Friday, August 22, 2014

Synchromystic Symposium: The Meaning of Tridents

They are everywhere during these Trident Times.

What do the presence, overtly and covertly, of all the tridents of late symbolize?

I ask a few of the deeper synchromystic thinkers a simple, but complex question, "What do you sense is the symbolic, metaphoric or actual meaning of the appearance of tridents in a wide variety of recent disasters, incidents, and news items in the last few months?"

Their answers follow, after a video interlude.

First, I begin with this clip from The Da Vinci Code, as it demonstrates an artifact of the many different points of view that you will find in the statements below.

Each person presents - via their own personal insights and biases - their answer to my query. None are wrong. They merely are sharing their varied views for approaching this mystery.

I sincerely appreciate all the different reasoned thoughts people have sent in regarding my inquiry. It is a great body of work to ponder, running to several thousands of words. Your comments are welcome, if you wish to join this symposium's conversation.

Let us begin.

From Brad Steiger:

Ever since I wrote Atlantis Rising (1973), to me the trident has been a symbol that an old world is dying and a new world is about to be born. Although I hope the signs are to be realized in more positive eventualities, the recent appearance of the trident in various violent incidents, especially the two Malaysian airline crashes, seem to predict the strong possibility of World War III.
From Craig Heimbichner, coauthor of Ritual America:

As I see it, the Group Mind is being cued through trident symbolism to expect an increase in warfare, disaster and general bad news. As the old saying goes, "Things come in threes"--"things" being "bad things." The ancient trident of Neptune was formed only after fratricidal warfare among his sons, and eventually welded into a godlike power over Heaven, earth and even Hell itself. After Christian perspectives shaped the Western consciousness, the Hellish aspect was emphasized symbolically by the Devil's Pitchfork, a morphing of Neptune and heightening of the fearsome aspect of triple power.

From the three thunderbolts of Jupiter to the three heads of Cerberus, "things come in threes"--and the Group Mind expects the last to be worse than the first. Disaster and chaos of course are preludes to the calm of order which must be brought from it, whether by the rhythms of nature, or the shadowy control of elite planners. It is a subject of debate whether the expectation of an Apocalypse ("Zombie aocalypse," a total breakdown of all controls) is simply a prelude to a type of evil world order, or a golden age. Right now the Group Mind expects the worst.
Also, here is an informative link on the "Symbol of the Trident" down for the Special Forces and other logo information. 
From Adam Parfrey, publisher of Feral House and coauthor of Ritual America:

The Feral House logo is trident-shaped. 
The most recent book we published, under the Process Media imprint, is about the strange and defunct amusement park on the Venice/Santa Monica border called Pacific Ocean Park. The main attraction/icon there was King Neptune, who had his own trident. Here’s the King Neptune ad from Pacific Ocean Park. 

From Dennis, Open Your Doors of Perception:

I sense that the trident is a magical formula of three. Many synchronistic events are three. As you may have noticed my web site, Open Your Doors of Perception is an old adage of Templar lore, meaning one cannot retreat in battle until you are faced with numbers of 3 to 1. As for the latest trident phenomenon I would think Poseidon, being ruler of the waters/ocean is restless, and he suffers no fools (humanity). Elemental forces are in play.
From Kenn Thomas, publisher of the Steamshovel Press and author of Parapolitics:

I don't know if I have anything to add to the discussion about tridents....One synchronicity, though: the trident is the symbol of the university where I work. I live near the university, home and office near the rioting, although not quite in Ferguson. And come to think of it, I'm chewing on Trident gum right now. Weird, no doubt insignificant, but true.
The reporter shouldn't become the story.

From Todd Campbell, Through the Looking Glass:

For me, Carl Jung wrote the book on it...Synchronicity is exactly what it implies. The Trident is merely the symbol of Neptune/Poseidon, who is an archetype we attach broader attributes to. My original posts on the subject were "TRIDENT ALERTS." I used this because I believe they are Red Flags if you will. "Pay Attention things are happening around us that we should be aware of. "
I don't think ALL of these events, tragic or mundane, are equally related. However, I do believe they are meant to draw our attention to the bigger picture. In this case what is happening under the surface between The United States and Russia. As separate as they may appear one thing effects the other, and all things are connected even if merely through synchronicity.

I have never suggested to understand the things I have written about or feel I have ANY idea what is going on. Perhaps it is what drew me to start Through the Looking Glass in the first place...investigating the things I see around me but cannot for the life of me explain.

Mythology lives and breathes for many of us, where the monotheistic religions that exist today seem to offer nothing but war, power struggles and greed. Perhaps the OLD Gods are sick of it all.

From Micah Hanks, The Grailien Report:

The trident, in many ways, pervades our myth and culture. While to the trinitarians of Christian mythos it might have represented the father God, his embodied son, and equally disembodied spirit, the Hindus would have (and very much did) recognize the trident within the literal context of the preservation, creation, and of course, destruction elements of our world, as appended to the god Shiva (Neptune similarly embodied this destructive element with the trident's use in creating tremors). That gods in trans-cultural elements move in threes, and with separate elements of their forces in such a way, underscores the "holy" number that three represents in an almost universal way; accidents come in threes, and in modern synchro-mysticism, the rounded number three (or 33's and 333's in proportional superstitious importance) have come to represent luck, fortune, and significance. That Poseidon and Neptune would wield the trident, or that Hanuman or Shiva of the ancient Hindus carried the weapon that could both represent goodness and fortune, as well as utter destruction, suggests that the trident strays from the typical "black and white" dichotomy adopted largely in the west. The three pronged spear instead suggests that within all points, there is a center between the extremities, emerging as a more balanced form than the meaning implied by simple binary (two point) systems can offer.

From Goro, Etemenaki:

I would say that the theme of tridents is heavily intertwined with another major theme, horses. 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse and the trident is traditionally associated with Neptune-Poseidon who is the god of horses (as well as earthquakes, water, etc.). 
Another related key theme is Atlantis which was stressed particularly during the World Cup June-July. It's a subset of a stealthily ubiquitous theme "Gates of Hell opening"...
The connection is based on the fact that: 1) Atlantis is said to have sunk to the bottom of the ocean which is essentially the Underworld (Hell), and 2) Neptune-Poseidon is the god of the sea and said to be the ultimate owner of Atlantis.

Unbeknownst to most, the Atlantis-Neptune connection was highlighted during Neptunalia or the festival of Neptune on July 23-24 when airplanes were dropping like flies...
To quickly explain, airplanes are symbolically "Atlantean" in that: 1) an "airplane" implies the "air plane" or realm of air, i.e. the atmosphere, 2) the atmosphere is the realm of Atlas as his iconic depiction is that of him holding up the heavens on his shoulders, essentially becoming a pillar uniting or separating heaven and earth, like the atmosphere between the earth and the sky, 3) Atlas is closely associated with Atlantis (e.g. the first king of Atlantis is Atlas). Airplane = air realm = atmosphere = Atlas = Atlantis.


Airplane crashes in particular allude more specifically to the destruction of Atlantis, i.e. what the legendary lost island/continent is best known for. The World Cup back in July prefigured this symbolism by stressing the cataclysm aspect of Atlantis (via Brazil-Hy Brasil identification).

It was of course through the epic "Great Flood" that Atlantis in effect entered the Underworld/Hell. In other words, when the "Gates of Hell opened".
And that, I'd say, is at the core of what the trident motif alludes to... The opening of the Gates of Hell.
The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the biggest airplane event of the year (if not ever), fits perfectly into the discussion, starting with the fact that (already noted by many) the Malaysia Airlines logo is a stylized trident.
That's just the tip of the iceberg. I can add for example that, like Atlantis: 1) the whereabouts of MH370, presumed crashed, is a big mystery, and 2) MH370 disappeared into the Underworld. The latter was expressed metaphorically through plane's originally planned "flight path" (the great circle connecting the flight's origin and destination) pinpointing New Orleans:

As you may recall it was in New Orleans that the 2013 Super Bowl was played less than 2 months after the "end" of the Mayan calendar (12/21/2012). There was a power outage (darkness) that interrupted the game precisely when the Galactic Center in the Dark Rift of the Milky Way was directly below the stadium/city.

It made perfect sense symbolically because the "end" of the Mayan calendar is popularly associated with the so-called "Galactic Alignment" when the Sun aligns with the galactic equator near the Galactic Center in the Dark Rift.

For the Maya, the Dark Rift was a portal to their underworld Xibabla ("place of fear"), i.e. their "Gates of Hell"! Appropriately it was right below New Orleans that the galactic underworld/hell was positioned which is where it should be by definition.
It's also important to point out that there is a horse right next to the Galactic Center in the form of the Dark Horse Nebula, overlapping right "big foot" of Ophiuchus.

"Dark Horse" became a hot topic earlier this year for sync heads and conspiracy theorists thanks to Katy Perry's song/video/performance. They could just sense something was up. What they didn't realize was that it had a lot to do with this obscure nebula, without which decoding would be quite limited. (See Dark Horse at Hellgate for more.)

To illustrate the dark influence of this Dark Horse in the sky, I can point to the fact that one of the darkest ("Satanic") events in recent years is the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre, shocking the world on December 14, 2012 just a week before the "end" of the Mayan calendar (12/21/2012). It happened right when the Sun was at the Dark Horse Nebula (the Sun is there every year on ~ December 13-14).

We follow patterns. And "pattern" implies "predictability". So it's only natural that as we move closer to the core of the matter, we begin to be able to tell beforehand when something big/important is about to take place and its essential themes as I did with Sandy Hook back then. There is right now a set of intertwined patterns involving Dark Horse that will likely produce a very intense situation in October (as well as later this month/August), and it will be part of the same general pattern complex being discussed.
So what's the meaning of tridents in 2014? It's one of the visible "arrows" pointing to a big "Mayan" (and "Trojan") thing that's happening, which is in essence... the "opening of the Gates of Hell".

From an individual who wishes to be only identified as "JK":
I've had my eye on the Fayette factor almost everyday. The fact about Robin Williams supposedly killing himself a day after a fatal incident involving LaFayette: Now there are three major and one minor news stories in just the last month that were preceded each time a day in advance with clear forewarnings in the form of the Fayette factor, the minor being the murder suicide involving the man who killed his wife and three daughters a week or so ago.
The three majors would be the Fedex family massacre, the MH17 "Operation Trident" media BS campaign, and now Robin Williams found hanging, which isn't exactly a clear indicator of suicide, yet the narrative has been carefully written and released, as if he couldn't escape the ending to this, his most personal role, a role written and managed as well as any of his films (ex: Robin Williams suicide jokes on Family Guy airing hours before he's discovered dead ALA Boston Marathon bomb jokes).
Here we find a more clever game of lesser magic, a sort of code. Violent murders and crashes happen everyday all over the US but our national newsfeeds just happen to place an emphasis on Lafayette or Fayetteville consciously or unconsciously the day before a major event to caution us that we are in for a strange news day the next day. 
This, of course, is just cosmic coincidence, perfectly placed and arranged for us to discover and light up to. This is a literal way to see it, but if we go deeper and realize the influence of higher consciousness on our reality and behaviors, we are faced with this: We can only see parts of the whole. We are so many steps, degrees, and functions removed from what is really driving this planet's course, and yet were part of the same equation and pattern. We only have to say to ourselves: Here it is, honestly, the truth is that the trident represents so much more than we can understand, but if we break it down to how it's used by those in power: For those in the know, this is now a World Wide War, the 3rd of its kind. The trident is just this, a permeating symbol that is crying out to us to open our eyes and see what is really there.

Or maybe its just clever wizardry to subconsciously create acceptance of this idea that the world as we know it is lost to war and destruction.
* * * 
The Khazar trident is quite similar to the Ukrainian trident.
Israelis are now adopting the fact that they are the descendents of the Khazars, who ruled about a million square miles of what is now the Ukraine for a thousand years before being conquered by the Slavic tribe that is now modern Russia....The trident and bident were used on coin to show the ruling issuer of "currency." It would seem the tridents we see so heavily used now is a stamp to indicate the "currency" is controlled by the Ashkenazi descendents of Chazairia, and also why it is the symbol of the Ukraine. I am myself a Ashkenazi.
From Tim Binnall, Binnall of America:
I honestly don't have the foggiest idea what the meaning behind it is, but I'd venture to guess that it has nothing to do with the sea or anything oceanic. I confess to not having looked at it that much, but I get the feeling that the 'tri' part of it all is the real key and that maybe three major events will occur within quick succession or some overarching 'storyline' of three events is unfolding unbeknownst to us just yet. (i.e. avoid Malaysian Airlines).
It seems like it never works this way, but one would hope that a place, person, or company bearing some distinct form of the "Trident" name will eventually, ultimately make news (in a non-violent way, let's pray) which will be the crest of the wave. Barring that, since I'm skeptical for such good fortune, it will be interesting to look back at all of these tridents and see if anything can be discerned once we feel like it has run its course.
That said, if a Malaysian Airlines jet mysteriously lands in Trident, Montana, please let me know where to accept my Twilight Language Nobel Prize for dumb luck.
From Michael Anthony Hoffman II, author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare:

Trident being a root word of Tridentine I will add this historical note:
The Tridentine Latin Mass was promulgated in the 16th century by Pope Pius V, the lead organizer of the defense of southern Europe against an invading Muslim fleet which was decisively defeated at the Battle of Lepanto.
The universal (catholic) Latin Tridentine Mass was derogated by Pope Paul VI in 1969, and replaced by a "New Mass" (Novus Ordo Missae) to be offered in the vernacular of the particular Catholic country where it is celebrated. This Novus Ordo Missae was the product of a liturgical committee headed by an alleged Freemason, Archbishop Annibale Bugnini. Due to the controversy surrounding him the Vatican exiled him to Iran where he was papal nuncio during the Iranian revolution.
In reaction to the suppression of the Tridentine Mass, French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre defied the popes and led a rebel movement which continues to offer it.
The right to celebrate the Tridentine Mass licitly and officially was restored by the Emeritus Pope, Benedict XVI, who, in his Regensburg lecture, condemned jihadist Islam's ideological roots.
The so-called "Black Mass" is based on a reversal of key elements of the Tridentine Mass, although there are Catholic occultists in the Ficino/Pico and Eliphas Levi lineage who attend the Tridentine Mass today in its orthodox form. 
From Chris Savia, editor at The Anomalist:
Since I was knee high to a June bug, I always heard folks saying "things happen in threes." One of the obvious assumptions I maintain is there will be another air disaster, in the vein of (or possibly involving) Malaysia Airlines, sometime in the near future. Loren's aggregation of trident motifs reinforces the rule of three.
MH370 happened 131 days before MH 17. Perhaps 131 days from July 17th, which happens to be the Tuesday of the USA's Thanksgiving week, there will be another disaster.
On this day, JFK was laid to rest in an alleged, silent coup. A decade later, the Greek army deposed their president George Papadopoulos, then 35 years after the Turkish government collapsed due to a no-confidence vote over allegations of corruption. Five years later on November 25th, GWB established the Department of Homeland Security, causing nothing but headaches for countless travellers thanks to the specter of "terr'ism".
If there's a third incident, could it lead to the downfall of another government? Will this one be linked to terrorism, and used to bolster American Security Theater? With the rise of ISIS, coupled with their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's off-the-cuff remark of "See you in New York" upon leaving a detention camp in 2009 could be cause for concern.
 The Egyptian God Isis.
I could go deeper, as there are whispers of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi being an agent of the Mossad. Since Israel is a touchy subject, and the only sites picking up on these allegations are sketchy overseas outlets and Veterans Today, I'll only poke it with my ten foot pole.
From Robert Damon Schneck, author of Mrs. Wakeman vs. the Antichrist:
I always think of tridents in the classical sense as representing power over the three worlds: Heaven, Earth and the Underworld, and the three times: past present and future.

When I saw that you were pursuing the connection between tridents and disasters, my first thoughts were of Poseidon who is responsible for natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, etc. (Zeus and Hades have stylized tridents in the thunderbolt and possibly Cerberus).
I am surprised at some of the places "trident' comes up. The whole "present system of Roman Catholic doctrine and practice dates from the Council of Trent (1545)" is called "Tridentine" after the city of Trent, the ancient name of which was Tridentum.

"Trent" or "Trento" has an interesting history. According to the Wikipedia article the name "Tridentum" evolved from a pre-Roman Celtic water god and a topographical feature (though other sources disagree).
"Trento was conquered by the Romans in the late 1st century BC, after several clashes with the Rhaetian tribes. Before the Romans, Trent was a Celtic village. In reality, the name derives from Trent, which is a tribute to the Celtic god of the waters (because of the river Adige). The Romans gave their settlement the name Tridentum and is a tribute to the Roman god Neptune (Tri Dentum, meaning 'Three Teeth' because of the three hills that surround the city: the Doss Trent, Sant'Agata and San Rocco). The Latin name is the source of the adjective Tridentine. On the old townhall a Latin inscription is still visible: Montes argentum mihi dant nomenque Tridentum ("Mountains give me silver and the name of Trento"), attributed to Fra' Bartolomeo da Trento (died in 1251). Tridentum became an important stop on the Roman road that led from Verona to Innsbruck."
It was also the scene of the notorious "blood libel" involving Simon of Trent and a dam collapsed, in 1985 killing 268 people.
One random note: Psi is a term from parapsychology derived from the Greek, ψ psi, 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet; from the Greek ψυχή psyche, "mind, soul".
BTW, it's not easy to see, but there is a trident on the poster of the Poseidon Adventure that is almost invisible.
Now that it's in my head I'll be finding tridents for months.
From Theo Paijmans, author of The Vril Society:
The symbol of the trident is found in the most uncanniest places. There is that old, black and white photo of Eugen Grosche, founder of the German magical order Fraternitas Saturni in the 1920s. He is featured in full regalia, with a headband to which is fastened a trident.

When Italian writer, poet, journalist and proto-fascist Gabriele d'Annunzio retired to the small town of Cargnacco in the 1930s, he developed his own variation of the symbol. It is still to be found at the villa he purchased.

This symbol he handed over to Italian gun manufacturer Beretta, and the company has used it ever since, according to their website, claiming it's not an actual trident although it certainly resembles one.

Between 1974 and 1985 the city of Florence was in the grip of a mysterious serial killer dubbed "the Monster of Florence." He always struck during moonless nights and the extended period of time notwithstanding, he was never caught. One school of thought points towards occult, ritualistic, even satanic, underpinnings although this has never been proven.
The gun used by The Monster Of Florence, in all the killings, was a Beretta.
From Matthew Bell, The Bell Curve:
"And the priest's custom with the people was, that, when any man offered sacrifice, the priest's servant came, while the flesh was in seething, with a fleshhook of three teeth in his hand; And he struck it into the pan, or kettle, or caldron, or pot; all that the fleshhook brought up the priest took for himself." (Bible, 1 Samuel 2:13-14, KJV.)
On the trident:
There are fire and serpent ties, which both suggest the Devil. One can think of the devil using the (supposedly) ancient esoteric maxim: "daemon est deus inversus," that is, the "demon [or devil] is god inverted." (Helena Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, vol. 1, p. 411.)
Following this train of thought, it is possible to think the trident itself is a sort of trinitarian "shadow-side" symbol. Lucifer, who is commonly identified with the Devil or Satan, ostensibly proclaims in Isaiah 14:14: "I will make myself like the Most High."
In Greco-Roman mythology, of course, the chief Olympian deities are the three brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. The world has also traditionally been conceived in terms of three layers or spheres. "The world was divided among the three brothers, Zeus having the heavens, Poseidon the sea, and Aidoneus the underworld." (Richard Payne Knight, The Symbolical Language of Ancient Art and Mythologie: An Inquiry, New York: J.W. Bouton, 1892, p. 446.)
"We are three brothers born by Rheia to Kronos, Zeus, and I [Poseidon], and the third is Aides [Haides] lord of the dead men. All was divided among us three ways, each given his domain. I [Poseidon] when the lots were shaken drew the grey sea to live in forever; Aides drew the lot of the mists and the darkness, and Zeus was allotted the wide sky, in the cloud and the bright air. But earth and high Olympos are common to all three." (Homer, Iliad, Lattimore, trans., 15. 187ff.)
Some of the 16th-century occultists, like Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, articulated three sorts of magic, corresponding with three "worlds."

Relatedly, the three prongs of the trident might also symbolize the alchemical combination of air, water, and fire; or, alternatively, the combination of the three "essentials" of Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. This is speculation, based partially upon the fact that the trident symbolizes lightning (air-fire) but is also associated with water deities.
In alchemy, "[t]he Three Essentials originated from the First Matter [prima materia] at the beginning of creation." (Dennis William Hauck, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy, New York: Penguin, 2008, p. 102.)

However, alchemically speaking, with (one assumes) the proper rituals, the "clock" can supposedly be turned-back (to the primordial time that the Egyptians designated "Zep Tepi"). But this is a return to disorder.
Hence, the trident - at once a symbol of disintegrating fire/lightning and of gnashing teeth - is a liminal (threshold) symbol. To put it differently, the teeth are the gatekeepers of the mouth - one of the sacred "nine bodily gates" in Tantric sex-magic. The teeth/mouth are a gateway into the digestive system, which facilitates the breakdown of matter for use by the body.

Put together, one could make a case that the trident is an emblem of breakdown - chewing, if you like. It signals a process of dissolution or digestion.
It is an analog to the fire into which the Phoenix-bird must consign herself before her reanimation. The Phoenix is consumed by fire, the way the mouth consumes food-matter. The trident may thus fit into the "ordo ab chao" ("order out of chaos") symbol complex.
An interesting Lexi-Link is that "[t]he Three Treasures of Taoist alchemy are Shen (Mercury), Chi [Qi] (Sulfur), and Ching (Salt)," (Hauck, loc. cit.) and, at the same time, "[t]he [Hebrew] letter shin of the fire in the qabalistic world is symbolized by the teeth." (Jean Dubuis, "The Becoming of Man," Patrice Malézé, trans., Philosophers of Nature, lecture, 1992.)
The Taoist "Shen" is a close-syncromystic cousin to the Hebrew letter 'Shin" (of which more below). One guess: what shape do you think that the Hebrew letter Shin has? It's a trident, of course!

"A symbol of sea deities, whose palaces lie at the bottom of the ocean depths, the trident was originally a depiction of the teeth of sea-monsters and resembled the foaming crests of the storm-tossed waves. ...It was the weapon ...of a class of Roman gladiator known as the retiarius, who fought with net and trident. The trident is the emblem of the sea-god Poseidon (Neptune) and a mark of his command of the waters, which he can raise or still. ...[I]t is also, with the net, the symbol of Christ as 'Fisher of Men'. Furthermore, when its prongs are of an equal length, it is a symbol of the Trinity and may even serve as a secret representation of the Cross. In Christian tradition, the trident is placed 'in Satan's hands as an instrument of punishment with which he thrusts into the flames (symbol of torment) the douls of the damned. ...' The trident is a solar emblem, its prongs standing for the Sun's rays, and a symbol of the thunderbolt (its prongs are lightning flashes). Tridents strike their prey and in this respect may be likened to some depictions of the Vajra ['thunderbolt'/'diamond' - The Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama, is an adherent of Vajrayana Buddhism - MJB], which is both thuderbolt and trident. [In this regard, see also A.J. Bell's 'rodball' symbol.] ...[I]n India, the trishula, or trident, is the emblem of Shiva the transformer...Dictionary of Symbols, trans., John Buchanan-Brown, London: Penguin, 1996, pp. 1035-1036.)

"On a coin found in Afghanistan is a figure having a long coat, boots, and a high Phrygian cap, standing by an incense altar with our English trident, to which emblem much mystery attaches itself. We are said to have received the trident from the Buddhists, but they had it from the same source as ourselves; i.e., from the priest's flesh-hook of three teeth ..., the word for which in Hebrew is ...[shelosh], or 'three;' the form of the fork as seen on Buddhist coins being the very shape of the [Hebrew] letter shin], which forms the most important part of the word. The letter [shin] also represents the Almighty Protector, ...Shaddai, in whose name the High Priest was accustomed to bless the people of israel, with his three fingers extended, in the words of Numbers vi. 24, which may have been the origin of the Buddhist symbol. ...The Chaldee Targumists describe it as 'three yods and a kametz,' ...In Arabic, 'Allah,' of God is written with three upright strokes, joined at the base... But irrespective of the Buddhists, [the] British Trident came with the wanderers by sea, or pirates, who were headed by the representatives of the preistly family of Antigonus, B.C. 37." (Source: Elisabeth Wilson, Lights and Shadows of Ancient European Mythology, Language, and History; or, Odin's Runa of Yggdrasil, London: S.W. Partridgem, 1881, pp. 288-289.)

From Andrew W. Griffin, editor of Red Dirt Report:

At this point I can only honestly say that the trident, for me, signifies an event in the near future that will involve water. For many, many years I have analyzed my water-related dreams. In many instances flooding is a major theme. From June 1993, when I had my first major water/flooding dream (this involving the Mississippi River flooding - which it was then in the process of doing, something I was unaware of at the time) to now, the water dreams - and the ever important Trident symbol - to me, indicate a major, water-related event in our near future. Indeed, the trident symbol is popping up seemingly everywhere and I have been noting it for many weeks now. I won't speculate any further at this time, but as someone who analyzes synchromystic events, the trident is a major clue to a future event. 

Poseidon arising from the flooded Brisbane River, Australia.

From Red Pill Junkie, blogger at The Daily Grail:
As someone who's continuously reminded that 'there is no spoon', perhaps it's not surprising how the first thing coming to mind with the symbol of a trident, is a fork. Therein lies what I believe could be the hidden message whispered to us by all the "trident tragedies":

A fork in the road.
A Fortean should always be mindful of history, and I find it incredibly relevant how a hundred years ago, the World was sent into a bellicose conflagration of terrible proportions in human cost & suffering, triggered by a felony as seemingly unimportant in the global scheme of things --the assassination of Duke Franz Ferdinand on June 28,1914-- as say, the downing of a commercial airline jet by a antiaircraft missile launched during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, on July 17 of this year.

Could our society be dragged into another World War because of this crime? Sadly, it doesn't seem as if the lessons from the past were learned well enough. And with the United States' diplomatic relations with Russia being at an all-time low --on top of president Obama's decision of returning to Iraq, in a desperate attempt to try & fix the messed left by the American mishandling of the Middle East-- the proverbial coin is still on the air.
We should do well in remaining attentive to the signs of the times, while we wait to see whether it's heads or tails. Because I have the growing suspicions that someone... or something, is trying to warn us not to make the same mistakes all over again.
Dare we choose to take a different path this time?

From Nate Arthur:

If the observer is late to the synchronicity or even "synchro-mysticism" game, they might be forgiven for doubting that One symbol could have such importance above and beyond the other, many symbols we're bombarded with in the early stages of the 21st century. But the observer would have to admit that the symbol we're entertaining these days, The Trident, is one symbol, yes, but more importantly, a symbol for Threes. It has a full belly. I'll confess that I had not been at all aware of any kind of unified recognition of the importance of the trident, simply for lack of time spent at some of my favorite websites and eddies of abstract thought. Now that I've been alerted and done some catching up, there's simply no doubt that the Trident has arrived at its most deeply penetrating and pivotal time and place. I am going to try to keep this facile analysis to a fittingly short length, for two reasons: because I am admittedly new to meditating on the Trident as pan-cultural/epochal symbolism, but also because i suspect a loose, disconnected treatment of this bit of esotera might be appropriate, as a sort of entreaty to the subconscious to shed more light on the matter. As i understand it, there are the following primary significances of the Trident as it appears to be cropping up throughout the human condition and earth politics these days:
1. As a symbol of both the Ocean and humanity's system of Father Gods, some of whom identified with the trident as symbol, though they were of disparate origins. I am thinking of Shiva, Neptune, and Brittania. There is some perhaps obvious connection between the creation of Life and the prime material we call the Ocean.
2. As a symbol of the Ukraine, but also of Malaysian Airlines. Normally, these two separate symbolic appearances might earn their own numeric bullet points, but in this case they are inseparable, given the downing of the second Malaysian plane over the Ukraine. I haven't researched the literal significance of the military war games being conducted recently in that regional theater by the western powers, but the name for this series of games includes "Trident." It should be assumed the US military and their allies named the dry-run operations in honor of the flag of the Ukraine, as these outfits have a well-known lust for Tradition. If it can't be determined that the operation-name was a formally acknowledged reference to the Ukrainian trident, then this is even more significant. As a connected aside, the record shows that the Ukrainian Coat of Arms (a sigil that under any conditions is generally pregnant with ancient allegory) received its trident makeover in 1918, near the end of a certain drastic rearrangement of power relations that featured mass death and military excess. The Ukrainian Trident is reputed to be a "stylization" of an eagle. It may or may not be, but I would not be able to see this avian origin, off-hand or spontaneously upon first viewing the Coat.
3. Superman movies. Suffice it to say there is an absurd level of mystical and occult "coincidence" that can be reasonably admitted to, in the production of these "Super-Hero" movies. (A super-hero is traditionally a demi-god, remember from ancient times and lore.) When Superman vs. Batman eventually hits the theaters, I will personally have no trouble seeing the affair as a battle between the Nietzschean Uber-man and the dark subconscious of the Skull and Bones/nocturnal/Batman nature of humanity. I have some trouble interpreting the movie as a battle between anything other than Bad and More Bad, but getting on with it...there is a strange level of hinting and winking in the recent Superman movie, as regards bits of detritus bearing certain numbers that link Malaysian airplanes with Indian Oceans, with trident-shaped alien craft. Naturally, Aquaman has to be thrown in to this mix, and oddly enough, I do not recall this superhero wielding or being associated with tridents, from my youthful awareness of the super-hero pantheon. He seems to have re-outfitted himself in keeping with the violence of our times.
4. As a shorthand symbol for the Nuclear Arsenal and Partnership existing between Scotland and the UK. Possibly this nomenclature here is explained by the symbolic Goddess of these islands, Brittania, who holds a trident (or alternately, an anchor, which also has three points. But so does the Christian Cross...)
If we consult the dubious but no less trusted aspect of the Mass-collective mind, Wikipedia, we find that the trident of the Hindu God, Shiva, represented the triple-aspect of Creator-Sustainer-Destroyer. I don't think the number Three in all this can be over-estimated. True enough, the triple-pronged fork has a practical aspect, in terms of fishing, and with its generally barbed prongs, its capacity for impaling and then trapping its prey. But it seems somehow foolish to think that Neptune and Shiva and Brittania would all carry a trident just because it represents dominion over the sea, and thus earth. There are surely more profound symbolic suggestions there.
In strictly geo-political terms, the trident to me relates to the axis of power which many hold to be dominating the world right now: America-Britain-Israel. All these nations happen to be obsessed with the sacred mystery religions, and a kind of Pro-active Destiny Fetish.
The trident may well be a stylized flame, and our apprehension of it may well be the typically half-revealed one. We're profane analysts looking in from the outside after all. If this is the case, then the symbol itself is a union of opposites, Fire and Water. Zeus and Neptune are brothers, they have dominion over Sky and Sea, Fire and Water. It's hard to overlook the two separate instances of death people have cited as synchro-mystically strange in recent days, involving Venice beaches in both Florida and California. They suffered in both cases from death from above, as they were at the ocean.
My limp, subconscious mind Feels that the proliferation of this ancient and unusually pregnant esoteric device, The Trident, is kind of the Mother Goddess of the father-god dominated system of symbols we have lately and with increasing intensity become aware of. Like any super-pregnant depository of ancient wisdom (these are commonly called and understood as the word, "symbols!") the Trident must be assumed as possessing numerous allegorical meanings, layered upon one another like steps to the top of a pyramid of understanding. My somewhat more rigid, rational mind feels that in this tidal wave of three-pronged symbolism washing over media and human consciousness, we are simply, once more, being treated to a display of some symbolic crytsallization of The Union of Opposites, the die-hard dictate of the hermetic maxim, "As Above, So Below." That's a Hollywood movie coming out, too. A bit more of the old astro-theology for our dream-diet. The Ocean Giveth, and it Taketh.
The training I have already received from movies and history and a lifetime of newspaper-scanning suggests to me that Something which proceeds from the vast oceans of the world is forthcoming. Perhaps a giant metal craft that defies and challenges the internal combustion engine will appear out of the sea. Or maybe a Kraken or Sea-Beast or World-Eating Revelations Robot that is so Big it only needs three teeth, and will fatten itself on everything. We must wait for the high society of politicans and newspaper reporters to explain that event to us.
* * *

If you have not watched The Fisher King with your synch-goggles fitted tightly on, you are in for what I predict will be a fruity, rainbow-inflected ride. I was legitimately taken aback, horrified, and stunned by the sheer number of occult transmissions that dark movie subjected me to. Hitherto, I had only considered it a reasonably amusing, if dated, Terry Gilliam effort. Now I'm forced to view Gilliam as some kind of mad kabalist who has now produced, in effect, two death films starring famous and beloved actor-personalities. Whether Gilliam knew what was up is debatable, of course, but sound money is on his, at least, unconscious involvement.

Yes, there is a trident, and a most obvious one if the viewer is sufficiently trained for the looking. In the scene where Jeff "Bridges" goes to secure the Grail on behalf of a ritually dead Williams (comatose), he scales a wall using a covert trident, an anchor. That's not what I would use if was going to scale a wall. Anyway, the anchor is a virtual replica of the Popeye tattoo, it's an "iconic" anchor. My impression is that the movie takes on an even more esoteric flavor from the point where William's love interest is introduced. Note the funny bed sheets and pajamas of the comatose and soon-to-be-rebirthed Williams. Of course the reason I re-watched the movie at all is because of its infamous Nein-11 synch, a real forceful one. A big clock on a highrise building shows the unholy kabalist mind-controlling numerals (tee hee), and the viewer is trained to observe the clock already, from a previous, kind of unaccountable showing.
Just wanted you to consider checking it out, if you haven't already. It is really quite gruesome and irreverent, especially considering Williams' ritualized coma-death and Grail affiliation, and even more so, his arrival in the movie, as a man that saves Jeff "Bridges" from being burnt to death by hooligans, after they prevent him from committing suicide by water in the Hudson. It may even be the Brooklyn Bridge, which would synch ominously perhaps with the recent unexplained magic hurly-burly with the two whited out American flags on that bridge. You are probably aware that ritual murders are often undertaken at bridges, in the grand old, often Masonic, tradition. The symbolic substance of rivers and bridges over them, the afterlife, and so forth, is the kernel of all that cuteness, as I understand it.

Arthur with the trident of the Fisher King.

From David Dorrell:

Dagon, the "fish-god."
Relating all things "Trident" to Neptune seems to have missed the connections to Dagon/Gaza.
This is from the Wikipedia: In the Tanakh (also referred to as the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible), Dagon is particularly the god of the Philistines with temples at Beth-dagon in the tribe of Asher (Joshua 19.27), in Gaza (Judges 16.23, which tells soon after how the temple is destroyed by Samson as his last act). Dagon is posited as the child of Sky/Uranus and with the number of Trident/water/sky connections (2xMalaysian 777 airlines, Ukraine, Gaza, offshore Gas reserves, giant Tridents at the World Trade, giant storms found raging on Uranus - the 7th planet, seven representing Trident in Gematria etc.). There certainly seems to be some deep synchronicity at play here.
From Enki A. King:

The trident is one of humanity's most ancient symbols, and can be seen in neolithic cave paintings and petroglyphs on multiple continents. Michael Talbott, Wallace Thornhill, and Anthony Peratt, proponents of the Electric Universe Theory, have proposed that the ancient rock artists produced images of phenomena that they saw in the sky, a sky much different than the one we observe today. They suggest that tridents and other shapes that are found in rock art worldwide appeared in the ancient sky as a result of plasma discharges in space. Peratt's comparison of ancient rock art and consistently observed plasma discharge configurations created in the laboratory is compelling.
In myth-based classical art, the trident and variations on the “thunderbolts of the gods” bear close resemblances to plasma discharge configurations.
In more recent times, the trident has made appearances in crop formations.

Crop formations themselves have multiple associations with plasma. An early explanation for their creation was that they are made by naturally occurring plasma vortices, though as the complexity of the designs increased, this theory became less tenable. Intelligently directed plasma beams directed at the fields has been more recently been offered as an explanation. Also, aerial “plasma balls,” sometimes described as appearing to have intelligence, are often described by witnesses in the vicinity of the formations. Even more interestingly, some researchers claim to have decoded crop designs, and have come to believe that some formations accurately predict solar storms and potentially hazardous coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that often accompany solar flares. When a CME occurs, the ejected material is plasma.
In recent news stories, scientists have warned that a massive CME striking the earth, an event which takes place about every century and a half on average, would have devastating consequences. Our civilization is highly dependent on electricity, and a massive CME could fry sensitive electronic devices, and might even take out the world's power grids. The last time this happened was in 1859, when “The Carrington Event” wreaked havoc with telegraph systems. Sparks shot out of telegraph equipment, causing injuries and fires, and much equipment was rendered inoperable. Auroras were seen as far south as the Caribbean. The Charleston Mercury ran the following eyewitness account from a woman in South Carolina: “The eastern sky appeared of a blood red color. It seemed brightest exactly in the east, as though the full moon, or rather the sun, were about to rise. It extended almost to the zenith. The whole island was illuminated. The sea reflected the phenomenon, and no one could look at it without thinking of the passage in the Bible which says, ‘the sea was turned to blood.’ The shells on the beach, reflecting light, resembled coals of fire.” Auroras...and a Red Dawn. Regular Twilight Language readers will recognize these as recurring syncs.

Perhaps the syncs we have been seeing – tridents and others – foreshadow a coming catastrophic solar storm. “There's a storm coming,” is another motif that has appeared repeatedly in synchromystic analyses, and in mythology, Poseidon used his trident to raise and calm storms. According to physicist Pete Riley, there is a 12% probability of a Carrington-class solar storm hitting earth in the coming decade. Such an event would cause extended, population-decimating blackouts (Dark (K)nights), and would cause planes to fall from the sky (something that has happened all too frequently this year, each time with attendant, oftentimes trident-related, syncs).
I don't imagine anyone in a position to harden our electrical systems would be receptive to warnings based on synchromystic interpretations of airliner logos, Super Bowl commercials, and such. Fortunately, however, the U.S. government has already acknowledged the threat, though effective legislation requiring shielding of our critical electric infrastructure has yet to pass. Whether I am on to something with my “link the syncs” or not, the threat of massive solar storms is real, and we should follow the triply-given advice provided during Super Bowl XLVII: “Prepare.” (See video #1 and #2.) 

Christopher Loring Knowles, The Secret Sun:

My two cents? It's very simple, really; the Trident is a weapon,
associated with the gods, with three prongs. Its appearance is a
foreshadowing of the fast-approaching Third World War. Actually, I think
that war is already underway. We may well see a nuclear exchange - or
exchanges - during this war. I pray that we don't. However, the first
operational nuclear weapon was tested at the Trinity Site on the 33º
parallel. Baghdad seems to be the epicenter of this war; it's on the 33º
parallel, as well. Iraq is now split into three warring territories. The
driving force there is known by its English acronym ISIS, also the name of
one-third of a Holy Trinity. Isis was known by three names in Rome:
Isis-Sothis-Demeter. Sothis refers to the triple star system of Sirius.

The Ancient Greeks minted coins with Demeter on the obverse, Poseidon and
trident on the reverse. Demeter reduced the world to ashes when her
daughter was kidnapped by Hades, who was often portrayed bearing a trident
(more often a bident). Hades kingdom was guarded by a three-headed dog.

Descriptions of ancient nuclear weapons are all over the world's ancient religious texts, also associated with the gods. In one of these stories - of Sodom and Gomorrah - Abraham was warned of the cities' destruction by three angels. Abraham became the founder of "three great religions" now at war in the Middle East - Judaism, Christianity (which worships a Trinity) and Islam (which holds a trinity of holy places; Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem).


"Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident." ~ Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

"Synchromysticism: The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance." ~ Jake Kotze, The Brave New World Order, August 18, 2006.


Christopher Darren Horn said...

Awesome stuff here. Gonna take me a while to read and take it all in. Awesome. said...

thanks be for the 'deeper' thinkers, we are indebted, truly

JP said...

The sinews of war under number 3:

Blue Gate said...

6.1 earthquake San Francisco Bay

aferrismoon said...

The Hebrew 'shin' , maening 'tooth' would seem to represent the 'molar', the etymology of which derives from 'mola' - 'millstone'. Anyhow Ukraine is often refereed to as a 'corn-basket', thus the yellow on their flag.

The 'shin' also floats above Jesus' head in some illustrations as indicative of the Holy Spirit.


wklaus23 said...

The trident evokes Joyce's four fold symbol for the protagonist of Finnegans Wake. EMW3, E being ego, M Freudian unconsciousness, W Jungian collective unconsciousness, and 3 non-local consciousness. Four tridents completed in a four fold mandala of North East West South, NEWS, the Good News, the Gospel. The 2013 Super Bowl, on JJ's birthday, was the most Joycean of all; the brother battle, the viconian thunder blacking out the game. What we are experiencing is the World Wide Web (more tridents) Waking us from the nightmare of history on a global scale. What we see when we open our eyes may make us wish we could fall back asleep, but it's too late. The snooze button does not work any more

e.b.roberts said...

Wow!… bullseye….
Take another look at the Superbowl Maserati commercial ( 2014 )
The first scene is of the Ocean ( but not only the ocean, but a volatile wave in the ocean ) and also mention of Giants …
Check this article about Poseidon and the children of Poseidon :
“ Moreover, in the Odyssey it appears plainly that the children of Poseidon are an impious and outrageous race, giants and Cyclopes “

Also look for the many many pyramid symbolism
And the upside down square and compass ( freemason) hanging in the window.. at the point ( in the video … 05: )

Unknown said...

Two more points worth mentioning - the twin to Malaysia MH-370 that was flown and hangered in Tel Aviv (thus the third 'prong' of the story?: at the other end of the scale the oddly lengthy cut-aways during the World Cup Final to the Cristo Redentor atop Rio's Corcova. I watched the game in Germany and whilst a brief location establishing cut-away would have been no surprise the two very lengthy aerial shots mid game made no sense at was less subliminal than overt symbolism and all of my German friends felt it was worth remaking on (and couldn't understand why mid-game - after all this was the Final- they would spend so long 'off game'and so much time on a close up of a statue of 'Christ'...any thoughts?

Unknown said...

The trident is a TUNING FORK. Tuning forks have been used in magic for eons. It is a magical harmonic sound weapon used to manipulate consciousness through its use in rituals. The Tibetan Lamas know all about it. The tuning fork is one of the great secrets of the magicians and they've been hiding it in plain site.

The old gods like Neptune and Shiva used this trident/tuning fork as a powerful magic sound weapon and this is what you see depicted in the statues and paintings.

The tuning fork's acoustic properties might also have been used in ancient times as a tool to cut or move stones and in healing.

The Twin Towers were covered in Tridents/Tuning Forks (pic in link) there are theories that infrasound brought down the towers (possibly with the use of a tuning fork array within and on the surfaces of the Towers).

Rip Parker said...

As long as we flush our thoughts on occasion, and return with open mind to Jung, we likely will not go too far off beam.

Caution reminds us we tend to find that for which we look. Then, we are more easily seduced into becoming a functionary in the self-fulfilling prophesy.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say, wow. This just put a ribbon around Syncs I'd been picking up on since Summer 2012. The airlines, the trident, 3s, Isis, Gates to hell, dark night of the soul/dark horse. All of it, exactly a report on my own Syncromystic gazing! Amazing! This is the horse year as well, another Sync here.

I'm a professional astrologer so it's easy to convert this entire post into trends i've been cosmo stalking for over two years now. I tend to report more on themes, archetypes and patterns.. Numerology and Mythic connections. But stating what is obvious with word play, numerology and other factors are the core of my practice. Hence the name, AstroSync.

In my own natal chart I have an overwhelming amount of activity in the 12th house- The Souls Pathway. Ruled by Neptune. My scorpio rising sign ties to the Phoenix through the mouth. I've experienced injury to my own front teeth, gateway to hell to be reborn as it was the lesson at the time in Dec 2008 during the dark horse nebula timeframe (good to finally connect that!).

I live in New Orleans. I call it Atlantis Rising. On the same Longitudinal line as the Pyramids in Giza at L30D. My panic dreams of flooding and destruction started before Katrina and got increasingly worse until they subsided around this time last year. I am very much into Egyptian deities, always have been. I was literally talking to one of my students about this not even two hours ago.

I agree we're already in WW3. The consciousness in the MSM reflects the trends. I've been writing about 3s, dark goddesses and rebirth/revolution on my website for some time now.

Thank you for taking the time to post this. Please come by my website (AstroSync.Net) and check out the latest items regarding fire/water/air themes, hands (manus, or MAN US calling upon the energy of the air via the 3rd house/mercury)

On one last note, yesterday I was milling over how the 3 fire signs are forming a trine and are causing major changes in the area of spirit (water) and communication (air). More 3s. Uranus (ruler of Energy and electric communication) Currently in Aries (ruler of the crown chakra/receiver/antenna). Jupiter (ruler of politics, equality, fortune in the sense of direction) in Leo (king of the sun) and finally a stellium of an all star line up in Sagittarius (ruler of number 9, tied to jupiter, rules freedom/expansion)

So this is all on the same page as what you have written here. The full moon in just about 4hours is the catalyst for this punch. Article posted today called Gemini Full Moon; holy shi(f)t.

Most excellent-
With love and light XXX-C

Anonymous said...

Also I just reread (3rd times the charm, right?) and Saw this "Neptunalia or the festival of Neptune on July 23-24"

My birthday is July 24. I almost fainted just now. Just, wow.