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Antioch: A Prediction Comes To Pass

I wrote the following on this blog, early on the date of August 4, 2015:
On July 20, 2015, I made a prediction of a potential movie shooting on August 5, 2016....But then, a mere three days after I wrote that overview on the exact anniversary of the Aurora shooting, a gunman shot up a theater on Wednesday, July 23, 2015. In what even Wikipedia now calls the "2015 Lafayette Shooting," America was surprised again, and I and others discussed some of its sync links; see, "Fayette Factor Hits Movie Theater."

...Time moves along on many fronts.
We are coming up to the two-week anniversary for the Trainwreck/Lafayette shooting, always a dangerous window. The date for that anniversary - Wednesday, August 5, 2015.
People should watch out.
I have made predictions before (see here). Dangerous Minds even called me "The Man Who Predicted The Aurora Shooting."

On August 5, 2015, my recent forecast came true. Two-week anniversaries are significant. (And four-week, one month cycles, are, as well. That upcoming date is Wednesday, August 19, 2015. Predictive future forecasting is simple. What people do with it, remains problematic. At least, the copycat effect is now not disbelieved, as it was a mere dozen years ago when I wrote my book.)

A few individuals on social media noticed. Wade Ridsdale's sent along a comment that summarized what many wrote: "Damn Loren, you nailed it."

And Andrew West Griffin said, "Looks like Loren Coleman was right."

Johanna Lenski wrote: "Damn, Loren is getting good at this predicting thing."

The predicted theater incident occurred exactly two weeks after a shooting at a showing of Trainwreck in Lafayette, Louisiana. The hatchet attack and air pistol shooting resulted in the death of the attacker and the injury of three patrons of the theater.

The movie that was playing at the time was Mad Max: Fury Road.


The Dark Knight Rises' Bane (Tom Hardy) plays Mad Max's Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy). (For more on the meanings behind tridents, please read here. For more on the twilight language within The Dark Knight Rises, google it.)

Mad Max = Pontifex Maximus (Hierophant of the Roman Church), considers Jason Barrera.

The 2015 event took place at the Carmike Hickory 8 Cinema in Antioch, Tennessee, around 1:15 p.m. The gunman at the Hickory Hollow Cinema, Vincente David Montano was allegedly armed with a hatchet, pepper spray, an Airsoft gun, and a fake bomb. He reportedly was wearing a surgical mask. He was shot dead by a SWAT team as he exited through the theater's rear door.

It happened on Bell Road, a power name mentioned here often. See also here and here.

The attacker's name, Vincente David Montano:

Vincente (from the present participle of the Latin verb vincere, "to conquer or win"),

David ("beloved"), and

Montano ("from the mountains," "mountain dweller").

Besides, Bell Road, the theater was also located at the crossing of Mountain View Road.

The counties are Davidson and Rutherford.

The Carmike Hickory 8 Cinema and Hickory Hollow Cinema are references to Andrew Jackson. See more here.

Antioch is a community in southeast Nashville, Tennessee.

The community takes its name from Antioch, Turkey, an ancient city in Anatolia. As recently as the 1960s Antioch was a small community catering to the needs of area farmers with amenities such as a feed mill. Adjacent to Bakertown (a similar small community) it was located on the banks of Mill Creek, a minor tributary of the Cumberland River that rises near Nolensville, several miles to the southeast. This area has become less important over time as zoning restrictions forbidding further development on a floodplain have limited the construction of more businesses in this area, which had started to become congested.

Antioch on the Orontes was an ancient Greek city on the eastern side of the Orontes River. Its ruins lie near the modern city of Antakya, Turkey, and lends the modern city its name.

Founded near the end of the 4th century BC by Seleucus I Nicator, one of Alexander the Great's generals, Antioch's geographic, military and economic location, particularly the spice trade, the Silk Road, the Persian Royal Road, benefited its occupants, and eventually it rivaled Alexandria as the chief city of the Near East and as the main center of Hellenistic Judaism at the end of the Second Temple period. This and more historical notes can be found via the summary on Wikipedia.

Especially noteworthy is that Seleucus founded Antioch on a site chosen through ritual means. An eagle, the bird of Zeus, had been given a piece of sacrificial meat and the city was founded on the site to which the eagle carried the offering. Seleucus did this on the 22nd day of the month of Artemisios in the twelfth year of his reign (equivalent to May 300 BC). Antioch soon rose above Seleucia Pieria to become the Syrian capital.

Agrippa and Tiberius enlarged the theatre, and Trajan finished their work. Antoninus Pius paved the great east to west artery with granite. A circus, other colonnades and great numbers of baths were built, and new aqueducts to supply them bore the names of Caesars, the finest being the work of Hadrian. The Roman client, King Herod (most likely the great builder Herod the Great), erected a long stoa on the east, and Agrippa (c.63 BC – 12 BC) encouraged the growth of a new suburb south of this.

The Greek hippodrome was the basic model for both the Roman stadium and the Roman circus. It will be recalled that the term "stadium seating" comes from the Ancient Greek "circuses" (like Antioch) and evolved into theater seating (like in modern movie theaters and sports stadiums).

Correspondent Travis Vaughn made the observation that in 256, Antioch was suddenly raided by the Persians, who slew many in the theatre.

Outside Antioch, Greece, on October 22, 362, a mysterious fire destroyed the Temple of Apollo at Daphne.

The name Antioch populates modern incidents of violence.

An Antioch, California woman, Layla Trawick, 34, used a butcher's knife and a carving knife to attack the victims in a Target store in West Hollywood, California, Monday afternoon, May 3, 2010. She used both blades at the same time — one in each hand, like in the movie Psycho, sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

The Yellow Springs, Ohio, campus of Antioch College – specifically the haunted Glen Helen - was the site of a supposed report of a gunman, probably a hoax, on June 27, 2013.

The Taco Bell in Antioch, California, decided to close on September 18, 2014, because of rumors of a "fight club" there in which students had broken into brawls the previous week.
h/t Travis Vaughn, Ar S, Wade Ridsdale, M. Bell, Johanna Lenski, 
Chris Woodyard. Andrew West Griffin, Jason Barrera.


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