Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Westworld: The Shade, Time Travelers and Aliens

In HBO's Westworld, the Shade are viewed by the "hosts" (i.e. the robots) as a netherworld reality.

The Shade is the name that the tribes outside of Sweetwater have assigned to the amusement park's technicians, the guys in hazmat suits.
Hector...explains that the masked monster is a "shade" who walks between worlds. The shade was apparently "sent from hell to oversee our world," confirming Maeve's sanity.... Source.
This is all science-fiction, of course, but appropriately alerts Forteans and synchromystics to the continued awareness being brought forth to the television audiences of aliens, outsiders, and others being introduced into our culture.

Travelers in space suits, aliens all, may be distance journeying people from faraway or merely time travelers from our future. Who knows?

It is true that folks in gear to protect themselves may only look like aliens to us on another time-space plane.

None of this is new (excuse the time-referenced word), except as found in this current series from HBO. As recently as Rob Szarek's Huffington Post article in 2013, or in some passages in Jerome Clark's ufo books, discussions of time travel and aliens are in evidence. 

Talk of Japanese Dogū being aliens is old hat to ufologists too.

What I merely wish to state is that HBO's Westworld is a new entry into our future programming within our modern society's point of view. Curiously. We are being prepared for something.

As to the Maze, that's another cup of tea.

And clues in red snake tattoos, that too will be for another time.

In the meantime, let us ponder that one person's alien may be another person's neighbor.

(While aren't any of these - above, the Shade doll - commercially available? Is this Westworld wooden doll based on a real kachina? Am I the only person who feels the "need" to have one for Museum display?)

Kachinas are definitely seen as travelers between this world and another. But what other world is that? Discussions of kachinas as aliens, of course, is nothing new.

November 7, 2016: The Fortean news website Daily Grail has joined the roundtable on this with "Alien Abduction in Westworld?"

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