Thursday, August 08, 2019

Stabbing Spree

A man who was “full of anger” stabbed, slashed and robbed his way across two Southern California cities in a bloody rampage that killed four people and wounded two others who were allegedly targeted at random.

All victims are Latino 
33-year-old suspect is Latino
Locations of Garden Grove (GG) stabbings:
Subway sandwich shop
7-Eleven (7/11)
Chevron station
Apartment building (in 12100 block of Jentges Avenue in Garden Grove) 

A separate, non-related stabbing happened in a Garden Grove apartment complex named "Flower Tree," killing Vivian Wolff, 62. Her son, Jonathan Michael Warner, 28, is considered a "person of interest."

If it isn’t obvious ~> ‪Chevron = 
V-symbol meaning to connect Heaven (Cielo) and Earth‬ ~>
‪Manson Family killings = Tate 1969

"Gilroy Garlic, and 1977 blackout, among other things. Orange is itself a pregnant sync." ~ Anita Ladaprarez

"Orange - 33." ~ Eric Dilley.

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PDXWiz said...

Pretty sad event.

Jentges Ave: A man named Donald LEE Jentges was convicted of arson on Feb. 14th, 1976, in MilwaukEE, Wisconsin. (Valentines Day, Oregon's Birthday of joining the Union) It was located at 700 West Wisconsin Ave in Milwaukee. (There's also a Milwaukie which is a suburb to Portland, Oregon)

12100 is 110 times 110. 110 is the age that, according to the Bible, Joseph and Joshua lived to. And of course, there were 110 stories in both towers of the World Trade Center.

110 is the equivalent to 911 in Iran, Germany, Estonia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Norway, and Turkey.

Garden Grove was officially incorporated on June 18, 1956. June 18th was the birthdate of Grand Duchess Anastasia, and Helene, daughter of Napoleon. Also, the date of the BaTTle of WaterlOO.

Double letters in Flower TrEE and Vivian WolFF, and Garden Grove. EE, FF, GG

Gordon Long