Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Clown x Waffle House: Atlanta Shooting

It appears the sync threads of "clowns" and "Waffle Houses" have merged. Now if we can only discover some of the names of those involved.

A gunman involved in a robbery reportedly wearing a golden "angry clown" mask shot a Waffle House patron in Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

A man was shot and several customers were robbed at a Waffle House location on Northside Drive near the intersection with 14th Street in Midtown at 6:00 am, Tuesday morning.

Witnesses say the suspect came into the restaurant and went into the restroom. He later emerged wearing an "angry clown" mask and proceeded to rob several patrons and employees at gunpoint.

The suspect then grabbed a cash register off of a counter and grabbed the keys to a vehicle of one of the robbery victims. As he was leaving, one of the robbery victims went to a window and the suspect fired a shot, striking the man in the neck. The victim was alert, conscious and breathing when officers arrived and was able to speak with them.

The suspect, only described as a black male wearing a dark-colored hoodie with tan pants, then fled the scene in the stolen white Mercury Grand Marquis which was later recovered in the area of 9th and Curran streets.

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