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Flashback: Bombings on 11ths

Twilight Language in the Dates

As I wrote in The Copycat Effect (NY: Simon and Schuster, 2004), the 11 in 9/11, as in September 11, 2001, has been pondered by many scholars, intelligence services, politicians, and others trying to find some meaning in the choosing of this date and others.

Is there some special significance to the number in the date?

Perhaps there is none, but some terrorist attacks and bombings seem to go beyond mere coincidence, verging into the twilight language of numbers and dates.

Does history tell us anything?

On September 11, 1922, the British mandate of Palestine began.

On September 11, 1939, Iraq and Saudi Arabia declared war on Nazi-Germany.

The origins of the Black September movement began with Arafat's clashes with Jordan, intriguingly due to hijacked planes. On September 6-12, 1970, four TWA, Swissair and BOAC planes were hijacked (the El Al one failed), destroyed, and this was directly tied to Palestine civil uprisings and the resulting suppression that was to be called Jordan's "Black September."

We must note that on September 11, 1972, the Munich Summer Olympics ended. Of course, it was at this Olympics that the "Black September" terrorists killed 11 Israeli athletes, on the 5th.

As noted in the opening of my book The Copycat Effect, September 11th was the date of a previous assault by a private plane on the White House, in 1994, although the attack is little remembered today.

Pakistani Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, the alleged Al-Qaeda mastermind behind the first World Trade Center bombing, who was quoted as saying after the failed 1993 attempt that they would do it right the second time, was also the brains behind the elaborate Bojinka, translated as “the explosion.” This was a plot to place bombs on 11 American jetliners and have them all explode on the same day, over the Pacific Ocean.

Yousef carried out a test run for Bojinka by planting a bomb that detonated on Philippines Airlines Flight 434, on December 11, 1994. One tourist was killed, ten injured. Yousef called the Associated Press after this bombing, to give credit to Abu Sayyaf. His friend Khalid Sheik Mohammed would launch the deadly September 11 terrorist attacks, which were built from parts of Operation Bojinka.

Looking at the unfolding of these events, it is clear a lot of elevens are involved in Bojinka.

Furthermore, it is no joke that some plotters of Bojinka in the Philippines actually used 7/11s (convenience stores) to copy documents, communicate by faxes, and transfer funds for their operations.

We must look deeper, even into the fact that the coding was there in the choice of American Airlines Flight 11 as the first flight hijacked in the September 11, 2001 attacks. "AA" are the initials for the airlines, and "A" is the first letter of the Arabic-influenced English alphabet, thus AA = 11. Flight 11 flew into the Twin Towers (symbolically an "11") on September 11, 2001.

The New York Times article, "Twin Bombs Kill Dozens in Algiers," of December 12, 2007, discussing the Algiers bombings on the previous day, December 11th, had this to say about the choice of the 11th day of the month for the latest attack:

"The 11th has become a day of choice for major Islamic terrorist attacks, beginning with those in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, followed by one in Djerba, Tunisia, on April 11, 2002, and one in Madrid on March 11, 2004. On April 11, [2007] Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb exploded two car bombs in the capital, killing 33."

As I point out above, it did not begin with September 11, 2001. No, it began before that. The New York Times' list is too limited. Others occurred later, as well.

Any 11th of the month bombing may be related to this terrorist war. For example, on Saturday, December 11, 2004, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, a hand grenade was lobbed into the VIP section of the audience at a Bollywood concert led by Indian film star Sharukh Khan (also spelled Shahrukh Khan). Two people were killed and 11 others wounded. Khan survived and promoted her desire to appear in a future James Bonds film.

Some consideration must also be given for the timing for two significant bombings and perhaps how their explosions were timed to impact the West working in a different time zone, and thus actually taking place on the 11ths. Consider these two:

October 12, 2000 - Yemen, the USS Cole: suicide attackers rammed the US Navy ship with a small boat loaded with explosives; 17 sailors died.

October 12, 2002 - Indonesia, Bali: a car bomb in a nightclub area; 202 people died and hundreds were injured (many of the casualties were Australian tourists); this is often referred to as Australia's 9/11.

The occult meaning behind "11" is there. The number 11 is seen by some numerologists to signify "Israel."

Is Doctor Al-Zawahiri or one of his planners fond of astrology too?

It has pointed out that the 11th of every equinox and then solstice month, every 3 years is dangerous. In other words, the 11th of every third month in the year, every third year, according to this short list:
- September 11, 2001 - New York;
- March 11, 2004: - Madrid; and
- December 11, 2007 - Algiers.

However, this overlooks the many other dates involving "11" on the the more comprehensive list of incidents, as noted above.

"Eleven" is not to be ignored.


LesleyinNM said...

The "Mormom Massacre" also took place on 9/11, 1857.

Anonymous said...

Interesting observations. The references to twilight language and number symbolism reminds me of the writings of Michael Hoffman dealing with the occult and psychological warfare.

Anonymous said...

Here are some interesting sites to peruse:

Sounds like you need a good dose of Multi-Contextual Synchromysticism!

Anonymous said...

"The number 11 is seen by some numerologists to signify 'Israel.'"

In the system of Aleister Crowley, "The Great Beast", 11 is the number for the element air, corresponding to banishing or removal of obstacles.
Also, Crowley's birthdat is Oct. 12, observed by some Satanists as 'Antichristmas'.

Anonymous said...

September 11,3BC is the actual birthdate of Jesus the Christ. To make it clearer; in both 3BC and 2001AD September 11 fell on Rosh Ha Shona in the Jewish calender. The day was chosen out of hatred of Jesus and as a "burnt offering" to the Devil and it wasn't chosen by Muslims.

Anonymous said...

For Aleister Crowley's take on the significance of 911, check out this blog.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. But only in within the premise that the date is coincidental, largely, with"Islamic terrorism".

Of course, a deeper look into the motives of many
of the aforementioned incidents have little to do with Islam - outside of assumed religion of the actors - and more to do with political motives.

The suppressed 911 testimony expresses this fact quite clearly.

And the Munich Olympics incident speaks for itself - After decades of suffering under Israeli terror, the murder of the Israelis was obviously political.

So I would reframe the premise in the context of why this date is so common in *political* violence, of all stripes.

Anonymous said...

Rosh HaShana was not on 9/11/01. It was on Sept 18, 2001.

If you want to see another wild number related to death and destruction look out for 19.

Ben Fairhall said...

More fascinating stuff, Loren... I intend obtaining a copy of your book soon.

It strikes me that these particular correspondences can not be explained by the Copycat Effect alone; or not as it pertains solely to journalists, anyway. So what else might be going on here?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that George H. W. Bush's infamous " This a big idea, a New World Order..." speech before Congress was on September 11, 1990.

Anonymous said...

you are all very intresting but sadly mistaken the 11 is a very powerfull number and it is the illuminati call sighn were this number springs up there responsible and there laughing at us all because were all blinded by ignorance yes the isralies were involved in 911 but they are only puppets in the game thats takeing place right now hold on to ya hats folks its getting bumpyer this year .

Anonymous said...

1+1 =Jachin and boaz pillars

9 was chosen for the council of 9

between the pillars stored energy
that was released into the body of
someone that will become our next
president by design.

3 towers fell. compare this to the 3 pyramids of giza. and dont forget the orgin of the statue at WTC, an islamic reference to mecca.
WTC was at this point, obviously made with the intent to destroy it.

Anonymous said...

I think William Wallace turned back the Brits at Stirling Bridge---on Sept 11, 1297.

Unknown said...

A guy I spoke with, who was a member of OTO and the Rosenkruezers, told me straight away when I mentioned 9/11 that 11 was the number representing magic according to the Kabbalah. There were 10 spheres of creation, and then the 11 would be magic... something like that anyway.

Anonymous said...

The construction of the Pentagon started when they first broke ground to lay the foundations on September 11th...

Anonymous said...

Salvadore Allende, the democratically elected socialist president of Chile was overthrown and killed by the CIA on September 11,1973. Coincidence or design?

Anonymous said...

Sept 11, 2001, March 11, 2004, Dec 11, 2007... June 11, 2010?

Those particular years in common expression, i.e. 2001 expressed as '01 or -01 or /01, will add up to 11 twice. 01 + 04 + 07 + 10 = 11 + 11

Just one more cycle would end the play of 11, so will it be the last? The biggest? The End(tm)?

There are many ways you can 3 or 11 into these dates. Am I missing the way these could be tuned into 9?

Month numbers:
9,3,12,6 = 30 = 10/3
Using the 2 from 2000 for these dates as a superscript square, these numbers become 81, 9, 144, 36 = 270... 30/9 or 90/3 - only 90 degrees left for the circle.

Month cycling every three years:
6,9,6 = 21 = 7/3

Bah. Any way you slice it, there are examples of numbers at work and ways to make them mean something. Right now, I have none of the answers and still more questions. In the end, a prophecy or pattern location will bear out the truth only after the time for fruition has elapsed. Do we wait for it? Do we know what to do about it? Seems to me it would take an awful lot of pawns to make a queen take notice.

Anonymous said...

On March 11, 2004, 194 people were killed in the Madrid train bombings inspired and conducted by an al-Qaeda cell.

Anonymous said...

Captain William Morgan, an anti-mason, was kidnapped and drowned by freemasons on september 11th 1826 after threatening to expose their secrets through the release of his book "Illustrations of Masonry"

Anonymous said...

September 11, 2001 was chosen by a marketing and propaganda genius working in the bowels of the Pentagon. It's the emergency telephone number in the U.S. Never forget that the government has lied to you before.

There was no real Cold War and when the government could no longer perpetuate that myth, they created the war on terror.

Also, as someone stated above, the Salvador Allende Chilean overthrow orchestrated by the CIA on 9/11/73should be at the top of the 9/11 list.

Mark said...

We don't have to look so far into the past for odd numbers involving 11... The San Bruno gas explosion on September 9 at just after 6 pm was so powerful it registered as an earthquake at the USGS.

It was magnitude 1.1

Was The San Bruno Pipeline Caused By Seismic Activity?

These number observations are very interesting, but what can we make of them? Is there "meaning" in any of this? Is it just subjective meaning we create in making the observations or is it some existenial meaning "out there" in the reality around us?

Anonymous said...

"Eleven" is not to be ignored.

Now, Lauren, I am prone to give you the benefit of the doubt here, and assume that you were not watching the clock as you prepared to post this blog entry.

But I do note the time stamp of your posting.

posted by Loren Coleman at 11:11 AM