Monday, October 22, 2012

Azana Shooting

There's been another mass shooting in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Are any of this year's candidates, even the ones from Wisconsin, hearing this background rumble from the heart of America?

 A man police suspected of killing three and wounding four by opening fire at a tranquil day spa (Azana, African, "ultimate") was found dead Sunday afternoon on October 21, 2012, following a six-hour manhunt that locked down a shopping center, country club and hospital in suburban Milwaukee.

Authorities said they believed the shooting was related to a domestic dispute. The man they identified as the suspect, Radcliffe Franklin Haughton, 45, of Brown Deer, had a restraining order against him.
Christine Bannister, a dispatch supervisor for Waukesha County communications center, said Haughton, 45, of Brown Deer, had been found dead. She could not provide more details.
The shooting happened about 11 a.m. at the Azana Day Spa, a two-story, 9,000-square-foot building across from a major shopping mall in Brookfield, a middle-to-upper class community west of Milwaukee. Hours later, a bomb squad descended on the building, and Police Chief Dan Tushaus said an improvised explosive device had been found inside. It was later declared it was not a bomb.

It was the second mass shooting in Wisconsin this year. Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old Army veteran and white supremacist, killed six people and injured three others before fatally shooting himself Aug. 5 at a Sikh temple south of Milwaukee.
Sunday's shooting took place less than a mile from where seven people were killed and four wounded on March 12, 2005, when a gunman opened fire at a Living Church of God service held at a hotel.


Ann said...

Another church shooting just happened at Creflo Dollar's megachurch World Changers. 1 Dead. Man in suit walked in and started firing. Gunman got away. Happening now.

starviego said...

FBI has been reading Coleman:
Within hours after Radcliffe Haughton shot and killed three women and wounded four more in a Brookfield beauty salon before taking his own life, criminologists and federal agents were looking at the case as it fits into a rising tide of workplace slayings — and as a possible copycat killing.
Larry Barton, the leading adviser to the FBI on workplace crimes, said he and the federal crime agency are looking into whether Haughton might have been “inspired” by a shooting Thursday that killed three women in a beauty salon in Casselberry, FL, a suburb of Orlando.

Enki said...

When I was researching the Big Tex/Holmes/Holmes/Holmes syncs, I noticed that on Baker Street in London, at Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes, is a spa called the Aurora Spa.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Man, I saw that news on the newspaper being sold in the Minnesota/St. Paul airport, on my way back to Mexico :-/

Ann said...

I thought for sure Loren would have had an article on the Creflo Dollar megachurch shooting. And the news barely covered it. I guess we will be seeing less emphasis on these kinds of shootings due to the copycat effect.

@Enki - That was an interesting discovery. Very strange how certain names and places seem to always come up together, like the Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes and a spa called the Aurora Spa. It seems beyond mere coincidence.

Steve said...

Aurora just keeps showing up in the news