Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aurora: Synchromystic Wonderland

The unfolding Aurora red dawn event has evolved from a breaking news item, to a wall-to-wall massacre media madness melodrama, to America's favorite "false flag" conspiracy and entertainment news distraction.

What Aurora may truly turn out to be is a complex "occult" (as in the original meaning of the word, "hidden," not "paranormal") synchronicity story of which more and more is being revealed daily. Joker and other copycats will focus the Aurora incident in other directions as we see the breathtaking nature of the red dawn event fade from the attention of the media and Twitter nation. It is becoming integrated into our culture, nevertheless. The facts are that, on a synchromystic level, layers of the onion are being peeled back carefully as we move away from Friday, July 20th.

For example, today's news mentions that James Holmes, the alleged shooter, will not be seen on court room cameras broadcast into your front room any longer. But the visual imagery that appears to be an important part of this drama continues.

Accused movie theater gunman James Holmes is spitting at jail officers so frequently that he is being made to wear a face guard, sources told ABC News.

What does this quickly imprint in the public?

Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, of course.

But it goes deeper. What does James Holmes look like with this jailhouse mask?
The villain of Batman Begins (2005), Ra's al Ghul (Liam Neeson) - also at top.

Or the Man in the Iron Mask?
We have no idea what James Holmes, in his jailhouse face guard, looks like, so in this visual age, expect courtroom artists, if they are allowed, to give us new images for the future.

Meanwhile, questions remain. One was pointed out to me this morning in an email from Andrew Griffin, Editor at Red Dirt Report. According to a news items in the Toronto Sun: "MSNBC reports that public records show Holmes lived with two roommates at the apartment, which is reserved for students, faculty and staff from the medical campus."

But if you go to the original MSNBC account, oops, the mention of Holmes' alleged two roommates has disappeared.

What is going on here?

 Photographs: Ted S. Warren
Meanwhile, the entertainment news continues. We learn that actor Christian Bale (Batman, The Dark Knight trilogy) and his wife Sandra "Sibi" Blažić (staff, Red Corner) visited victims and a memorial to the victims of Friday's mass shooting, on Tuesday, July 24, 2012, in Aurora, Colorado. Nice placement of the Red Sox cap in the photograph, I'd say.

The week moves along. Be careful. A storm is coming.

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11:00 AM EDT Update
It has been brought to my attention that after my blog was published early this morning, the Drudge Report posted the following. Of course, the link to the Liam Neeson character in Batman Begins makes more sense to me, but each to their own metaphor, I suppose.

HANNIBAL: Holmes Forced To Wear Face Guard...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what happened to the two room mates?
very nice article..

Jason said...

Don't know if you've noted it yet, but "Gateway High School" in Aurora, CO is the home of the "Olympians."

Anonymous said...

when you google "james homes two room mates" there is a link to the feed of, which mentions this in the teaser on the google search listing. But when you go to the link, and look for the word "room mates", there is none.
And what a coincidence, the google cache for that page does not work either.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Drudge would use an image of "Hannibal the Cannibal" Lecter in connection with notorious criminal James Holmes. Another famous cannibal was "The Colorado Cannibal" Alfred Packer. He was buried in Littleton, Colorado (home of the Columbine shooting and not far from Aurora). He claimed his innocence until the day he died.

Red Pill Junkie said...

@ Jason: Very interesting.

The old Olympic games were celebrated in the month of Hecatombaeon, named thus because of the sacrifice of 100 oxen to consecrate the games in honor of Zeus.

It's the root of the Spanish word Hecatombe and the English word Hecatomb, which means catastrophe or disaster.

Jason said...

@RPJ: I must credit a post over at the Sept Clues forum with that find.

Regarding Hecatomb, interesting that it also references the name of a card game which was owned by the same company that did Pokemon and the Magic games. Started by a guy who was employed by Boeing.

Wondering if there's a connection there with Hecate, a name that frequently pops up in these rituals and an entity associated with gateways.

Red Pill Junkie said...

@ Jason.

Hecate seems to be a powerful archetype, so it wouldn't surprise me if she crept out into these kind of events.

She's described as the Goddes of the Crossroads. And it feels as if this Red Dawn event was some type of cross-roads act. We seem to be at the threshold of something. And the 'limen' is about to be ruptured.

The Wikipedia page also states that "From Greek Ἑκάτη [Hekátē], feminine equivalent of Ἑκατός Hekatos, obscure epithet of Apollo". And because of this recent tragedy there wasn't a lot of public attention to the Apollo 11's anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Hannibal reference, the original Hannibal was an enemy of the state of Rome who nearly brought down the Empire. In connection to the "Red Dragon" and following books, Hannibal is the enemy of the Cryptocracy, associated with Orion rather than Sirius -- see Hoffman's "Secret Societies" for a full explanation of this significance. On a somewhat related note, do the pictures of Holmes remind anyone of Side Show Bob and the way his trial was portrayed on the Simpsons?

Red Pill Junkie said...

>" On a somewhat related note, do the pictures of Holmes remind anyone of Side Show Bob and the way his trial was portrayed on the Simpsons?"

A bit, yes. Sideshow Bob was a bit of a symbol representing the grudge of the instructed underclass who are overlooked by the simple-mindedness of popular culture. While Krusty can barely read and is the idol of millions, Bob has to endure being thrown a cream-pie for the punchline.

Anonymous said...

...what about the weird girl licking his shoulders......

Anonymous said...

How about Anaheim? Are those in law enforcement on edge after the shooting ready to crack some heads? From the videos I've seen the cops feverish responses are mirroring scenes from the movie. I havent seen the politics of TDKR thoroughly dissected yet so I don't know what else to say about it...

Anonymous said...

This shooting took place one sidereal year from the Norway Massacre.

Loren Coleman said...

Anonymous said...
"This shooting took place one sidereal year from the Norway Massacre."

Yes, it was.

This is one of the reasons on the 19th of July that I predicted something big was going to happen on the 20th of July, in conjunction with the opening of The Dark Knight Rises, here:

Bob said...

In keeping with the pre-shooting Bain/Bane connections there is another small tapestry that follows along the lines of the Cowboys vs. Yankees concept.
The Anshultz Medical Campus where the alleged shooter studied, was once known as the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center. 2004 Democratic Party Presidential candidate John Kerry was born at that facility on December 11, 1943. It was also the location where President Dwight D. Eisenhower recovered from a heart attack in 1955.
One additional note to make about Holmes and the Storm concept. Holmes was born on December 13, 1987. His birth was a few months after the "Great Storm of 1987" which took the lives of 22 people in England and France. This storm was also used as a plot device in AS Byatt's novel, "Possession".

... said...

The rumours are getting really out of hand now, the rumours and probably lies too, Holmes was adopted, his mother wanted him to see a psychiatrist for years, he sent bombs to his former college, he asked about the ending of the movie, apparently he was inside the cinema for the first half of the film and then slipped out to change clothes! It's getting more ridiculous by the hour. What next, he was born on an armybase in Hawaii? ;-)


alanborky said...

Loren (setting aside this guy seems like a kind of allergic response to the emergence of real life Kickass style would-be 'superheroes') a little while back I wondered if given it was the Mayan's '2012' the outbreak of cannibalism might be interpreted as a trigger event for the emergence of some sort of avatar (even if only as an 'appeal' from our collective unconscious for one to somehow come into existence to save us from ourselves).

In the light of that I'm struck by the fact Aurora is the goddess of the dawn and as such heralds the imminence of the god of light the Sun rising.

On a slightly different tack is James ("Supplanter" or "One who catches or attacks the heel") Homes [Home supplanter = cuckoo = Antichrist?] really spitting at people or is this a tabloid style embellishment playing upto Bane's Hannibal[the Cannibal]esque mask?

And RED[!] PILL[!] Junkie [very James 'Shylock'* Ho(l)mesian!] I can't look at pictures of the alleged killer now without seeing Sideshow Bob.

I don't know whether to thank you or spit at you!

*Shylock = one seeking to extract his pound of flesh

Red Pill Junkie said...

Hey, it wasn't MY idea. I was just agreeing with Anon :P

José Carlos (Onix) said...

Interesting that the Drudge Report link you posted has a Hannibal Lecter picture on it. Did you know Hannibal has the same origin as Batman? Murdered parents and the quest to avenge them, but instead of putting the killers in jail, Hannibal eats them.

Judas Disney said...

Donald Bain wrote a seminal book about mind control & the CIA called "The Control of Candy Jones".

Candy Jones was a famous WW2 pin-up girl who later founded her own modeling agency & delivered messages as a CIA courier. According to Jones, she was placed under hypnosis for the secure delivery of some of these messages. Eventually, the hypnosis became hypno-programming.

Ms. Jones made these claims prior to the July 20, 1977 revelation of MKUltra.

One of the details recounted by Jones was that after she performed these hypno-programmed tasks, she had a complaint about stomach aches. Sirhan Sirhan also complained about stomach aches.

Learning that James Holmes complained of stomach pains & claimed amnesia, then reading Bain's book recounting some identical details, and watching John Jacobson's YouTube clip bragging about mind manipulation of temporal sequencing of subjective experience, one wonders whether a favorable outcome of the James Holmes case will be to raise & then discredit the concept of hypnosis in the court of public opinion, for the upcoming Sirhan re-trial in Los Angeles later this year:

Judas Disney said...
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Judas Disney said...

For "Aurora" completists & watchers:

The new science-fiction time-travel film "Looper", starring Bruce Willis & Joesph Gordon Levitt and written/directed by Rian Johnson, contains several scenes at a fictional Kansas City nightclub called "La Belle Aurore".

The scenes feature actress Piper Perabo as a dancer/prostitute.