Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NY Bombing: Of Chelsea and 23

The Chelsa dumpster has the number 1323 on its side. This is dumpster in which the bomb exploded on 23rd Street. The pressure cooker bomb No. 2 was found on 27th Street.

Let me share a comment from Tom Mellett:

One name for the game and several synchropinquities to note and finally a number coincidence.

The name is of course Chelsea, since the one bomb exploded on 23rd St between 6th and 7th Aves in Manhattan and the second one was discovered on 27th St in the neighborhood of Manhattan known as Chelsea. It might seem too obvious to link the Chelsea neighborhood with the person Chelsea Clinton, but that's where the first close synchropinquity comes in.

You see, Chelsea Clinton lives just 1/3 of a mile from the first blast – as the Google Maps crow flies. In NYC distance reckoning, we speak of blocks, so she lives just 3 blocks north and 2 blocks East of the bomb blast. (My own leeway for a true synchropinquity is a half mile, so she is well within that zone.)
Chelsea herself does not live in Chelsea, but in the area known as the Flatiron District, so named for the iconic Flatiron Building, whose cross section resembles the acute right triangle of the old fashioned flatiron used to iron clothes before the electric steam iron came along. It is located E-W between 5th Ave. and Broadway, and N-S between 22nd and 23rd St, with its sharp point looking north.
Its address 175 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010
Let us now locate the 3 points on the map that, when connected by the Measure Distance tool on Google Maps (Right Click Menu), creates an acute triangle that looks eerily similar to the triangle of the Flatiron Building

[1] site of exploded bomb outside 131 West 23 St., NY, NY 10011
[2] site of unexploded bomb outside 135 West 27 St.NY, NY 10011
[3] Chelsea Clinton's address: 21East 26th St., NY, NY 10010 
Finally, the number coincidence is 23. 
The bomb blast took place on West 23rd St, just 1/4 mile from the “apex” of the Flatiron Building on East 23rd St.

For starters, I give you the wiki for the “23 enigma,” inspired by the chapter in the Robert Anton Wilson book Cosmic Trigger I: The Final Secret of the Illuminati.

23 is a number associated with the Greek goddess, Eris --- in Latin: Discordia, the goddess of strife and chaos.

Tom Mellett
Los Angeles, CA

PS Almost forgot! Chelsea's home was in the news last week, since her mother Hillary went there in lieu of a hospital ER after her fainting spell at the 9/11 memorial.


aferrismoon said...

And it seems Chelsea Clinton was named after the song Chelsea Mo[u]rning which they apparently heard while walking around Chelsea , London.


Tom Mellett said...

Hello, aferrismoon! Exactly the song I was going to write about! How fascinating that Chelsea Clinton herself was named to honor not only a synchronicity, but a synchropinquity as well.

From the wikipedia for Joni Mitchell's song:

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, was named after the song, "Chelsea Morning", after the couple heard Judy Collins' version of the song playing during a stroll in the Chelsea neighborhood of London.

I did eventually get over my crush on Joni Mitchell but my adoration for her early folk/rock music and lyrics never ceased, and so when the news of the Chelsea bombing came, her upbeat anthem to the neighborhood she lived in 50 years ago “Chelsea Morning” played incessantly in my head for the first few days.

The song from Joni Mitchell's 1969 album "Clouds"

This stanza of her song struck me as somehow appropriate to the present “Chelsea Evening” events

Now the curtain opens on a portrait of today
And the streets are paved with passersby
And pigeons fly
And papers lie
Waiting to blow away

aferrismoon said...


Chelsea seemed quite resonant with that 60s set, esp. Hotel Chelsea.

Chelsea Morning sounds a bit like Chelsea Manning.

Papers lie - the Media Lies?
Blow away - to be killed.


Syncra said...

Thanks, Tom. Syncropiniqities, in deed!

Syncra said...

Just had to . . . this is what I found---

From Wikipedia:

In the wiki article, authors mention the NAME RANKed at NUMBER 231 in 2009. (Not necessarily a significant sync, but considering Wikipedia's prominence, I say it confirms a coincidental "trend and tendency of the time".

Chelsea: Old English for "chalk warf". The name can also look like CHALK SEA, or sound like SHELL SEA.

Chelsea Morning written by Joni Mitchell

Here are two lines that pop out for me.
"and rapping up like PIPES and drums" syncs with Twilight Language analysis of the Pied Piper.

"Blue, red, green and gold to welcome you, crimson crystal beads to beckon." This line syncs well with the colors r/t FIRST RESPONDERS AT THE SCENE.

That song itself is a CHARM, in that it is filled with: bells; drums; rainbows; crystals; incense; food; pigeons (COLUMBIDEA); owls; time & place(follows day into night cycle and names a place, as well as other words loaded with symbolic punch.

Tom Mellett said...

Hello New Day,

I like your “granular” approach to name games, word play and synchronicities. In fact you are like a biologist with Fortean microscope while I am more like an astronomer with Fortean telescope gazing back into past history. In our fractal multiverse, the same patterns will show up regardless of scale.

So the fact that Chelsea Clinton herself was named because of her parents' experience of both the synchronicity of the song playing and the synchropinquity of being in Chelsea, London – not to mention Chelsea herself now living just a block and a half East of Chelsea, NYC --- leads me to look at the history of the founding of the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC which occurred in 1750..

Now look at how the Chelsea history segues right into a synchronicity with the history of how Robert Anton Wilson first learned about the significance of 23!

Loren, do you consider the name Clark or Clarke to be in your Masonic name game category? Please check out all these Clarks I emphasize below.,_Manhattan

Chelsea takes its name from the estate and Georgian-style house of retired British Major Thomas Clarke, who obtained the property when he bought the farm of Jacob Somerindyck on August 16, 1750. The land was bounded by what would become 21st and 24th Streets, from the Hudson River to Eighth Avenue.[3] Clarke chose the name "Chelsea" after the Royal Hospital Chelsea, a retirement home for soldiers in London, England.
Robert Anton Wilson cites William S. Burroughs as the first person to believe in the 23 enigma.[1] Wilson, in an article in Fortean Times, related the following anecdote:

I first heard of the 23 enigma from William S Burroughs, author of Naked Lunch, Nova Express, etc. According to Burroughs, he had known a certain Captain Clark, around 1960 in Tangier, who once bragged that he had been sailing 23 years without an accident. That very day, Clark’s ship had an accident that killed him and everybody else aboard. Furthermore, while Burroughs was thinking about this crude example of the irony of the gods that evening, a bulletin on the radio announced the crash of an airliner in Florida, USA. The pilot was another Captain Clark and the flight was Flight 23.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Can't the "23 Enigma" be largely explained by the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon? i.e. if any number other than 23 came up, we simply wouldn't take any notice of it?

Syncra said...

Well, Tom, I've been called a lot things before, but never granular! I'll take it as compliment. After all, I am something of a granny in that I'm somewhat familiar with the old ways of sympathetic magic.

I agree, I do get microscopic about syncs! I pick up on the INCEPTION depth of magic/religious memes.

Political players know how to INTENTIONALLY ride the coincidence wave. They often create coincidence waves and they surf the ones already out in the current events.

Then, again, coincidence can take on a power of its own.

Really get a lot out of your Chelsea analysis. Thanks.

Mourning, Manning, good call, aferrismoon. (I like your blog!)

Unknown said...

Suspect identified as Arcan Cetin from Adana, Turkey (though he says he is Russian, so probably of Afghan or Chechen ancestry).
He seems to have been a CLASS CLOWN, just look at his Facebook.

Tom Mellett said...

Hi Erin,

I found a concise explanation of the “Baader-Meinhof phenomenon” --- known more scientifically as the "frequency illusion” --- here:

Stanford linguistics professor Arnold Zwicky coined the term "frequency illusion" in 2006 to describe the syndrome in which a concept or thing you just found out about suddenly seems to crop up everywhere. It’s caused, he wrote, by two psychological processes. The first, selective attention, kicks in when you’re struck by a new word, thing, or idea; after that, you unconsciously keep an eye out for it, and as a result find it surprisingly often. The second process, confirmation bias, reassures you that each sighting is further proof of your impression that the thing has gained overnight omnipresence.

The considerably catchier sobriquet "Baader-Meinhof phenomenon" was invented in 1994 by a commenter on the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ online discussion board, who came up with it after hearing the name of the ultra-left-wing German terrorist group twice in 24 hours. The phrase became a meme on the newspaper’s boards, where it still pops up regularly, and has since spread to the wider Internet. It even has its own Facebook page. Got all that? Don’t worry. You’ll hear about it again soon.


Unknown said...

Chelsea = Chelsea Grin = Joker.
The latest suspect from Washington likes a band from SLC called Chelsea Grin.