Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flight MH17: Twilight Tridents and Noteworthy Numbers

Update: Another Trident. One of the Dutch victims had been a rower for Indiana University - and the logo for UI forms a trident. Karlijn Keijzner was 25, a doctoral student in the chemistry department studying an anti-cancer drug with potential for Alzheimer's treatment.

Read below about what I earlier wrote about tridents abounding in this MH17 story.


What are the hidden meanings in today's breaking news?

On July 17, 2014, around 10:00 am EDT, Malaysia Airlines Flight Number 17, a Boeing 777 passenger plane from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in eastern Ukraine.

This plane used for MH17 had its first flight 17 years ago on July 17, 1997, and now is apparently shot down on July 17, 2014. Source.

"Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam," the Malaysia Airlines tweeted. "The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace."

An adviser to the Ukraine Interior Minister says separatists shot down the passenger plane with a Russian-made Buk ground-to-air missile system. The separaists in Donetsk admit to using these systems.

There were reportedly 295 people on board (280 passengers and 15 crew) when it crashed in Torez, which is about 25 miles from the Russian border.

There were 23 Americans on the flight, and were no survivors. It appears the plane was filled with tourists on their way to vacation in Bali and other Asian areas. The number 23 seems symbolic.

Some attention is being given to the fact that Malaysia Airlines' logo is a trident.

The coat of arms of Ukraine is a trident.

The significance and foreshadowing that occurred due to the role of tridents was apparent in March. 

Blogger Sibyl Hunter saw this in "Follow the Trident." 

Then there's the Maserati, as shown here in True Detective
which has as its logo, the trident.

Researcher Satenetas Rotenetor posted the following:
A trident / is a three-pronged spear. It is used for spear fishing and historically as a polearm. The trident is the weapon of Poseidon, or Neptune, the god of the sea in classical mythology. In Hindu mythology it is the weapon of Shiva, known as trishula (Sanskrit for "triple-spear").
The word "trident" comes from the French word trident, which in turn comes from the Latin word tridens or tridentis: tri "three" and dentes "teeth". Sanskrit trishula is compound of tri "three" + "thorn".
The Greek equivalent is (trĂ­aina), from Proto-Greek trianja (threefold).
The trident in the Coat of Arms of Ukraine is known as Tryzub , the literal translation of "trident". Source/Wikipedia.
In Hindu mythology, SHIVA is the God of destruction.
TRIDENTS everywhere..........
The first Trident warned us they would strike when least expected:

Logo of Maserati is a trident.

Rotenetor also noted:
1. Here you have your warning,the Super Bowl, Maserati. TRIDENT

2. The symbol on the tail of a Malaysian aircraft. TRIDENT

3. The UKRAINE coat of arms. TRIDENT.

4. Just erected last night on the 9/11 memory site.double TRIDENT.

5. The fuzzy satelite image / China sent Americans
on a wild goose chase to see if they would follow orders.
9/11 written on it.

6. A combined pre planned UN/NATO exercise will take place
in the Ukraine in JULY called Rapid TRIDENT

To read more, such as this plane being a 777 (a trident), see here.

A three-fingered hand salute is sometimes used to mimic the Tryzub; as for example in pro-independence demonstrations in the late 1980s and in the logo of the (Ukrainian) Svoboda party. Above, a man at the Euromaidan, doing the fascist Svoboda salute, surrounded by the flags of Svoboda, and in the background of EU and UPA.

The three-finger salute from the Hunger Games.

I just wrote about the hand sign that Cassidy Stay did at the public memorial service for her family, after the Spring, Texas, mass shooting. The three-finger salute is different, but the sync is worthy of noting.

Synchromysticism haunts the event of MH17.

As the Red Dirt Report's Andrew W. Griffin's commentary reminded me, today is the exact anniversary - 18 years ago – to the day – that TWA 800 was blown out of the sky. Also, brought to mind is the fate of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 being shot down by a Soviet jet on September 1, 1983.

Other situations like this have happened before:
April 20, 1978: Korean Airlines Flight 902, which diverted from its planned course on a flight from Paris to Seoul and strayed over the Soviet Union.
After being fired upon by an interceptor aircraft, the crew made a forced landing at night on the surface of a frozen lake. Two of the 97 passengers were killed by the hostile fire.
September 1, 1983: Korean Air Lines Flight 007 shot down by at least one Soviet air-to-air missile after the 747 had strayed into Soviet airspace. All 240 passengers and 29 crew were killed.
July 3, 1988: Iran Air Flight 655 Aircraft was shot down by a surface to air missile from the American naval vessel U.S.S. Vincennes. All 16 crew and 274 passengers were killed.

In Russian history, let us recall these moments:

On July 17, 1762, Catherine II becomes the Tsar of Russia upon the murder of Peter III of Russia.

On July 17, 1918, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his immediate family and retainers are murdered by Bolshevik Chekists at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

I will update this report as this story unfolds, and others weigh in with lexilinks, connections, and sync. Your comments are welcome.


Natasha Dawning said...

Was it just me or were both the Texas shooting and Flight MH17 crash preceded in the days before in news aggregators by "a murder" in Fayetteville and "a crash" in Fayetteville?

Seeing the Fayetteville story on the news feed yesterday left me with a funny feeling in my gut, mainly owing to your "Fayetteville Factor" sync recognition.

Care to verify?


Unknown said...

The three-fingered solute is an older form of the peace-symbol, although if associated with the trident, not so.

The kabbalistic interpretation of the trident or pitchfork is 666, since it consists of three points = three nails = three vavs = 666.

Johnny said...

There was also the three-fingered salute the Palestinians allegedly used to show their support for the Israeli teen kidnapping:

"Palestinian activists have hit back at the Israeli campaign to support the ongoing search for three Israeli boys presumed kidnapped in the West Bank with a counter campaign titled "The Three Shalits".

The campaign, which has been circulated in various social networks, asks that people take photos of themselves while holding up three fingers as to signify the three abducted teens and in that show their support for the kidnapping. From:,7340,L-4531463,00.html

However, some said the Palestinian salute was meant to show support for a contestant on the TV competition "Arab Idol". See here:

Blue Gate said...

Well....another Trident connection????? Couldn't believe that the symbol was right there in the victim of the MH017 disaster attended Indiana University (see their logo) as an international student.

Unknown said...

The plane was struck by a Buk missile, and in Russian, Buk means beech = Lafayette, the little beech-tree.

Unknown said...

Karlijn Keijzner. k2, 2k,
K K…..11 11

andrewbigdoor said...

A post on that may interest you:

"I’ll just type out some dialog from Series 2 Episode 1:

'Assistant: The network lab in Tel Aviv, one of the men worked out the RNA codes for Janus. He has an idea of what it does.
Milner: Has he told anyone?
Assistant: Half the lab, as many as fifty people. We’re not sure exactly who yet but we have it locked down.
Milner: Do you have a plane ready?
Assistant: TWA 841 heading to JFK. We’ve told them they’re going to be debriefed by the CIA.
Milner: We know what we have to do then. We have to bring it down. We have to plant a bomb on board the plane and we have to kill all of them.'

A few days later, we read that some of the world’s top AIDS researchers were killed in the Malaysia Airlines shoot-down incident."

Erin O'Riordan said...
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Zaplog said...

Hi folks. Very new to all this. What exactly does the triple 7 (Boeing 777) and the trident signify and what are we to conclude or postulate in regard to flight MH17?

Erin O'Riordan said...

The second Hunger Games film, 'Catching Fire,' released in 2014, features a character named Finnick Odair who comes from the fishing district and uses the trident as his weapon of choice. Finnick loves a young woman named Annie who has lost much of her mental functioning and is very fragile due to the trauma she experienced in the games. It's not surprising to see The Hunger Games come up in these trident posts.