Saturday, October 06, 2012

Aurora Halloween Mask

How would you feel if a kid showed up at your door with this mask on for Halloween, trick or treating?

It is ironic that the man accused of killing 12 on July 20th, when first wearing a Bane-like outfit to be revealed as a self-styled "Joker," has now become a mask.

The mask was briefly displayed for sale on eBay on Friday, October 6, 2012, and then withdrawn. Some reports indicate the price reached $500.

The individual who placed the eBay notice put this description with the listing:
Halloween is only a month away. SHOCK EVERYONE YOU KNOW! He was referred to as "The Joker", "The Dark Knight Shooter," "The Ilama," "The Extraordinary Gifted" but his real name is JAMES HOLMES! There is nothing more scary than crawling into James Holmes mind and wearing his face. His "soul penetrating eyes" and "The Joker" orange hair makes this mask the most disturbing object you will ever own. Imagine owning the mask of supposedly the most dangerous mass murderer in US history. This is a high quality latex rubber mask which was custom designed for a private collector overseas. I won this mask playing high stakes poker tournament when I was in Europe. I guaranty you that this is the only mask in the world and it is practically priceless because it was used in the production of the most controversy documentary which will come out in 2013. This mask is sold as is and there are no returns. If you have 0 feedback and you are interested to bid on this item you have to contact me first. I will ship the mask immediately after I receive the payment. Good luck!
Others have found their own ways to be a "Holmes" copycat without a mask.


This includes the tragic stories of those wearing other masks.


Ann said...

Oh wow, wouldn't you know it, that someone would actually think up the idea of a James Eagan Holmes mask for Halloween. I was thinking we'd see some Bane or Joker costumes this year, which would be bad enough, all things considered. But I never thought of a Holmes mask. But now that it's been thought up, I bet some will go dressed up like James Holmes, maybe not trick or treating, but at any number of the adult Halloween parties that take place.

Red Pill Junkie said...

What documentary?

Enki said...

The seller's name, realface13, reminds me of a villain from the campy 1960's Batman TV show, False Face. False Face was a master of disguise and was known to supply written clues which were the "opposite" of what he was about to do next. E.g., "I am going to give money to a little girl," was correctly translated by Batman as, "I am going to rob a Ladd armored car." If False Face calls himself False Face, but always lies, he would be a Real Face. The conundrum "I always lie," comes to mind, where logic leads to a pulsing binary state, and confusion reigns. Confusion certainly abounds when one closely examines the shootings in Aurora, where it is alleged that Holmes dyed his hair reddish-orange to become The Joker, then took on the look of Bane by donning body armor and a mask. There is compelling evidence, based on reports by eyewitnesses, that multiple people were involved in perpetrating the massacre, including more than one shooter. Some have speculated that Holmes was a drugged patsy, and that Holmes himself did not participate in the shootings, and was in a car behind the theater when everything went down. Masks of the doubly-masked...Real Face vs. False Face...James Holmes vs. not James Holmes...very mysterious. It is also worth noting that Malachi Throne, the actor who portrayed False Face, did not receive billing in the credits of "True or False Face," the Batman episode in which False Face first appeared. A question mark appeared where Throne's name should have been.

Anonymous said...

'The whole company indeed, seemed now deeply to feel that in the costume and bearing of the stranger neither wit nor propriety existed...'
- The Masque of the Red Death / Edgar Allan Poe

Enki said...

Colorado (color red) shooting = red death. Poe-etic injustice.

Anonymous said...

Also reminiscent of Alfred E. Neuman of MAD magazine fame who has often been portrayed as both George W. Bush and Obama.