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Hole In The Wall, from Dalton to Dayton

The actual Hole-in-the-Wall is the pass located in the Big Horn Mountains of Johnson County in northern Wyoming made famous in Western crime history, lore, and movies. The site was used in the late 19th century by the Hole in the Wall Gang, a group of cattle rustlers and other outlaws which included Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch which consisted of Butch Cassidy (aka Robert Leroy Parker), the Sundance Kid (aka Harry A. Longabaugh), Elzy Lay, Tall Texan, "News" Carver, Camilla 'Deaf Charlie' Hanks, Laura Bullion, George "Flat Nose" Curry, Harvey "Kid Curry" Logan, Bob Meeks, Kid Curry's brother Lonny Curry, Bob Smith, Al Smith, Bob Taylor, Tom O'Day, "Laughing" Sam Carey, Black Jack Ketchum, and the Roberts Brothers, along with several lesser known outlaw gangs of the Old WestJesse James was also mentioned to have visited the Hole-in-the-Wall hideout. The Dalton Brothers (there were 13 of them) were part of the crew too.  The middle Dalton brother William M. "Bill" Dalton also had a career as an outlaw, but he rode with the Wild Bunch. The Dalton Brothers' gangs were related through their mother to the Younger brothers, who rode with Jesse James. The Daltons were active later than and independently of the James-Younger Gang.

The 1880s-1890s' outlaws and desperados met at a log cabin in the Hole-in-the-Wall country which has been preserved at the Old Trail Town museum in Cody, Wyoming. The cabin was built in 1883 by Alexander Ghent.

In present-day Dayton, Ohio, the Hole in the Wall is located next to Ned Peppers Bar, the site of the death of the gunman who had just killed 9 in the streets surrounding Ned Peppers Bar and the Hole in the Wall.

(Intriguingly, in the realm of syncs, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a character named "Rick Dalton" in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Also, there is a Dalton, Ohio, the boyhood home of Christopher Kirkpatrick, one of the founding members of NSYNC. A dive bar in Georgia is called Mike's Hole in the Wall. The Hole-in-the-Wall was a popular saloon and underworld hangout in what is now the South Street Seaport, Manhattan, New York City, during the early-to-mid-19th century.)

The name Ned Pepper is based on the character of the same name played by Robert Duvall in the 1969 film, True Grit, starring John Wayne and Kim Darby. Outlaw "Lucky" Ned Pepper is the head of a gang of outlaws hold up in a Hole-in-the-Wall type of situation in Indian Territory (modern-day Oklahoma). Pepper is killed with a long shot by a young Texas Ranger, La Boeuf, using a Sharps rifle. (In the 2010 remake of True Grit, Ned Pepper is played by Barry Pepper.)

By coincidence, "El Paso," the name of the Texas site of this week's other major mass shooting, means in Spanish, literally, "the pass."


It has been a week of chaos, and a confusing wave of emotions. Some "celebrity" comments have gone haywire in the wake of the shootings. 

Joe Biden, 76, the vice president under former President Barack Obama and current Democratic presidential candidate, on Sunday evening while addressing attendants of a fundraiser in California, referred to the mass shooting as "the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before."

During a Monday (8/5/2019) address from the White House, President Donald Trump, 73, shared condolences for the victims "in Toledo," mixing up the Ohio city with Dayton, where nine people were killed and dozens more were wounded on Sunday morning. 

"May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo," the president said toward the end of his speech. "May God protect them."

People seemed willing to give both of them a pass, although victims' families and residents of Dayton were not so forgiving.

Astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson decided to respond to this moment of national tragedy with a tweet stating "Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data." He said we lose more people to medical errors, flu, suicide, and car accidents than to homicide via handguns. The reaction to his statement was seen as insensitive. There have been others.

In the midst of all of this, we all have had to come to grips with the events, and try to place them in context.

For example, please read, "Holy Toledo!" by Andrew W. Griffin. 

A candle sits among other objects at the makeshift memorial outside Hole in the Wall Bar.


Zak Bagans (upper left hand corner), the Ghost Adventures lead investigator, on 7/25/2019, purchased the house connected to the Manson murders. Bagans obtained the Waverly Ave residence that was owned by Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, the 8/10/1969 victims of the Manson Family.

Update: The shooter was Connor Betts, 24. He was killed by police.

Dayton #RedPeppers #MassShooting: A victim publicized as “Megan Betts, 22” was identified as the sister of the gunman. But the person actually was #JordanCofer, the self-described transgender brother of Connor Betts. (Source.)


I have been given permission to reprint, in its entirety, the following comments from "Anita Ladaprarez."

Take a moment to read this and take in another's point-of-view of the events.
This is a picture [at the top] of the front of the bar from the Dayton shooting. Apparently there are two bars at the scene, with slightly varying addresses. One is "Ned Peppers," which appears to be now frequented by black people. I gathered this from thread discussions somewhere, where there was also a comment about how a consequence was that fewer white people were going there. As an aside, i've been wondering if Betts (assuming he was The and the Sole shooter) did not target his sister bc of the race of her boyfriend, who i've read was present, and either shot or killed. 
The other bar is called "Hole in the Wall," which is hard not to regard as fun and games black magical punning. This is certainly a feature in some of these events, and that's what i was saying when the almost certainly fraudulent shooting at the "Paradise" California "Borderland" country/cowboy bar occurred. That event seemed to imply larger issues in the american political zeitgeist, as well as coinciding with the Paradise fires (command and control, sleight of hand, misdirection?)...and i wondered if it might have been a kind of twilight language indication of future events along the southern border. I said so, then, or wrote it. This form of operational, memetic language and signage plumbs and exploits common fare symbols and the like. I feel all of this is the sort of thing Ole Dammegard is getting at in his work. This might be why corporations of such obvious, dominant psychological resonance are consistently used: Wal-Mart/Starbucks/Nike/NFL. There is also the legitimate question of Wal-Mart's performing some adjunct role to the state, in terms of FEMA-type centers during disasters, etc. Along these lines, the question of drills always now has to be entertained. 
But i'm writing this just for the idle exercise of getting down and into other people's thinking certain details you could describe as "twilight linguistics" and occult signatures. Repeat numbers, numbers of established significance, calendar dates, obvious memes like "piles of memorial shoes" that evoke the Holocaust and are visually very effective. (Consider that the Holocaust is arguably an example of "what happens when governments/states are paralyzed by inaction...") And I'd suggest that the prominence given in on-scene coverage to the Hooters restaurant near the scene of the Wal-Mart "slaughter" (now the unanimous go-to descriptor for the "13 hours of Terror.") is probably significant, especially considering it looks like Hooters has at some point rebranded somewhat recently. Their owl is highly recognizable now, rather more like a logo than the original icon-sign, if you will. It actually resembles Drake's Ovo-whatever owl, which he in turn lifted from The Bohemian Club. Anyway, it seems to me that the Kennedy maiden's death served as augury, or inauguration for these dire events. The Master Number of her death, 22, is echoed in the 22 age of the slain sister of Conor Betts. They resonate further with one another these book-ends, in that they are both Family: Betts is the alleged killer's own sister, and Kennedy can only ever identify in the minds of Americans as "family." Family to the routinely slain princes and royalty of Camelot. I'll repeat myself by saying that i had already considered Kennedy's unusual death, as well as the burning of the "Crowley" Boleskine house, as dark and contextual phenomena. That was before i noticed that one of the only two squad cars shown in major coverage's aerial footage from in front of the Kennedy compound following her death, was Car Number E237.

(Law enforcement vehicles at the Kennedy compound following RFK's granddaughter's death.)
The current death toll for El Paso is 22. 
El Paso is supposed to have been the 250th city to have been struck by a "mass shooting." The next day in Dayton, the shooter is said to have had 250 rounds when he attacked in "the Oregon District." 
The address of the Ned Peppers bar is 419 E. Fifth. The owner of the bar, last name Schaefer, was nicknamed "Cowboy" and happened to die on 4-19, just a few months ago, at age 60. For drastic memetic appeal, the front of Hole in the Wall, also owned by Schaefer, was plugged with several bullets, as seen in the pic. Cowboy the proprietor was fond of wearing a white hat. Some researchers have long held that a twilight, secret war is waged along generational lines, between "white hats and black hats," or the cowboys and indians. I do know that there is a crafty para-political war going on and it's become hotter in recent years. The Scalise shooting and Grenfell Tower burning both on Trump's first in-office birthday, and the loose Nukes Hawaii mass-texts, and the Republican congressional train derailing, and the unsettling death of Scalia, and the Epstein Affair: all these things should logically be seen as elements or expressions of this secret warfare. The Maryland Naval Yard shooting some years ago also has that feel. But what are the odds that such a (black magically familiar, with its crude puns and lexical high-signs) particularly-named bar would be the scene of this second-in-two-days shooting, and that its owner would die a few months ago, on a day that matches his business address? This might well sound like speculative foolishness to many people, but they would probably all of them be unfamiliar with the many precedents for this kind of methodology. Ole Dammegard is hip, and so is anyone who felt something was strange about the "Absolute Terror" signs (or whatever precise language it was) on the London Buses, on 7/7...which were situated very close to the Tavistock Institute. 
As i've also said repeatedly, their often seems to be conscious nuggets of Christian symbolism or just references in many of these events or whatever we wish to call them. Even allowing for cultural bias in the designation of people and place names, many of the particulars and the perps in these stories resonate Christ and Christianity. The name "Crusius" almost certainly is a derivative of Cross or "crux." Its utter uncommonness is interesting, and is a name only possessed by long-dead Protestant theologians, as far as i can tell. One flagrant example of this is the name Cruz from Parkland, and it's of added peculiarity, perhaps, in that case, when one considers that county's demographics. "Schaefer" means "shepard." Conor is the first name of the Dayton alleged shooter, and it means "dog." Patrick is the first name of the El Paso alleged shooter, and it means "noble, patrician." I suppose that's interesting, at least. 
Some folks have pointed out that there was a 666-day span between Las Vegas and the Garlic Festival. Coverage of that case often included no less than three separate mentions of the number 19. Those who are deeply into this seeming, weirdly reliable numbers matrix have discovered that one of this weekend's shootings came 911 days after Obama's 666 months on earth. 
I simply feel that those who are looking to patterns that in fact contain augury are on the right path. Personally i thought we were going to be in for it this summer based on the man who burnt himself to death at Ellipse Park, wearing a USA basketball jersey. And that the ensuing drama was going to be supernal-themed, maybe epic, surely involving the concerns and forces of the zodiac and the larger cosmos. I felt it meant that things were going to get hot Politically. And those people who have connected these late events to the absurd blackout in that high occult staging grounds of a city, New York, (as opposed to old York, with its old clubs) are also probably on the right path. How within any semblance of reason could NYC get a blackout on the 42nd anniversary of its last epic blackout, and this new one affects "42,000" people, and its area of effect constantly intoned and reported as including 42nd street? The number to explain everything, indeed. Some people on YT, at least, felt that this blackout was ominous augury, simply bc that 1977 blackout (and there rises the specter of ol Aleister C once again, a sort of patron saint to NYC, even since he roamed its streets as a propagandist for British Intelligence in advance of WWI, so unwanted by Americans. Until they had been tricked by various psy-ops and violent para-political operations at sea.).....bc that blackout preceded and involved the Son of Sam killings. So some people expected there to be mass shootings soon, etc.. I'm sure that i've left something of coy numerical significance out. (Remember in this vein of dreaming, the Beyonce Super Bowl "allegedly half-timeshow-induced" half-blackout, plunging One Half of the stadium into the dark.) 
But i can inform you that Netflix, another corporation doing its game part, produced one of their True-Crime docus on that incident with the pizza deliverer who got his head blown off by a device in a totally bizarre circumstance. The cop car arrived on the scene of his demolition had an interesting squad car designation, easily viewed from the aerial footage. It's number was the exact same as the date of the event itself. This was only an attempt to discuss or highlight esoteric data points: there is plenty of a more staid, forensic nature to make your nose wrinkle over this weekend's events.


"We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us!" ~ Magnolia, 1999. 

In 1969, the media sounded a decidedly anti-hippie drumbeat.

And they promoted the messages left by the Manson Family.

We have been told by books such as the above that Charles Manson ordered up a spate of murders to jump-start a racial Armageddon that would lead to him running the country. Manson called for a war against black Americans by racists, a movement that he referred to as "Helter Skelter." He ordered his followers to kill Hollywood whites and put the blame on California blacks. Some have rejected Vincent Bugliosi's theory, and feel Manson was merely out to steal money.

August 9, 1969.

August 10, 1969.

In the meantime, while Roman Polanski left his wife Sharon Tate alone in 1969, he was in London to work on the film, The Day of the Dolphin. After the tragic events of August 9, fifty years ago, Polanski abandoned the project. The resulting cryptopolitical movie, changed from the book’s simple nonfiction-based John C. Lilly plot (who was tied to rumors of CIA work with his dolphins), appeared as Mike Nichols’ 1972 motion picture.

(The film is produced by Joseph E. Levine, the great-uncle of my friend Philip Levine, an intellectual astrology author. It is amazing how close these dots can fall sometimes.)

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Unknown said...

Greetings, Mr.Coleman, i appreciate all the work on this post.

I am a long time reader, and i bought your book Copycat Effect.

I am posting now, to share news of this.


One of the Jonesboro, Arkansas school shooters died a week ago in a car crash in my county here, right beside my best friends home.

I can't quite ignore it . .
especially in context to all the very interesting data, you and your friends are sharing.

I thank all of you.

Take care there and write anytime.


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Nathan Sanders said...

The ambulance at the end of ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD says Schaefer on it as it is driving away from Cielo Drive. Very strange that the owner of the bar in Dayton was also named Schaefer.

Nathan Sanders said...

It is a Schaefer ambulance that leaves Cielo Drive at the end of ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD.How strange that Schaefer is also the name of the owner of the bar in Dayton.

... said...

Always reading your posts and peoples responses, so thought I'd add mine. These latest news stories are all so interconnected it's truly weirdly fascinating. My contribution is the name (originally a place name) 'Whaley', as seen in UK news headlines lately and happens to be the name of the Mayor of Dayton!



PDXWiz said...

Lots of double letters here---Pepper, Cassidy, Curry, Bullion..West Carrollton near Dayton.. Connor, Betts...

The Oregon District has, as one of its boundaries, a Wayne Avenue (well known name to your readers), and also US Route 35----which connects to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, home of the Silver River Bridge and Mothman.

Toledo, which some have confused with Dayton, has a small neighboring community nearby named Oregon.

The State of Oregon has a Toledo, and a Dayton. Dayton is near McMinnville, home of the 2nd largest UFO festival in the US, connecting back to the famed 1950 Trent UFO photo. Also near by are Amity (Jaws and Amityville Horror connections) and Lafayette.

Leroy should become a middle name of interest, not just Butch Cassidy's, but also, Oregon had a serial killer in the 80s named Dayton Leroy Rogers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dayton_Leroy_Rogers

The Oregon District in Dayton has its own website, and right now the front page talks about the tragedy. It mentions you can get info about friends or family who might have been in the area of the shooting from the convention center address, 22(!) Fifth St, or from three phone numbers, which have the 333 prefix. A local police number has a prefix of 225. (Again, the double 2!)

Gordon Long

PDXWiz said...

While trying to look at the news report at the top of the comments in this post, I found a very interesting piece of synchro.

1. News from Jonesboro tv Station KAIT channel 8
2. Fatal car accident on Arkansas State Highway 18
3. It happened not far from the intersection with State Highway 181
4. The Highway reopened at 8:18 am

So that's 8/18/181/818

The driver was CarroLL Finley, it happened between DeLL and Manila. It occurred at 2:32, 3 miles from the intersection.

Finley was 56 (5+6=11)

It all took place in MiSSiSSiPPi County.