Tuesday, March 01, 2016


On Sunday, February 28, 2016, I tweeted, "HBO premiered San Andreas the night before the 88th Oscars. Do they know when The Big One is coming?"

Okay, there was no large earthquake on February 28th out West in the USA.

But actor George Kennedy, a great disaster movie star, died. See "Naked Gun, Dallas, Earthquake And Cool Hand Luke Actor George Kennedy Dies At 91."

As you see, one of the motion pictures he was in was Earthquake (1974).

And, while not having a major role in the movie...there gracing one of the posters for the film: George Kennedy.


cursichella said...

According to some scientists, a heavy increase in CO, CO2 and SO2 can be a precursor to a large earthquake. This map (2/27/2016) showed a massive increase ranging from Southern California through the Pacific NW.


Here's today's map:


By changing the month and date in the URL you can look up different days and compare to quake location data (near the town of such-and-such...), longitude/latitude, etc...

Tom Mellett said...

Sorry to burst the Apocalyptic Earthquake Seeping Gas Bubble, but it turns out that the elevated readings are the result of an algorithm glitch. Of course NASA may be covering it up just like they faked the moon landings with the help of Stanley Kubrick.


Erroneous CO emissions over California cause unrealistic CO concentration in GEOS-5 model

March 1, 2016

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Elevated carbon monoxide (CO) concentrations over California in the GEOS-5 products since February 25, 2016, are incorrect. They are a consequence of unrealistic emissions derived from satellite observations of fires, which led to elevated concentrations of atmospheric CO (as well as other species).

cursichella said...

NASA, as in Never A Straight Answer? Anyway, the point of CO2+quake post was the timing of that particular anomaly with Loren's blog on earthquakes as well as using the map for researching possible synchronicities of time/place/quake. Apologies if it came off as an apocalyptic warning to "duck and cover" as that was far from my intention.

However, NASA's explanation for the error doesn't really make sense. If anything, it reads more like a misdirect. I live in CA...there was a brief brushfire in Malibu a few days ago but other than that, CALFire's map has been blank for weeks. A more plausible explanation--one I imagine NASA would hesitate to mention--long dormant volcanoes leaking gases into the atmosphere from building pressure--which then takes us back to earthquakes...

From the State of California Seismic Safety Commission

Cascade Range Volcanoes and Volcanics - Current Updates

"More than 500 volcanic vents have been identified in the State of California. At least 76 of these vents have erupted, some repeatedly, during the last 10,000 years. … Sooner or later, volcanoes in California will erupt again, and they could have serious impacts on the health and safety of the State's citizens as well as on its economy.” Miller, C. Dan (USGS)

“California is the most geologically diverse state in the nation. We are known for our earthquakes,
landslides and flood hazards. But our nearly forgotten hazard is our volcanoes,” said Dr. John Parrish,
the State Geologist of California. (USGS)

California's Active Volcanoes

Tragically, a female inmate firefighter was killed working the most recent Malibu brushfire when she was hit by a falling boulder.

Plumes from dormant volcano in Oregon appear on satellite at location of quake

Tom Mellett said...

Hello Loren,

Your posting that Hollywood sign “Vine” video loop (as distinct from Hollywood and Vine) is quite uncanny to me because every Monday, I climb Mt. Hollywood which can be seen as the middle of the 3 peaks shown in the distance away from the “D” of the sign.

I live in Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley, and every Monday I drive 13 miles through Hollywood to the Griffith Observatory, which is my “base camp” (parking area) for my ascent up Mt. Hollywood, which gives the greatest 360 degree panoramic view of Los Angeles.

Yesterday I had to calm some friends in Texas who were worried about me out here because they too had seen the map with the ominous buildup of gases believed to be the harbinger of The Big One out here. Turns out it was an algorithm glitch with the NASA satellite data that raised such a false alarm.

Then I see your new post up today with the Hollywood sign video and the first comment being about the false alarm for the earthquake. Believe me, my cats will let us know if an earthquake is coming and today there was no change in their power-napping schedule.

Anyway, something else uncanny happened today as well and it involves both of us. I saw that your birthday is July 12, 1947. Well, my birthday is July 13, 1948. Thus you are older than me by a year and a day.

What is the significance of that? You tell me! Wiccans say this:

How interesting that I am asking you on the day after Leap Day of 2016.


Tom Mellett said...


OK, I apologize for my strident and snarky tone. I had just arrived here from reading a few websites that were doing their usual “Chicken Little “ struts --- only not with the “sky falling” but the “earth rising.” And I know that a German pronouncing NASA makes it approach NAZI as a homophone, but still, I like to follow the old adage: “Never attribute to malice and conspiracy what can be better explained by stupidity, negligence or ignorance.”

However, why has no one pointed to the obvious source of such gases in the air, namely the Aliso Canyon gas leak in Northern Los Angeles which was belching forth methane and other gases from under the earth for 4 straight months!!! (Oct 23, 2015 thru Feb 18, 2016)

Check out these estimates of emissions over our beloved LA-LA Land.


“The leak initially released about 44,000 kilograms(kg) of methane per hour or 1,200 tons of methane every day, which in terms of greenhouse gas output per month compares with the equivalent effluvia from 200,000 cars in a year.”

The Aliso gas leak carbon footprint is referred to as "larger than the Deepwater Horizon leak in the Gulf of Mexico".

Steve Conley, an atmospheric scientist . . . samples the air by flying over the site in his single-engine airplane equipped with an analyzer, . . . He said the Aliso Canyon flights were "the hardest [...] I've ever done" because of the headache-inducing smell and sickening turbulence. He doubted the readings initially, and "thought [the instruments] had stopped working because I'd never seen measurement that large before."

cursichella said...

@Tom Mellett You're forgiven. My recoil reflex is much like yours. :)

Ok, I'd considered the Aliso Canyon methane gas leak, except if you go back in time on these earth maps there's not much showing up at all mid-February or January and the leak was permanently capped by Feb 18th. Plus, Methane, being an element in it's own right -- wouldn't it leave a unique signature as Steve Conley's instruments had picked up?

Now, if they were burning the methane as it leaked (and I don't think they were?), that could explain elevated CO2 and SO2 levels but not the dates for it showing up. And if that was the cause versus the fires, why wouldn't NASA know this and say so since the leak wasn't exactly a secret? (And that's only a half-rhetorical queston.)

Apologies for having run a bit off topic here...

Tom Mellett said...

Well, the story finally made our local TV news


And they interviewed Dr. Singh, whose paper from a few years ago was used as the evidence of the impending doom, and he's, like, WTF???

But he does mentions the rise in CO from the Aliso Canyon leak as well.

Is all this "chicken-littling" evidence of a collective death wish? Or just the latest "Apocalypse Porn?"

cursichella said...

Good find, Tom. Nothing would surprise me...there's an adrenaline rush that goes with panicking, after all.

Wondering if the news broadcast is damage control, so disinfo of sorts...

Just found this analysis from Dutchsinse. If you're not familiar with him, he follows weather patterns, HAARP, quakes and volcanoes with real intensity and seems to be agenda-free other than his shared feelings with respect to NASA's (and USGS's) lack of transparency.


He has an interesting take on the drought, too.