Monday, January 14, 2013

Dutch Clowns Attack

In the Dutch city of Volendam three clowns have beaten up a boy at the local clown festivities (which involves over 200 clowns) over weekend.

The boy was taken to the local hospital. The clowns disappeared and were not caught. Source.

The three phantom clowns also damaged the Bassie & Adriaan caravan (above, in the photograph). 

Volendam (Vollendam means "filled dam") is a town in North Holland in the Netherlands, in the municipality of Edam-Volendam (about 23,000 people). The Netherlands is Dutch (Nederland), meaning the "Low Countries" or "Low Country." The name "Holland" is a province of Netherlands; the names Holland and Netherlands are not interchangeable.

Bassie & Adriaan were a Dutch circus duo who starred in their own television series. Bassie is a ginger-haired red-nosed clown who wears a red tartan-jacket and green trousers; he's fond of cream-cakes, and calls himself "stupid, but not smart." His circus friend was named Adriaan.

You will recall there have been recent 2012-2013 stories of attacks by Leprechauns in the USA, Oompa Loompas in the UK, and Smurfs bashing a man in Australia.

For more on "Phantom Clowns," see Mysterious America (NY: Simon and Schuster, 2006). For more on symbolic criminal behavior, see The Copycat Effect (NY: Simon and Schuster, 2004). This blog has noted other evil clown activity, including incidents and listings, such as a report for 2012one for 2011, another grouping for 2009, and a top ten list for 2008.

Thanks to Theo Paijmans for the news tip.


Anonymous said...

Horrific Juggalo murders in Joliet, IL over the weekend.

megalith AKA charles AKA Grumpy (not the Disney version) said...

as i recall there was a netqwork TV show awhile back which featured a Flash Mob of costumed clowns to cover some nefarious deed.
so the concept itself is not original but still fascinating.
keep up the great work.