Sunday, September 26, 2010

UNOOSA Name Game: It's A Hoax


Mazland Othman Not Earth's Alien Ambassador, After All

Astrophysicist Denies She is UN's New 'Alien Ambassador'

(Thanks for the heads up from SMiles Lewis for fakery revision.)

Earlier details:

Someone linked this news at The Daily Grail:

The United Nations was set today to appoint an obscure Malaysian astrophysicist to act as Earth s first contact for any aliens that may come visiting.
Mazlan Othman, the head of the UN's little-known Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa), is to describe her potential new role next week at a scientific conference at the Royal Society’s Kavli conference centre in Buckinghamshire.
She is scheduled to tell delegates that the recent discovery of hundreds of planets around other stars has made the detection of extraterrestrial life more likely than ever before - and that means the UN must be ready to coordinate humanity’s response to any “first contact”.
During a talk Othman gave recently to fellow scientists, she said: “The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day humankind will receive signals from extraterrestrials.
"When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.”
Professor Richard Crowther, an expert in space law and governance at the UK Space Agency and who leads British delegations to the UN on such matters, said: “Othman is absolutely the nearest thing we have to a ‘take me to your leader’ person.”
However, he thinks humanity’s first encounter with any intelligent aliens is more likely to be via radio or light signals from a distant planet than by beings arriving on Earth. And, he suggests, even if we do encounter aliens in the flesh, they are more likely to be microbes than anything intelligent.

Mazlan Othman.

M. Othman.

In some mysterious astral plane, I'm sure John Keel must be laughing his ass off right now :)


Miguel (red pill junkie)


Red Pill Junkie said...

Ain't that something? the connection literally jumped out my screen —specially considering I had just posted a comment about the sighting of a giant moth @ Cryptomundo.

I wonder if there's folk traditions about Mothman-like entities in Malaysia...

Bladerunner said...

I agree, you can almost hear Keel laughing. Great post.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Oh well... it was too good to be true.

But... it seems that M. Othman is still the name of that lady astronomer, right? That's still a pretty weird name :)

Anonymous said...

funny how the people of earth are, they talk of alien life from space and then say it might not be intelligent enough, Professor Richard Crowther is mistaken when it comes to intelligent life in the universe, man is the most less evolved, less thoughtful and primitive of all.