was a story about a Bigfoot-type creature that lived near the town with an older lady. It was called "Baboo," I believe. I wanted to investigate further, but never could figure out where she lived.
As side note, last night I was watching "Kolchak: The Night Stalker." The episode I watched was "Demon in Lace" about a female demon who takes over the bodies of recently dead women and lures handsome young men into her clutches and scares them to death. The episode (January 1975 - during the same season as "Amy Prentiss") takes place at Illinois State Technical College (IST).

cursichella said...

(Sacrificial) Lamb's 911 call "send some units over to 2320 Santa Cruz". "2320"=2+3+2+0=7, seven being a significant number in secret societies. Santa Cruz refers to "the Sacred Cross of Christianity", so crucifixion.

Lamb told 911 dispatch "There is a dog in the house and he's a sweet dog it's not going to bother anybody". Sirius, the dog star, brightest star (light bearer - Lucifer) is very significant in occultism and some refer to Sirius as the place where Lucifer dwells. "Dog days of summer" refers to Sirius and the hottest days of summer. (If it turns out this dog is of a froo-froo, yapping breedstock and named Betsy or Boo Boo, I rest my case.)

Greenville, MS Dr. Green of MK Ultra fame went by numerous names, all beginning with "Green" or Greene or Green -berg,-wood,-baum = MK Ultra doc So maybe Greenville=MK Ultra town?

Dylan Storm Roof (Charleston shooting) was apprehended and jailed in Cleveland County.

Gautier Police Chief - Dante Elben - "Dante's Inferno" aka Hell

Vester Lee Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams (VA Shooting) worked for two years as a news anchor - reporter for WNTC in Greenville, NC

Gaultier definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'Gautier', Gauleiter',gaultheria',Gault',(Atlas Shrugged's 'breakaway civilizationist', John Galt?)

Lastly, from the Urban Dictionary: Top Definition. Gautier. A complete awesome weirdo. He can make you laugh all day long but you will need to feed him quite often because he gets grumpy as ...

Delta State on Bolivar street. (v): Dude, I just got Bolivared!

(n): Male One: "Dude this place is a complete $#it-hole!" Male Two: "Its definitely a Bolivar."

garbanzo said...

Excellent research. All that you see is scripted and has purpose. The 33rd parallel is being healed and this was an attempt to interrupt the healing. It did not work.

Unknown said...

Shannon. Del Shannon, rock star who recorded "Runaway" about a romance that went wrong, committed suicide. Lamb. Silence of the Lambs. Is there more to this than meets the eye? Back to Del Shannon. Look. It's a Delta! Del (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Del or DEL may refer to: Alire Raffeneau Delile · Del, vector differential operator represented by the symbol ∇ (nabla); Del, one of several names for the partial ...

cursichella said...

Hi Garbanzo,

Interesting, I hadn't heard about the 33rd being healed?

cursichella said...

I've just noticed that Amy Prentiss is pictured in front of the Castle (Sleeping BEAUTY's Castle??) at what looks like Disney World. I'm not sure about Orlando, but Disneyland in CA has Club 33, had its own Masonic Lodge (may still?) and is very close to the 33rd parallel at 33.8...

cursichella said...

I've just noticed that Amy Prentiss is pictured in front of the Castle (Sleeping Beauty's Castle??) at what looks like Disney World. I'm not sure about Orlando, but Disneyland in CA has Club 33, had its own Masonic Lodge (may still?) and is very close to the 33rd parallel at 33.8...

garbanzo said...


Yes, the 33rd parallel is being healed along with the entire spiritual grid encircling Earth.
The events taking place on the 33rd parallel, such as the church shootings in South Carolina and this event in Mississippi, are not random occurrences. They are scripted events with the purpose of interrupting the healing process of the grids. They are the work of the dark forces which control our planet and their efforts have been unsuccessful.
I very much enjoy Loren's blog because, in my opinion, there isn't anyone who pulls together the arcane details of this nasty business and shines a light on it as well as he does. My hat is off to you, Loren. Your work is exemplary.


cursichella said...

Thank you for your reply, GB. I agree, the blog (as well as the comments) is great. :)

Blue Gate said...

Interesting...."renamed the little bridge the Jimmy Buffett Bridge in Pascagoula".....