Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Aurora Will Be In The Arena

by Loren Coleman ©2012

On a television near you...

Nine miles from Theater 9. 

Brief update: The 2012 Presidential Debate in Denver had no mainstream, street-level topics, and ignored general news issues from this summer. I shall leave this posting, as it, nevertheless. A great opportunity was missed by Mr. Jim Lehrer to make this a relevant debate in Colorado.

Last Halloween, who could have predicted that one of the words that we almost certainly would hear at this year's Presidential Debate would be Aurora?

Today, Aurora connects the human consciousness and the unconscious to so much. Mass shooting. July 20th. The Dark Knight Rises. Bane. Bain. James Eagan Holmes. "I am the Joker." Media. Wall-to-wall coverage. Movie theaters. Fear. Twelve Dead. Seventy shot. Darkness. Midnight showing. Colorado. Aurora. Blood. Red. Dawn.

Will the subject of mass shootings or gun control come up during the 2012 Presidential Debate in Denver, Colorado?

If it does, you can almost predict the wording that will be presented to the candidates:

"We find ourselves here tonight at the University of Denver in Colorado. Right down the road, in Aurora, in July, a dozen of our fellow citizens' lives were lost to what appears to have been the act of an alleged lone gunman [or substitute "madman"]. Something similar also happened near here before, at Columbine. What is your position on how we can best stop these shootings?"

After all, this first debate is in Colorado, in Denver. How can they ignore what happened near there on July 20, 2012? Or on April 20, 1999?


Indeed, the pressure was on this week to address Aurora during the debate.
A man wounded in the theater shooting, Stephen Barton, appears in a television ad that will air nationally this week in which he asks the candidates to explain how they would reduce gun violence.
"I never thought I'd be a shooting victim until I was bleeding on a floor in Aurora," Barton said in a statement. "I was lucky, but I've seen what happens when dangerous people get their hands on guns. And I think it's fair to ask the men who want to lead the country to get past the platitudes and give us a serious plan to address a serious problem." Source.

Meanwhile, the relatives of eight of the 12 victims who died at The Dark Knight Rises screening in Aurora, Colorado, asked Jim Lehrer, the moderator of the presidential debate in Denver Wednesday, to ask the candidates about gun violence.

"Hey, didn't they have this debate in Colorado because of the Aurora shootings," some people ask?

Or, "Was it because Colorado has turned into a swing state?"

Intriguingly, Colorado was picked as the site of the first 2012 Presidential Election Debates some time ago.

How long ago?

Actually, the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates first announced, on the highly symbolic date of Halloween, October 31, 2011, that four sites had been picked.

Here are those four locations, dates, and topics:
First Presidential (domestic policy) Wednesday, October 3; Magness Arena, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado;
Vice Presidential (domestic and foreign) Thursday, October 11; Norton Center for the Arts, Centre College, Danville, Kentucky;
Second Presidential (town-meeting format) Tuesday, October 16; David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex, Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York;
Third Presidential (foreign policy) Monday, October 22; Wold Performing Arts Center, Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida.
The sites were selected to give some geographic representation to the debate choices. Any other reason is "purely coincidental," we are told.

Is it just synchromystic that Aurora is so close to the first debate at the Magness Arena?

Magness? Magness has its origins in magnus, the word for great and dean. The Magness Arena is named after cable television pioneer Bob Magness, who donated $10 million towards construction costs. Bob Magness, 72, who ran a tiny cable television company out of his kitchen before building Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI) into the nation's largest cable provider, died of cancer in November 1996 in Denver. He had created his first cable system 40 years ago in Memphis, Texas, then merged his cable provider Community Television Inc. and its microwave distribution partnership, Western Microwave Inc., to create TCI when he moved to Denver in 1968. The company now has 14 million subscribers nationwide.

His billionaire son is Gary Magness, who owned TCI until it merged with AT&T in 1999 in a $54 billion deal. Gary has inherited hundreds of millions of dollars in stock. He owns water rights in Colorado through ranch holdings; also invests in oil, gas, and cattle. Gary and his wife produced the film Precious.

The Magness Arena can be identified around the city of Denver by the attached 215-foot-tall (66 m), gold-spired Williams Tower, which contains a 65-bell carillon.

How far is it from the University of Denver's Magness Arena, at 2201 East Asbury Avenue, Denver, CO 80208, to Theater 9, Century 16 Cinemas, at 14300 East Alameda Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012? It's 9 miles, as the crow flies, but 10-13.3 miles, depending on your travel route (back way along East Alameda vs major highways I-25/I-255) there.

This leaves an obvious question to ask ourselves: Was it the Cosmic Joker that picked Colorado's Aurora to dominate the news for this Summer of the Gun, or was it something more human and wicked that this way came to choose this specific Denver-Aurora area for these red dawn events?
Why was Aurora "picked"?
Will the word Aurora be heard at the October 3rd debate? Our forecast is, "Yes."
Graphic art of Batman Aurora by Marco Fesyuk.

For the links to older postings about The Dark Knight Rises, Colorado's Aurora red dawn event, and copycats, please see also:

Recent interviews, about the Aurora shootings:

(NY: Simon and Schuster, 2004)


Red Pill Junkie said...

If Obama mentions the Aurora shooting to put Romney in a tight corner, then I can guarantee will counter-attack by bringing up the Fast & Furious program, and how those guns were used to kill hundreds of Mexican citizens.

In fact I think that the Immigration angle had more to do with the choosing of Colorado, than Holmes' killing spree. Both candidates need to court the Latino vote.

Ann said...

Well, if that doesn't beat all.

I commented on one of the articles, wondering if there will be any disturbed individuals already making their Halloween costumes as some form of superhero or one of the villains, and go on a shooting spree.

Now I come to find out that on Halloween (of all dates) of Oct 31, 2011 the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the four sites for the presidential debates this year -- and the first one up is Denver.

I think the Cosmic Joker put the thought in my head to make that comment about this year's Halloween to begin with! O Cosmic Joker...

Red Dirt Reporter said...

A red bird hit my back door. It's dead.

Ann said...

Red Pill Junkie -

hmmm what are the odds of that happening now, of all times, and right after Loren Coleman puts up an article about birds and of course all the articles on the color red. Seems the Cosmic Joker is giving you a little nudge, too. There's definitely a significance in that event. Perhaps bury the poor little fellow in an acknowledgement to the Conscious Universe. Couldn't hurt.

Red Pill Junkie said...

@ Ann,

The bird was found by Red Dirt Reporter. Having said that, I've had a few experiences in which I've felt a certain affinity with a little red bird I sometimes see when I go for a walk next to my home.

That's why I felt a bit of dread after reading Red Dirt Reporter's comment

Loren Coleman said...

Red bird. Red Dirt Reporter. Red Pill Junkie.

What's going on here?

Now there's breaking news about a "red bird":

Liam Neeson had a premonition his father had died while he was starting out in Hollywood when a little red bird flew into his apartment.
The Irish actor's dad had kept birds when Neeson was young and the odd encounter with the bird brought memories of his father flooding back - an hour before the Schindler's List star discovered he had died.
Recalling the moment during a recent interview for U.S. show Inside the Actors Studio, Neeson says, "There was this little apartment in Venice Beach. I woke up one morning and there was this red-breasted bird sitting on the ledge looking in to the room and this bird came in, it flew around about three times, landed on the window ledge again, looking out.
"As I got up to go over and close the window, it flew away. I went back to bed and I started thinking about my father. Like, really thinking about my father because he kept canaries and so forth. About an hour later, I got a call (that) he (father) had died.
"There's a legend: if a bird comes into your house it's a sign of death or a birth, and my sister Bernadette, she had a similar experience with a pigeon that had broken a leg; she started thinking about our father too."


Loren Coleman said...

And how about this, from September 10, 2012, involving "red bird" and "Aurora":

AURORA, Colo. — A Colorado based chicken company is investigating a customer’s claim of finding a nail hidden deep inside a package of skinless chicken.
“I thought it was a bone because of where it is…but it turns out it was a hammering nail,” said Sgt. Alex Blakeslee of Aurora.
Blakeslee reached out to Red Bird Farms of Englewood for help after he discovered a nail wedged deep inside a piece of boneless skinless chicken breast. Blakeslee showed FOX 31 Denver an email sent to the company in late August that showed pictures of the incident.
“We are confused about how it could happen,” said Chris Delaney, operations manager of Red Bird Chicken.


Red Pill Junkie said...

You're making me nervous, Loren! ;)

In a bit of a synchro, today a friend of mine made a reference to 2 of my articles at the Intrepid blog, and he linked them both to Liam Neeson, and his movie The Grey.


Ann said...

You left out one, Loren:

red birds, Red Pill Junkie, Red Dirt Reporter, and Red Bird Farms. Now I'm thinking Red October.

I can feel it. Something of a red dawn event is about to happen. Too many 'reds'. If it turns out I'm right, I'm REALLY going to need a drink.

@ Red Pill Junkie -- keep some bread or bits of bird seed on you for when you pass by that little red bird again. Acknowledge his presence and bless him as you drop the food on the ground for him.

One time during a fierce winter I spotted a lame pigeon huddled against a wall. These kids came along and was about to kill it. I stopped them and took the bird home and set him up in a box. He had wounded or broke his leg (or claw). I had 4 cats at the time, but I kept him safe. After a time I saw his leg had completely healed! Then, the first glorious day of Spring arrived, and I put him in the box out on the fire escape and opened the box. He saw he was free and flew to the next house over, where he watched me. I blessed him. Next day, Sunday, early morning, I happened to look out my window, and I SWEAR it was a scene straight out of Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. The courtyard and surrounding garage and lower level buildings had birds all pearched on them. All kinds of birds -- sea gulls, pigeons, the little birds, everything. I felt it was their way of acknowledging my kindness to the Bird Kingdom. I only wish I had a camera on me at the time. I should have kept looking out the window, but the sight of all the birds in such a synchronicity kind of spooked me. Silly me. But it left me with a feeling like I was St. Francis of Assisi all of a sudden -- the patron saint of the Animal Kingdom. It felt good.

One night around 2 or 3 a.m. I was awoken by a loud crashing. I kept my window slightly ajar so my cats could sit out on the fire escape. One of them had caught a little bird in the dead of night and brought it into the bathroom. I told him "Drop it!" and damned if the cat didn't let the bird go. I told my cat "Out!" and he walked out of the bathroom. The bird then flew onto the shower stall rod, whereupon I opened the bathroom window and closed the door, but not before I looked into the bird's red eyes. The little fellow escaped his encounter with my cats and lived to tell about it.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

@Red Dirt Reporter.
That made me think of the Credence song -
Lookin' Out My Back Door lyrics
Songwriters: Fogerty, John;

Just got home from Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy
Got to sit down, take a rest on the porch
Imagination sets in, pretty soon I'm singin'
Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my back door
There's a giant doing cartwheels, a statue wearin' high heels
Look at all the happy creatures dancin' on the lawn
A dinosaur Victrola, listenin' to Buck Owens
Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my back door
Tambourines and elephants are playin' in the band
Won't you take a ride on the flyin' spoon?
Doo, doo doo
Wonderous apparition, provided by magician
Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my back door
Tambourines and elephants are playin' in the band
Won't you take a ride on the flyin' spoon?
Doo, doo doo
Bother me tomorrow, today I'll buy no sorrows
Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my back door
Forward troubles Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy
Look at all the happy creatures dancin' on the lawn
Bother me tomorrow, today, I'll buy no sorrows
Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my back door

In the lyrics Fogerty mentions the singer Buck Owens,and flying spoons.And with Loren writing about " a package of skinless chicken" and RPJ doing a post with the spoon from "The Matrix",take a look at this-

" The Los Angeles Times interviewed longtime Owens spokesman (and Buckaroos keyboard player) Jim Shaw, who said Owens "had come to the club early and had a chicken-fried steak dinner and bragged that it's his favorite meal." Afterward, Owens told band members that he wasn't feeling well and was going to skip that night's performance. Shaw said a group of fans introduced themselves while Owens was preparing to drive home; when they told him that they had traveled from Oregon to hear him perform, Owens changed his mind and took the stage anyway.

Shaw recalled Owens telling the audience, "If somebody's come all that way, I'm gonna do the show and give it my best shot. I might groan and squeak, but I'll see what I can do." Shaw added, "So, he had his favorite meal, played a show and died in his sleep. We thought, that's not too bad."

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

And this Red Bird went down in my backyard a few days ago.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

The strange thing about that plane that went down was that the piolot's name was Des,which just happens to be my father's name,and where the plane crashed is where my mother grew up.She went to the Imbil state school,like a lot of the relatives on her side of the family did.

My parents are still alive
(tough wood.-)at this point.

Loren Coleman said...

Darren writes: "The strange thing about that plane that went down was that the pilot's name was Des,which just happens to be my father's name..."

Yes, I was struck by that too. Desmond is my first son's name from my first marriage. Not a frequent name one hears over here.

Loss of the lives is horrible. To read this, "red De Havilland Dragon DH-84 - built in 1934 and one of only four in the world ," was difficult to see too.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I did a post about plane crashes here


involving Richard Bach and Daniel Johnston [also about Stephen King writing as Richard Bach(man)].

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

There is something really freaky about this latest plane crash though.
Read this article -


" Mr Porter's father owned not one but two De Havilland Dragons. He crashed the first in April 1954, and lived to tell the tale.
Six months later, Stan Porter was at the controls of the second DH84 on a sad mission to scatter the ashes of a deceased friend. The 11-year-old Des and his brother, Keith, 13, were with him when the plane clipped a tree and plunged into a creek. Des alone survived.
Years later, as the successful owner of a mechanical engineering business, Mr Porter would discover that the first DH84 crashed by his father had been partially restored and was for sale by brothers Greg and Nick Challinor, of Murwillumbah, northern NSW.
The plane's canvas skin was varnished to a red gloss and its internal workings - including bicycle chains to control the rudders - were returned to running order. The painstaking job took seven years and cost Mr Porter nearly $1 million.
Kath, his second wife, didn't begrude the expense, which required them to sell a property. Des Porter's cousin, Gail Williams, who would have been on the doomed DH84 in October 1954 had she not been called away at the last minute, said the whole family shared his magnificent obsession with the biplanes.
"(Des's) mother was very, very emotional," Ms Williams said of the day in 2003 when the aircraft flew again.
"She had been very anxious, very apprehensive. As soon as they started the motor up, it was very nostalgic, the tears were just flowing out of our eyes."
Mr Porter flew the plane frequently on joyflights and to raise funds for charities including the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Angel Flight, which flies people living in remote areas free to hospital. He had renewed his pilot's licence only last month. The Dragon, as admirers called it, would invariably be the lead aircraft in formations of vintage aircraft assembled by enthusiasts at the Caboolture-based Pythons Formation Flying Club. "

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Talking about country singers,flying,birds and this red plane crash.
The country singer Keith Urban


grew up in Caboolture,

" Keith Lionel Urban was born in Whangarei, New Zealand but later moved and lived with his parents in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia ".

which was where the red bird/dragon was returning to,but never made it.

Keith's last number 1 hit was
"You Gonna Fly"

One, two, three, baby, don't think twice Just like that you gotta brand new life Hop in this truck, run through the red lights
Yeah, where you wanna go, baby, name the town We can go up north, we could head down south Roll down the windows with the radio loud
Come on, turn it up, yeah Start living your life on the double Leave your troubles behind You and me, we're gonna be alright
You could be a black bird on the country street Hiding from the world with a broken wing But you better believe you're gonna fly with me
And you could be a songbird from New Orleans Scared of the rain, just as scared to sing But you better believe you're gonna fly with me
Well, here we are, baby, in the back of my bed Suns going down, sky's turning red Stars coming out, baby, look at you now
God knows how long but it's been a while Since I heard you laugh and I'd seen that smile Felt that kiss and I can get used to this Baby, I could get used to this
'Cause you could be a black bird on the country street Hiding from the world with a broken wing But you better believe you're gonna fly with me
Ooh, and you could be a songbird from New Orleans Scared of the rain, just as scared to sing But you better believe you're gonna fly with me You gonna fly but you gonna fly
And you could be a black bird on the country street Hiding from the world with a broken wing But you better believe you're gonna fly with me
And you could be a songbird from New Orleans Scared of the rain, you're so scared to sing But you better believe, yeah, you better believe, baby
Oh, you could be a black bird on the country street Hiding from the world with a broken wing But you better believe you're gonna fly with me
Ooh, yeah, you could be a songbird from New Orleans Scared of the rain, just as scared to sing But you better believe you're gonna fly with me
You're gonna fly, you're gonna fly with me, baby You better believe, my honey girl, oh yeah You're gonna fly. "

Interesting lyrics.
Keith is now married to Nicole Kidman.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"...and he linked them both to Liam Neeson, and his movie The Grey "

I think we've gone full circle here because with all the above comments I've just realized the movie
"The Grey" is about
"six oil workers are led by a skilled huntsman to survival,but a pack of merciless wolves haunts their every step after their plane crashes in Alaska".

How many died in the red plane crash? SIX!?

Xenkenito said...


interesting hair color in that video called Plush.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Darren, you really are something of a synchronicity magnet.

Your mentioning of Keith Urban's song 'You're gonna Fly' prompted me to do a Wikipedia search, where I read:

"Preston Brust and Chris Lucas, who comprise the country duo LoCash Cowboys, wrote the song with Jaren Johnston of the rock group American Bang. According to Brust, a Sony/ATV Music Publishing representative suggested that he and Lucas write with Johnston. Johnston suggested a lyric about a "blackbird with a broken wing hiding from the world", and wrote a song about a man convincing a woman that she "gonna fly" with him."

And a friend of mine sent me today 3 pictures of ravens she photographed next to her home in New Jersey (!)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Did you see the photo of the crow I saw last Thursday which led to some really bizarre syncs that I just couldn't make up if I tried ?
There is even an owl just to keep Mike Clelland happy.-)


Enki said...

Part 1:

The reddest of the red birds is the fiery phoenix...

As reported on this blog last week, on September 27th, recordings of 911 calls were released from motorists who reported seeing a fake grenade launcher toting child who was dressed as a caricature of a Middle Eastern desert warrior and running around an intersection in Phoenix, Arizona. Also reported was another news item from Phoenix which happened a day later: A police chase ended in tragedy when a pursued motorist (whose name was later revealed to be Jodon F. Romero) led police into the desert, and after stopping and exiting his vehicle, fatally shot himself. (This went out live on Fox News.) The name Jodon means “God is my judge,” and Romero means “curving river.”

Also on September 27th, the film Dark Blood premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival. This is the finally completed film that River Phoenix, who spent his early years in the Children of God cult, was working on when he overdosed on Halloween in 1993 outside West Hollywood's Viper Room. In this film, Phoenix portrayed a character who lives in the desert.

Recurring themes, anyone?

I watched a clip of Dark Blood, and it appears that the title of the film refers to River's character having some Native American blood in him. I am reminded of Jim Morrison, who frequently used Indian/desert/killer on the road type imagery in his lyrics and poetry. Syncs continue when one recalls that The Doors were the house band at the Whisky a Go Go, which is about 300 feet from The Viper Room.

I find myself scratching my head a lot these days. I wonder what kind of mechanism is at play in the universe that allows synchronicities like this to occur, and to quote Double Rainbow Guy, “What does it meeeeeeaaaaann?” I even wonder sometimes if the phenomenon is real at all. One could argue that given the vastness and searchability of the Internet, finding links between unconnected events is inevitable. I have considered the possibility that I want to believe that the universe is magical, and that I am making semiotic mountains out of molehills. I have a degree in psychology and am a certified hypnotherapist, and I like to think I know a thing or two about self-deception, but who knows? I suppose anyone's psychological self-diagnosis is suspect.

My gut tells me that twilight language and synchromysticism are keys to unlocking a greater understanding of reality, and more importantly, when I find myself beginning to doubt this, the universe often speaks up loudly and clearly. I remember one day in 2008, as I was perusing news sites, I noticed stories about John McCain showing up next to stories/advertisements/logos featuring images of the sun seven or eight times in a row. This was during a period when the inner pendulum in my noggin had swung toward the far end of my left hemisphere, and as my comfortable, rational beliefs about the nature of reality evaporated, I experienced a minor crisis. I made a silent vow to not get up out of my chair until I had thought things through thoroughly and decided just what I believe about synchronicity. My mental gear turning session was interrupted after a minute or two by the ringing of the telephone. When I answered, I heard, “Hello, this is John McCain.” It was an automated system calling people and playing a recording of McCain encouraging citizens to vote. It actually took me a few seconds to realize that it was a recording – I thought John McCain himself was on the line! That was perhaps the closest my head has come to exploding.

Enki said...

Part 2:

What is behind all of this? I first encountered the concepts of twilight language and mystical toponomy and onomatology when Adam Parfrey's Apocalypse Culture came out in the late 1980's and I read the fascinating essay “King Kill 33” by James Shelby Downard and Michael A. Hoffman II. I was stunned by the whopping list of symbolic names and places associated with the JFK assassination, and I became convinced that a vast, almost unimaginably complex Freemasonic conspiracy was responsible for what amounted to a public ritualistic sacrifice. Although I cannot say for certain that this was not the case, nor can I deny that hidden human hands may at times be at work directing people with significant names to significant places in order to play roles in scripted psychodramas, I now have serious doubts about human conspiracies being the primary active mechanisms in such scenarios. As readers of this blog are aware, an abundance of twilight language synchronicities are the norm for high profile, bloody incidents we encounter regularly through the media, and I doubt that any secret organization can be everywhere, all the time.

So how do we explain the patterns we perceive? Does the existence of patterns necessarily imply the existence of a pattern maker? Maybe the nature of the fabric of reality is such that the emergence of semiotic patterns is inevitable. Maybe there is a universal intelligence at work. Maybe the intelligence is somehow us. I scratch my head until it bleeds.

The community here is remarkably good at spotting hidden patterns, and I think it would be constructive for us to spend some time looking for patterns to the patterns. You need clues to solve a mystery, and uncovering clues for this case requires more than a little casual digging.

One meta-pattern pertaining to syncs that I have perceived is that, although syncs can and do happen in circumstances across the whole spectrum of human experience, they appear to be more likely to occur when violence is involved. I do not dwell on negative news stories, and my media diet has healthy doses of tech and science news, music news, and plain old entertainment, but I notice many more odd connections when atrocities are being reported than when news comes through about something without a cringe factor. If it bleeds, it leads the way to synchronicity. The same thing applies to the weirdness level of a story. High strangeness events seem to be ripe for syncs.

Synchronicities seem to come in waves. For instance, Phoenix-related events seem to arise periodically, and then fade away for a while. This last summer, I had a barrage of personal synchronicities involving Monarch butterflies, but this has now stopped. Another clue, methinks.

Has anyone else here noticed patterns to the patterns? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts.

Ann said...

@ Enki -

When you have your doubts about a Conscious Universe, just think of Carl Jung and the things he observed about it. Everyone has heard of the incident of his while he was listening to a dream of a female patient that involved a butterfly. And sure enough, a butterfly came to his window and was fluttering about. What are the odds? It was reading a little about Carl Jung that first made me understand about this notion of a Synchronistic Universe. Experience has proven to me he was right.

Red Pill Junkie mentioned his blog about Carlos Castenada. I had read two or three of his books in the 60's. Shamen show the multi-dimensional aspect of the Universe, inhabited by good and not so good entities. These may be the source of Synchronicities.

Even performing a simple household magical ritual can bring out something. In a book about Wicca, I read that doing a floor wash (after the floor is cleaned) with fresh basil seeped in hot water, has a spiritual cleansing effect. The intent is spiritual cleansing and it is the intent that is important while doing rituals. Anyway, I tried it, and the light bulb in the bathroom popped for no reason at all. I don't think the light was even on at that moment, as I was washing the kitchen floor. Simultaneously I saw what looked like a slyph climb up the wall and disappear into it near the ceiling. I'm not sure if it was a slyph, but it looked like a kind of small worm-like creature. There's a word for it but I can't remember what it is.

There's also ghosts or apparitions. I've had two encounters with them myself. I'm glad to see these experiences are getting recognition. I especially like 'Celebrity Ghost Stories' program on TV.

That was amusing your experience with the John McCain phone call lolll

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

" Has anyone else here noticed patterns to the patterns? "

On September 27th most of my adventure that day


took place along the Brisbane River
which is a “curving river”.


I photographed the crow in that post under the Story Bridge.

Brandon Lee who played the Crow and died while filming it in 1993 (same year River Phoenix died)
was directed by Alex Proyas who also directed the film "Knowing"
(see my latest post).
Alex and I are both born on Sept 23rd,although he is a year older.
The Veritas Radio show which I write about in my latest post is based in Arizona
(I noticed the envelope the memory stick came in).
You mention the Whisky a Go Go in your comment,and oddly enough Brisbane had/has a club called the Whisky a Go Go which was burnt down killing 15 people in 1973;


Which is just the other side of the river from where I photographed that crow on the BBQ.
I was reading a quote today out of Neil Kramer's book
"The Unfoldment" from Jim Morrison on page 95,a quote about freedom.
Also "The Viper Room" is the name of a legal brothel in Brisbane.;


For the record,I haven't been there.-)
Weird or what?

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

My friend Alan Abbadessa-Green


is writing a book called
"Suicide Kings",which is influenced by the “King Kill 33" book that you talk about.He is also editor of
"The SYNC Book"


With book number 2 soon to be released.

It's funny that you mention
Adam Parfrey,too.
Because the only owl I have seen for decades was an injured owl some kids had rescued on Parfrey Road in Brisbane...well just outside Brisbane,technically.

Red Pill Junkie said...

"Also reported was another news item from Phoenix which happened a day later: A police chase ended in tragedy when a pursued motorist (whose name was later revealed to be Jodon F. Romero) led police into the desert, and after stopping and exiting his vehicle, fatally shot himself. (This went out live on Fox News.) The name Jodon means “God is my judge,” and Romero means “curving river.”"

People in the Fortean blogosphere know me as Red Pill Junkie.

But my given name, is Miguel Romero.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Oh, and Romero has 2 meanings in Spanish:

*Rosemary (the tree); and

*The name given to the pilgrims to Rome.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

In that Whisky a Go Go fire in Brisbane in '73 one of the guys arrested for it was
James Richard Finch.
Another bird FINCH !?!

Loren Coleman said...

Turkey (a country, but to Americans, also, a bird) sent rockets into Syria.

That wasn't brought up at the debate because, well, it was a boring tangle of words, and on domestic issues.

Aurora didn't come up.

What is the one phrase that did? "Big Bird."

Red Pill Junkie said...

Enough, Darren!

I was born on Oct. 3rd, 1973.

What a synchromistic birthday this has been ;)

Oh, and take a look at this: the Aurora goat


Loren Coleman said...

October 3rd, as Red Pill may recall, is also my brother Jerry's birthdate. He's written two books (Strange Highways and More Strange Highways) on Fortean topics, and the Myth or Real trading cards.

Ann said...

Red Pill Junkie -

Wow. That is a beautiful picture of the aurora goat.

Here's another one I like. The Eye in the Sky


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That Aurora goat looks more like a dragon to me...well it is the year of the dragon.

And Happy Birthday RPJ...and I have some good news for you.On this side of the planet it is the 4th Oct...so
'The Raven' came out on the 4th,not the 3rd.
And in 7 mins it will be the 5th Oct here in Oz.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Thanks, man :)

Enki said...

I myself had a strange experience with a light bulb one Christmas Eve when I was a kid. I was in the living room reading a book, and the bulb in an electric Christmas candle, which my mother had earlier partially unscrewed to turn it off, came back on. (The candle did not have an on/off switch, and the outlet was hard to get to.) I got up and unscrewed the bulb a bit more to turn it back off, and went back to my book. It came on again. I repeated the process, and it came on yet again. This happened a couple more times, and after my last attempt, the bulb was so loose that if you looked at it cross-eyed, it probably would have fallen right out. It came on again! I then went into the kitchen, where my mother and grandmother were baking Christmas cookies, and announced, “I think we have a ghost in the house.” At that moment, the closed oven door slammed open! The door was not loose, and it had never done that before, nor did it ever do it again.

Enki said...

Edgar Allan Poe just came up for me in a strange way, as well. Three nights ago, I had a dream that took place in Brooklyn. My friends brought me to some kind of political film/arts event, and at one point while there, I found myself alone with a tall, frizzy haired scientist who spoke to me at length about Poe. I have recently begun keeping a dream journal, and I recorded his name, which I otherwise certainly would have forgotten: David Warren. Does this name ring a bell with anyone? I Googled the name, but I did find anyone who matches my dream character's description. There was also a speaker at the event named Gina who had a tattoo of a three-eyed alien on her neck.

I actually just read The Sync Book last month, and I was thoroughly impressed. The book is clearly a labor of love, and everyone involved should be proud. I heard Alan mention his forthcoming books on a podcast a couple of weeks ago, and I am looking forward to reading them when they come out.

Enki said...

The aurora goat actually looks like a phoenix to me, but then again, I have had phoenixes on the brain for a while now, and at this point I would probably identify every inkblot in a Rorschach test as a phoenix.

I hope you had a good birthday, Mr. Romero!

Xenkenito said...

In exploring the parallels between modern science and the mystical concept of a universal scheme or oneness, Koestler compares the evolution of science during the past one-hundred-and-fifty years to a vast river system, in which each tributary is "swallowed up" by the mainstream, until all unified in a single river-delta. The science of electricity, he points out, merged, during the nineteenth century, with the science of magnetism. Electromagnetic waves were then discovered to be responsible for light, color, radiant heat and Hertzian waves, while chemistry was embraced by atomic physics. The control of the body by nerves and glands was linked to electrochemical processes, and atoms were broken down into the "building blocks" of protons, electrons and neutrons. Soon, however, even these fundamental parts were reduced by scientists to mere "parcels of compressed energy, packed and patterned according to certain mathematical formulae." What all this reveals, then, is that there may be what Koestler refers to as "the universal hanging-together of things, their embeddedness in a universal matrix." Many ecologists already subscribe to this sense of interrelation in the world, what the ancients called the "sympathy" of life, and the numbers of scientists now converting to this world-view are beginning to multiply. Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigione of the University of Texas at Austin is studying the "spontaneous formation of coherent structures," how chemical and other kinds of structures evolve patterns out of chaos. Karl Pribram, a neuroscientist at Stanford University, has proposed that the brain may be a type of "hologram," a pattern and frequency analyzer which creates "hard" reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension beyond space and time. On the basis of such a model, the physical world "out there," is, in Pribram's words, "isomorphic with"--that, the same as, the processes of the brain. So, if the modern alliance evolving between quantum physicists, neuroscientists, parapsychologists and mystics is not just a short-fused phase in scientific understanding, a paradigm shift may well be imminent. We may soon not only embrace a new image of the universe as non-causal and "sympathetic," but uncover conclusive evidence that the universe functions not as some great machine, but as a great thought--unifying matter, energy, and consciousness. Synchronous events, perhaps even the broader spectrum of paranormal phenomena, will be then liberated from the stigma of "occultism," and no longer seen as disturbing. At that point, our perceptions, and hence our world, will be changed forever.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Thanks, Enki :)

It's funny, that week when that other Romero killed himself in front of the cameras after stealing a car, was also a week I suffered A LOT of problems, partly caused by my own car.

There was a moment when I felt totally infuriated with the Universe for throwing such amount of bad luck on me. I guess everybody has a breaking point, and unlike that other Romero I luckily didn't reach mine.

Yeah, the goat looks more like a dragon to me to. I'm still toying with the idea that *maybe* a giant solar storm at the end of the year will unleash a display of aurorae farther to the south than it has ever been recorded —Maybe that's the way Kukulcan is planning his return.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

RE:David Warren.
Did you look this guy up?
"David Ronald de Mey Warren AO
(20 March 1925 – 19 July 2010) was an Australian scientist, best known for inventing and developing the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder".


"His father died in a 1934 Bass Strait air crash"

" Warren's concept of cockpit voice recording added a new dimension to instrument data in flight recorders, and has proved extremely valuable for accident investigation. Interestingly, some accidents where the CVR played a prominent role were solved not by the crew's recorded voices, but by other sounds incidentally recorded on the CVR, which provided a vital clue to the accident cause ".

" In 2007, Warren was included on the "Top 100 living geniuses" list compiled by a panel of six experts in creativity and innovation from Creators Synectics. "

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

" I am reminded of Jim Morrison, who frequently used Indian/desert/killer on the road type imagery in his lyrics and poetry. Syncs continue when one recalls that The Doors were the house band at the Whisky a Go Go..."


" Gina who had a tattoo of a three-eyed alien on her neck ".

You need to dig deeper Enki,I did a Google search "Gina+three-eyed alien" and came across
Gina Gershon


,an actress who voiced "Six" in a show called
"Tripping the Rift"


Go to the above link and look over
"Six"'s (Gina's) neck...and what do you see?

You might want to take a look at this clip to see what the show is about?


She also voiced Catwoman / Selina Kyle in the animated cartoon series "The Batman".


She is also plays Mary in a movie called "Dreamland"


" A young woman who lives in a desert trailer park must choose between caring for her hapless father and sick friend or fulfilling her own destiny. "

Her next movie is
"The Unknown Son"


where she may be starring with Val Kilmer
(Jim Morrison from "The Doors")
the plot of the film -
" Noah Prentice, a man searching for his past, has only a mysterious tattoo on his wrist from childbirth to guide him towards the answers he seeks. Fresh into the workforce, Noah is thrown into a web of mystery and intrigue as he uncovers a massive terrorist plot born inside the walls of Kaiser Global, an American financial institution. The conspiracy leads Noah closer to understanding his purpose, while unearthing evidence linking Kaiser Global to remnants of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich aiming to finally claim the victory they failed to achieve many years ago."

She has already starred with Val in "Breathless"


And you might want to check out her appearance on
'Celebrity Ghost Stories'


And just to back up my slogan on my blog "God doesn't play dice with the universe,it's more like poker",she appeared in
'Celebrity Poker Showdown'


It sounds like your dream is telling you to try and find out what's in that box of your's,maybe?

Enki said...

Good work! Although I did encounter David Ronald de Mey Warren and Gina Gershon during a too brief Google search, I was mainly looking at faces in order to see if they matched those of my dream characters, and I did not dig in looking for syncs. Warren's being the inventor of the flight data recorder and his father's death in a plane crash certainly resonate with the downed "birds" (airplanes) and birds discussed earlier. Here is one more sync: The flight data recorder is sometimes referred to as "the black box," and Phoenix, AZ has a theatre called The Black Box Theatre.

The Gina Gershon/Dreamland connection is doubly syncy as a Gina with an alien tattoo was in my dream, and also as Dreamland is the name of alien abductee Whitley Strieber's podcast. (I also recall Christopher Walken delivering the lines "I am the dreamer...You are the dream!" and "Was there an owl in here last night?" (Another owl for you - this time as a screen memory for a big-eyed alien) in the film version of Strieber's Communion.) Further interesting entries in Gershon's IMDB filmography include three/alien resonators Life on Mars and Threeway (in which she plays a character named Florence DeCroix Hagen. (Another Hagen, UFO enthusiast and one of my favorite singers Nina Hagen, has songs such as "U.F.O." and "Flying Saucers.") Gershon was also in Voodoo Dawn (Voodoo Aurora) which was based on a novel by John A. Russo who also wrote the Screenplay for Night of the Living Dead, a film directed by George Romero.

It actually occurred to me this afternoon that the Gina in my dream bears a resemblance to an attendee who sat in front of me at an alien abduction conference I went to last month. During one presentation, she inexplicably turned around and snapped a picture of me. I figured she was working for the Men in Black or something.