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Clackamas-Aurora Syncs and Links

The alleged shooter. A Pittsburgh Pirates fan.

The victims. A San Diego link?

This posting is a compilation of various synochromystic threads, which have been discovered running through this incident. More information has been gathered on the victims and the alleged shooter too.

(N.D. The Twilight Language blog's initial posting on the first news of the Clackamas mall shooting of December 11, 2012, is located here. Consult it for the breaking news moments after it was flashed across the country. Also at that posting are the first images from that afternoon's law enforcement response to the Oregon event. Also, see posting for December 14, 2012, on the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting for a Macy's linkage.)

I am going to share comments gleamed from this blog, Facebook, the media, and emails sent to me. Where possible, the author of the thoughts are credited.

The Victims and the Gunman Are Identified

First off, Clackamas law enforcement officials, on 12/12/12, identified the Oregon mall shooting victims as Cindy Ann Rule (but this was later changed to Cindy Ann Yuille by most media outlets) and Steven N. Forsyth (this was later changed to Steve Matthew Forsyth). Wounded was Kristina Shevchenko, 15. Gunman was said to be Jacob Tyler Roberts.

The Imagery Overlap Is Reinforced

ABC News caption of a photo that they ran all day on 12/12/12: 
The alleged masked gunman, Jacob Tyler Roberts, who killed two people in the Clackamas Town Center mall in Portland, Ore., Dec. 11, 2012, left, and James Holmes, who was charged in the shooting at an Aurora, Colo., theater on July 20 that killed 12 people and wounded 52.
The morning of 12/12/12, Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis called me. (I am in Portland, Maine; Lewis is in Portland, Oregon.) Lewis wanted to convey his thoughts from being in the midst of this event.

One is this image (first one, below), which he created to link the images many of us visually observed on December 11th, and remembered internally from July 20th. 

The visceral sync-sense of these two images rings truth, indeed.

Clackamas, Oregon, December 11, 2012.

After running through the Macy's at the Clackamas mall, the shooter began killing people at the food court.

Clyde gave me permission to share what he recorded on his Facebook page, which parallels some of what he told me over the phone:
ABC News reported that Holmes told police "I am the Joker." Witnesses say the Oregon mall shooter said "I am the shooter." Both declaring their roles in the shooting.
Steve Forsyth [one of the victims] a man that I knew when I worked at KWJJ and MAX 910 AM was shot and killed at the Clackamas Town Center. He was a radio salesman and manager for several successful radio stations at Entercom. He was born in Denver Colorado just a few miles from the Aurora shootings [of] 144 days ago.
Another coincidence of note with the Mall shooting. The shooting at Clackamas Town Center happened in the food court. On June 2, 2012: One person was killed and seven others injured in a shooting at the Eaton Centre in Toronto. That was at a food court. One of the witnesses Jessica Ghawi was a sports writer. At Clackamas Town center one of the chief witnesses is a colleague of mine and well known sportscaster John Canzano! Jessica Ghawi was later killed in the Aurora Colorado shooting.
SMiles Lewis of PsiOp Radio/Anomaly Archives (no relation, in Texas) also noticed the developing links to the other mall shooting and Aurora, as many people would talk to me throughout the day. SMiles wrote me:
Flashbacks to Wednesday, December 5, 2007 and the Westroads Mall shooting, and the food court where Jessica Redfield Ghawi experiences a “feeling” and leaves the food court at the Eaton Center right before the shootings.
I discussed the Westroads Mall shooting in the broader context of dates and cycles, here, and with other mall shootings, with a list, here. The cafeteria at Columbine, the food court in the Montreal Dawson College shooting, and in other food gathering areas (see my 2008 essay on "Cafeteria Carnage") are well-known sites of mass shootings. The shooters appear to focus on these "fishbowl" sites.
As Clyde Lewis remarked above, Redfield/Ghawi escaped the Ontario mall shooting, but died in the Aurora theater (at a mall) shooting.

Jessica Ghawi/Jessica Redfield (Photo: NY Daily News)

The shooting at the food court at the Eaton Centre mall, in Toronto, Canada, took place on Saturday evening, June 2, 2012. Several people were wounded. Media accounts told of one dead, and seven wounded. One high profile witness was MLB player, Blue Jays 3B Brett Lawrie. One of the deceased victims of the Aurora shooting was, as noted, Jessica Ghawi, an aspiring sportscaster, who happened to almost have been shot during the Eaton shooting. Her immediate pre-The Dark Knight Rises tweets were published.

More On The Victims

The Clackamas victims, coincidentally, were linked to San Diego, by ABC-10 News:
Records obtained by 10News showed shooting victim Cindy Yuille, 54, lived at a San Diego address from 1985 to 1994. She also had previous addresses in San Diego dating back to 1980....Yuille earned a nursing degree from San Diego State University and worked as a hospice nurse for Kaiser Permanente in the Portland area.
Yuille, whose maiden name was Waddell, graduated from Grossmont High School in El Cajon in 1976.
The other person killed in Tuesday's shooting, 45-year-old Steve Forsyth, attended the University of San Diego from 1985-1989, majoring in business administration, according to his LinkedIn profile. He was a youth sports coach who owned a business in the shopping center, friends told area reporters. He had two children.
That's right, Yuille was a hospice nurse, and the death of another nurse has been in the news recently (see here). Recall that last Friday (December 7th) nurse Jacintha Saldanha (the victim of the prank call about the condition of Prince William’s pregnant wife, Kate Middleton) died by suicide. The inquest results were released today. She allegedly died by hanging.

Who and why was she identified as Cindy Ann Rule earlier? Yuille heard, Rule written done, initially?

Steve Forsyth was a mall business owner, according to media accounts, as well as a former radio station salesman, as noted by Clyde Lewis - and then confirmed by news outlets, late in the day. But why Steven N. Forsyth vs Steve Matthew Forsyth? A simple mistake?

The Shooter

Jacob Tyler Roberts was identified early in the day, on 12/12/12. As the day rolled on, more and more was revealed about him.

Roberts's address is listed at 7324 SE 84th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. This is the house that was raided by Portland police the morning of 12/12/12. In front of the house is a 1996 green Volkswagen Jetta, a car that matches the description of the one driven by Roberts to the shooting. (Google Street View)

Various media sources wrote that Roberts quit his job in recent days, sold all his possessions, got a ticket to Hawaii (reported to move there), then got drunk, overslept, and missed his flight. ABC News also found this,
Roberts, who attended Clackamas Community college, said on his Facebook page that he worked in a gyro shop in downtown Portland and posted a picture of himself firing a gun at a target.

His Facebook photo showed graffiti in which the words "Follow Your Dreams" were painted over with the word "Cancelled."

The painting that Roberts picked for his Facebook page is by "Banksy," an English-based graffiti artist. "Follow Your Dreams - Cancelled" was first spotted on Essex Street in Chinatown, Boston. It appears that the artist Banksy mysteriously leaves his painting around the world on Essex streets. One well-known one showed up on Essex Street in London in 2008.

Clackamas and Aurora Again

Enki wrote on December 11th:
I checked, and the Century Clackamas Town Center and XD theater is playing Red Dawn.
ABC News, in another piece on 12/12/12, appeared to have shown they may just came out of a deep sleep to view what's been happening for years. They reported:
The Oregon mall shooter was dressed all in black and his face was covered by a white hockey mask.
The mask, the black clothes, the age of the gunman and a weapon are becoming a familiar and deadly pattern.
The gunman, 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts of Portland, is one of a string of killers before him, including Aurora shooter James Holmes, who chose to wear black and cover their faces with masks.

A news woman, CG, pointed out this ABC article to me and felt the ending of the article had an unusual sense to it ("a bit incongruous," she wrote):

While investigators try to piece together what made Roberts snap, [Dr. Mary Ellen] O'Toole, [a retired FBI profiler] warned the cycle of gun violence will continue."Somewhere, there is a male in this age range thinking of outdoing the shooter in Aurora and outdoing the shooter in Oregon and they are watching this and saying, 'I am going to do it.'"

Thinking, Syncing, and Linking: Colorado (red) Aurora (dawn) Again & More

Matt Bell emailed in his thoughts:

Here are a few randoms regarding "Clackamas." The first is a Jefferson tie-in.
Lewis and Clark wrote that the Clackamas [they term it "Clark-a'-mas"] River "...has it's source in Mount Jefferson..."
Wikipedia states that "The headwaters [of the Clackamas River] are in the Cascades'
Mount Hood National Forest, on the slopes of Olallie Butte—which is about 10 miles (16 km) north of Mt. Jefferson... The Clackamas flows briefly north and then flows northwest through the mountains, passing through North Fork Reservoir and Estacada."
The "Hood" name jumps out, for example, as a reminder of the November 5, 2009 shooting at Fort Hood. (The fort was named after a John Bell Hood while the Mountain was named after Samuel Hood). Clackamas County is partially bordered by the Hood River.
But also note the name "Estacada." Some or other author on Wikipedia (as of this writing) notes the LexiLink (although, it's not named as such) between Oregon's "Estacada" and "Llano Estacado" area in Texas. The latter area is of some interest since it is the origination point for Texas' Colorado River.
(Llano Estacado is also near the Red River.)
I don't have to tell you that "Colorado" itself "...means 'colored red'..." (Ibid.). Texas'
Colorado River leads into a whole Lyndon B. Johnson symbol set, including Lake LBJ
and Lady Bird Lake.
It may (or may not) be noteworthy that an academic expert on Clackamas-Chinook Indian stories was a man named Melville Jacobs. He published several texts on the Clackamas. This book, for example, might be something like Jacobs' Clackamas tales.
In any case, the "Tyler" name reminds of the Masonic "Tiler." The Tiler, of course, is the Lodger Officer whose "duty is to guard the door of the Lodge, and to permit no one to pass in who is not duly qualified, and who has not the permission of the Master. ...the Tiler closes the door and covers the sacred precincts from all intrusion."
Cory Panshin observed,
The name Tyler strikes me not for its Masonic associations, but for the fact that Anonymous is using it as part of their Project Mayhem operation, which was set to begin on December 12. In this case, the derivation is from Fight Club.
"The activists reveal that on the symbolic date of November 5, TYLER will be out of beta testing and in the timeframe between December 12 and December 21, 2012, it will be put to use."
(There was apparently also an early report that the shooter was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, which turned out not to be the case but was enough to get the Anonymi nervous for a while.)

And there is definitely some sort of psychic overlap between hackers and shooters that goes at least back to Columbine. They come out of the same deep well of disaffection -- but the hackers don't need to use guns to express it.

Roberts on Roberts.
We've seen this post-shooting coincidence before = the name of the law enforcement spokesperson sharing the same or similar name of the shooter, but not related:
Roberts, 22, was armed with a stolen AR-15 semi-automatic weapon, Sheriff Craig Roberts told a news conference today [12/12/12]. He was not wearing a bullet-proof vest as previously reported.
Some Anonymous items, from various people, detailed on December 11th-13th:
Obvious, I guess, but...
Clackamas = Christmas
I see that there has been a Friday the 13th (Jason) movie playing on IFC the past week.
Clackamas definitely seems related to "Christmas" in some sort of way to me too.
Interesting one victim's name was "Yuille." I'm assuming because of the "Rule" mistake, it's pronounced "Yule".
So, did this guy manage to "randomly" kill Christmas/Yule? Because whatever else, it seems clear he didn't know his victims...
Enki wrote on December 11th:
The scene outside the mall's Century Theater looks eerily like what we saw outside Aurora's Century Theater on July 20.
I have noticed some oddities:
The Aurora tragedy happened 144 (12 X 12) days ago.
The Clackamas Town Center mall's website advertises a giveaway for tomorrow. 12 prizes will be given away on 12/12/12.
The mall is located minutes away from downtown Portland, where [some of] the primary shooting for Twilight took place.
The Clackamas Indians are the technical owners of the Willamette Meteorite, the largest meteorite ever found in North America. We are currently experiencing the Geminid meteor shower, due to peak in a couple of days.
The Century Theatres chain is owned by Cinemark, which is headquartered in Plano, Texas (which seems to come up quite a bit). The first Century theater was the Century 21 in San Jose, California. This theater was built next to the Winchester Mystery House, a location where the themes of madness and guns certainly intersected.
Following up on the meteorite comment above by Enki, I shared this:
The Willamette Meteorite was discovered in the Willamette Valley of Oregon near the modern city of West Linn….The meteorite was apparently venerated by the Clackamas tribe inhabiting the area where it was found. The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon, a confederation of Native American tribes, used the meteorite, which they call Tomanowos, in ceremonies and demanded that it be returned and filed a NAGPRA action (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act) against the American Museum of Natural History in 1999. In response, the Museum filed a federal lawsuit seeking a declaratory judgment against the Grand Ronde in 2000. An agreement with the Museum was reached later that year in which the meteorite would remain at the museum with tribal members being able to conduct a private ceremony around the meteorite once a year, and that ownership will be transferred to Grand Ronde should the museum cease to have the meteorite on display.
Cory Panshin then remarked:
Enki's reference to the Winchester Mystery House jumped out at me, since I happened to have watched a YouTube video on it just a few days ago -- probably the first time I've even thought of the place since I read about it in one of the old paperback collections of Ripley's Believe It or Not when I was a kid. A strange house with a very strange vibe -- and quite literally built with blood money.

Enki's comment about the filming locations for the Twilight (2008) film caused me to do a little more research. I quickly discovered the film "was made for practical reasons, largely around Portland in Oregon, with just a little Washington and even California," according to The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations.

Later, Enki emailed:
The shooter has been identified as Jacob Tyler Roberts. In the Twilight movies, Jacob is played by Tyler Lautner, and Edward is played by Robert Pattinson.
Further, according to The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations,
The school cafeteria, though, where Bella first claps eyes on the strange Cullen clan, is back in Oregon. It’s Madison High School, 2735 NE 82nd Avenue in Portland, which also provided the biology classroom where Edward sends out strangely mixed signals to new girl Bella. Madison High was previously featured in local boy Gus Van Sant’s 2007 Paranoid Park.
The eco-conscious school trip is to Clackamas Community College, 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, just south of Portland....
The fantastic Cullen house – no coffins, dungeons or moat – is a private home, the M1 Residence, a cantilevered glass and wood construction by Skylab Architects in Forest Park, Portland.

Truly the twilight language is all around us. 
I finished writing this as Paul McCarthy put his
end to the 12/12/12 concert with Live and Let Die.

I wish to thank all my friends for sharing their insights.
There is a community of sync thinkers out there. 

Join them in pondering all of this 
in the following book, which I highly recommend.

edited by Alan Abbadessa-Green (new 2012)


Upcoming radio interview: 
I've agreed to go on Portland, Oregon's Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis 
on Friday, December 15, 2012, from 
7:00-8:00 pm Pacific time/10:00-11:00 pm Eastern
time, to discuss the breaking Clackamas-Aurora events and syncs.

The world is not through with this book yet...


Enki said...

The shooter has been identified as Jacob Tyler Roberts. In the Twilight movies, Jacob is played by Tyler Lautner, and Edward is played by Robert Pattinson.

Anonymous said...

Clackamas definitely seems related to "Christmas" in some sort of way to me too.

Interesting one victim's name was "Yuille". I'm assuming because of the "Rule" mistake, it's pronounced "Yule".

So, did this guy manage to "randomly" kill Christmas/Yule? Because whatever else, it seems clear he didn't know his victims...

Anonymous said...

I watched this "Friday the 13th" starring "Sam Winchester" of "Supernatural" fame...


Red Dirt Reporter said...

Matt Bell's mention of the "Llano Estacado" startled me only that on the day of the shooting I interviewed the lead singer of Cooder Graw, an Amarillo, Texas-based country-rock band whose biggest hit was "Llano Estacado." The band's name "Cooder Graw" is a play on the French term "coup de grace" which translates as the "blow of mercy" - the death blow to end someone's suffering.

David said...

I immediately noticed the same thing regarding 144 =12 x 12 and the shooting happened on the 12th month of 2012.
With all the fuzz regarding 2012 this an interesting use of 12

Anonymous said...


Florence Nightingale the founder of modern nursing, big link to the death of Kates nurse Jacintha....

"When all the medical officers have retired for the night and silence and darkness have settled down upon those miles of prostrate sick, NIGHTINGALE may be observed alone, with a little lamp in her hand, making her solitary rounds"
"The LADY with the LAMP phrase further
popularised in a LONGFELLOW poem:
Lo! in that house of misery
A lady with a lamp I see
Pass through the glimmering gloom,
And flit from room to room"

NURSES wear WHITE- theyre WHITE LADIES. They -in mythology - are deathbringers, fairys, Banshee, Lucia (illuminated, Lux, Lucifer: Lucia)

Jacintha, Kates dead nurse: Jacinta = one of the witnesses of the MARY sighting at FATIMA / Fatima = Lady in White = Lucia

FATIMA, by all I know, and all other MARY sighting, were some similar demonic events just like a WHITE LADY SIGHTING - a very very old phenomenon commonly happening to mankind

Saint LUCIA Day (Saint Lucia) - celebrated in SWEDEN (and some other countries) on DEC 13.
Saint = Sa-int = Holy, both words stand for either Sa-turn/Sa-tan or Holy/hell.

Years ago, I wrote a long text about it for my webpage, Lucia is for real a demon.


"Saint Lucia's Day (sometimes Lucy for short) is the Church feast day dedicated to Saint Lucy and is observed on the 13th of December. Its modern day celebration is generally associated with Sweden and Norway but is also observed in Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Finland, Hungary, Malta, Bosnia, Bavaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Spain and St. Lucia, West Indies.

In traditional celebrations, Saint Lucy comes as a young woman with lights and sweets. It is one of the few saint days observed in Scandinavia. In some forms, a procession is headed by one girl wearing a crown of candles (or lights), while others in the procession hold only a single candle each"

Another quote:
"The pre-Christian holiday of Yule, or jól, was the most important holiday in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Originally the observance of the winter solstice, and the rebirth of the sun, it brought about many practices that remain in the Advent and Christmas celebrations today. The Yule season was a time for feasting, drinking, gift-giving, and gatherings, but also the season of awareness and fear of the forces of the dark."

GOD JUL = swedish for merry Xmas

She - LUCIA - is dressed in WHITE with some lights around her head (HALO = hell/ illuminated, set-alight)
and walks through the house in the night.
Usually - in Sweden - this role is performed by the oldest daughter in the family.
The LUCIA festival is celebrated as if LUCIA was a NIGHT NURSE

Now to the CLACKAMAS amok:
The highschools mascot is a CAVALIER which is a KNIGHT.
A KNIGHT, german RITTER (reiten = to ride, and beritten = being-ridden)
Theyre both HORSEMEN!
Cavalier = dark KNIGHT/JOKER link.


Anonymous said...


KNGHT (Ritter) famous as part of amok's, one example:
Tim Kretschmer (german Winnenden AMOK shooter, killed 16, at march 10th) died in front of cardealer HAHN (=Cock) AND in front of the factory 'Aluminium RITTER'
around the corner of LUXOR gamble shop (RITTER = HORSEMAN, LUX = light = LUCIA)

You are 'be-ritten' (ridden) by a nightdemon.
People believed the HORSE, that takes the demon (alb, incubus, witch) into the house of the 'be-ritten' (ridden) vcicitm to be part of the demon, hence they called it MARE (german 'MÄHRE', also THE GERMAN word for fairy tale 'MÄRCHEN' is based on it)
('Mare' close to 'Mary': Saint Lucy is one of seven women, aside from the Blessed Virgin Mary, but thats a churches lie)
Mare (as in demonic-horse) → is the base for the word 'NIGHTMARE'
and hence HORSE (Horse = german 'Pferd' = 'Percht', austrian celtic demon festival) is a demon, so the RITTER/KNIGHT is considered a DEMON by old language!

Austrian PERCHT costumes, for example, clearly depict a mix of a hairy WILDMAN and demonic HORSE

From 'LUCIA' wiki page again:
"Lussinatta, the Lussi Night, was December 13. Then Lussi, a female being with evil traits, like a female demon or witch, was said to ride through the air with her followers, called Lussiferda. This itself might be an echo of the myth of the Wild Hunt, called Oskoreia in Scandinavia, found across Northern, Western and Central Europe."

Thats probably why Knights, Cavaliers, Horseman = DEMONS – if you go by ancient symbolic of letters (and letters are symbols, the meaning never changes!)
and they come out perhaps a lil more around xmas times, the BIG SACRIFICe time of the year!


Anonymous said...


GALE btw means STORM
(K)NIGHT-IN-GALE is the RIDER (Ritter/Knight) of the STORM
-> the "echo of the myth of the Wild Hunt"
Wild Hunt (Wild Army) is also Wodans Wild Army of death's from Heaven.
Its the ancient Ufo phenomenon.
The "ARMY" was known worldwide - by different names - and was said to be responsible not only for crushing victims in the night, but also leaving tracks in the fields (crop cricles) and kill animals (animal muitlaton phenomenon) and other stuff...

In the NIGHTINGALE events we are experiencing, we can detect all the old meaning of GOD.

Meanwhile, Nurse Jacintha (and the following events) was a sacrifice and a big reminder of Fatima's Mary/White Lucia.
The C-lacka-MAS (C-Mas = Christmas) shopping mall amok made this especially clear:
the little Fatima- girl Jacintha's Familyname was JACINTHA MARTO and

Also SISTER ACT can be linked to the cases. SISTER - the german short name for nurses - is based on religious culture of nun's. SISTER is a bit like SINISTER :)
Whoopi is Dolores van Cartier in SISTER ACT, or, short: SISTER A.

CARTIER is a famous luxus jeweler.
Wiki knows:
"It has a long history of sales to royalty and celebrities.  King Edward VII of England referred to Cartier as "the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers"

King Edward VII Hospital is Kates hospital, and the one where dead nurse Jacintha worked. It's
a private hospital in London used in recent years by members of the British Royal Family:
Also called SISTER AGNES Hospital
AGNES KEYSER was the wealthy daughter of a Stock Exchange member. In 1899 SISTER AGNES - born bday HITLER - founded the hospital after the advices of FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE (1820-1910.

Jacintha died at London.
Londons home of Stock Exchange is located at the PaATERNOSTER Square.
Wiki has:
"First built in 1884 by the Dartford, England engineering firm of J & E Hall Ltd as the Cyclic Elevator, the name paternoster ("Our Father", the first two words of the Lord's Prayer in Latin) was originally applied to the device because the elevator is in the form of a loop and is thus similar to rosary beads used as an aid in reciting prayers"

Remember: one of the witnesses of Portugal FATIMA sighting was JACINTA.
OUR LADY of FATIMA is the same as:
The tree FATIMA witnesses decsribed MARY to be a WHITE LADY.

She's the WHITE LADY, or LUCIA (today: Saint Lucia festival).
Greetings from Hamburg - Cori

Enki said...

In the video, one can see Roberts's masks of comedy/tragedy tattoo. The decorative mask of comedy reminds me of The Joker. Recall also that Roberts was a masked gunman.

In all versions the story initially revolves around a magical mask which gives any wearer nearly limitless power and an altered appearance, characterized by a large set of teeth and a green head. The mask affects the personality of the wearer by removing all personal social inhibitions, causing the wearer to become insane. The book was inspired by a combination of earlier characters: The Joker and Steve Ditko's Creeper,[1] as well as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the original comic stories, characters who wore the Mask would become dangerous and cruel antiheroes with ultraviolent tendencies, even if this was not the wearer's original intention...

...This run was among Dark Horse's best sellers; following it, the company continued a succession of miniseries around the Mask, with various antagonists wearing the mask. These series concluded in 2000 with the DC Comics crossover Joker/Mask, in which the magical Mask finds its way into the hands of Batman's arch-enemy The Joker.

Jason said...

I find the conflating of St. Lucia with demons a bit much; essentially right out of a Jack Chick propaganda comic. She is remembered for giving everything she had to the poor and being killed simply for her faith without any admonishment for vengeance.

And really, if you're going to go into Knights and Riders, how can you leave out Hasselhoff?

Anonymous said...

@ Jason
I don't want to misuse this as a chat, but need to answer @ what you criticized:
I am sorry but I for one don't care what the church says about St. Lucia for the St. LUCIA I am talking about is connected to the OLDER source.
And re. Hasselhoff: There are thousands of people who have performed as Knights, .. my statement was more about the etymologically origin and ancient interpretations of what's behind it, aside of those Knights, that are obvious linked to this particular case and I don't see Hasselhoff connected yet?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I was struck by the address of the shooter, as I live only a few blocks away and have driven past that house many a time. In fact, I drove past a couple of times only last week, specifically to admire the artwork in the yard of the house next door. You can see an earlier version of this art on Google Streetview. Since the Google photo, a statue of a dragon has been added.