Monday, July 30, 2012

Holmes' Harlots

by Loren Coleman ©2012

The women involved in the private lives of James Holmes ~ whether called harlots, whores or prostitutes ~ are coming forward with interviews and supposed insights.

Are we really learning anything? 

And what does it matter? 

Is this all another distraction?

Isn't it just the media trying to keep this story going?

The known or used names are intriguing, nevertheless: Roxanna, Tiffany, and Monica Hall.

What's "Roxanna" mean? Dawn, bright, star. Roxana, sometimes given as Roxanne and Roxane, was a Bactrian princess who became the famed wife of Alexander the Great. 

The meaning of the name Tiffany is "manifestation of god."

The origins of "Monica" is unknown, and thus is said to mean "uncertain, perhaps counseller."

Just like John Dillinger's "woman in red" (Ana Cumpănaş or Anna Sage) who resulted in his death, the phrase has been associated with prostitution, fairly or not. (See "Blood Red Movie Massacres" for more.)
A redheaded hooker from Colorado's Aurora (red dawn)? Now that's a turn of a phrase, isn't it? I could think of several alliteration headlines that would have had more shock value, and you will find some of those around the web. "Holmes' Harlot" got across what part of this media circus I think we are traveling into now.

TMZ said they spoke to three of the sexually marketing women Holmes supposedly reviewed. TMZ used the labels #1, #2, and #3.

The New York Post picked up on it too, and tracked down one woman, who allowed herself to be quoted, using her name ~ Monica Hall (because they picked it up from The Sun of London):
A redheaded hooker says that she had sex with murderous Colorado “Joker’’ James Holmes — and that he became obsessed with her flaming locks and dyed his hair the same color before his theater massacre.
During their sometimes violent trysts at her apartment — less than a mile from the Aurora, Colo., movie theater where he later allegedly shot dead 12 and wounded 58 — Holmes would grab her hair, sniff it and repeatedly pester her with questions like, “Are you a natural redhead?’’ prostitute Monica Hall, 25, told The Sun of London.
“He was mean, and during sex he kept gripping my hands and wrists,’’ she said. “Next morning, I discovered I had bruises. I saw two sides, like Jekyll and Hyde — sweet and later mean.’’
When he would act “aggressive and controlling, he threatened me, saying, ‘You’re going to do this because I told you.’ His eyes were wild-looking.
“He was big-eyed, like someone who had done drugs. But I don’t think he had,’’ she said.
“I was so scared. I thought I was going to get really hurt. [But then] after sex, he wanted to lounge around and talk about himself all night.”
Hall is apparently among a slew of prostitutes who serviced him in the months before.
Another working girl, named Tiffany, has told TMZ that she, too, had hooked up with the madman last August and that he “was really nice.”
Holmes had posted online critiques of his liaisons with Tiffany and two other hookers, although one of them said she couldn’t even remember him. The other prostitute only said that he “looked very familiar.”
Meanwhile, the New York Daily News lets us hear from Roxanna:
Just one week before the Aurora cinema carnage took place, Dark Knight massacre suspect James Holmes paid $240 for an encounter with a prostitute, but in the end was too freaked out to perform. A Denver-area prostitute told the Daily News that the baby-faced 24-year-old hired her for sex about a week before the July 20 attack, but the alleged killer of 12 paid for little more than talk.
The shapely blond escort, who gave her name only as Roxanna, said Holmes contacted her online and made arrangements to meet her in a tawdry bedroom at a Denver cathouse. 
The other mystery woman in Holmes' life is turning out to be the person he was supposedly seeing in a therapeutic relationship. In the week after the shooting a notebook thought to be from James Holmes was found to have been mailed to a University of Colorado psychiatrist, Dr. Lynne Fenton.
Media created imagery of the "notebook."
"There were drawings of what he was going to do in it – drawings and illustrations of the massacre," a source told FOX News.

The notebook could debunk rumors that Holmes originally wanted to attack the Dark Knight Rises cast and crew. The National Enquirer (obviously not the greatest source) reported that Holmes was about to unleash his plan at the New York City's premiere showing, but then Holmes became too paranoid after he was denied access to a local gun club and launched his assault in Aurora, Colorado instead.

Dr. Lynne Fenton

Questions are being raised about Dr. Fenton. According to the Los Angeles Times:
Dr. Lynne Fenton, the University of Colorado psychiatrist who was treating James E. Holmes, according to a court filing by his attorneys, was disciplined by the Colorado Medical Board in 2005.
State records show Fenton was reprimanded... for prescribing medication to herself, her husband and an employee. The medications, prescribed in the late 1990s, included prescriptions for Vicodin, Xanax, Lorazepam and Ambien.
For more on this part of the story, see also Andrew W. Griffin's "Was unethical psychiatrist the 'Aurora massacre' gunman's mind-control doctor?"


Another Woman in Red

By synchromystic coincidence, a mystery woman at the London Olympics popped up in the middle of the India delegation during the march of nations. What was she wearing? Red, of course. She was not even trying to merge in with the other Indians wearing yellow and black.

She was not suppose to be there: "Indian officials said they had no idea who the woman was. The country's Deccan Chronicle newspaper said she was likely Madhura Nagendra, a graduate student from the southern city of Bangalore who had been living in London."

A circle? Really? Like she can't be seen? Jagran Post marked the photo and reported: "An unidentified lady (in red shirt) walks besides flag-bearer Sushil Kumar during the Indian team's parade at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2012 in London. A mystery woman who gatecrashed India's march past at the Olympic opening ceremony has reportedly been identified as Madhura Honey."

The meaning of "Madhura"? "Sweet."

"Nagendra"? "Chief of serpents; chief of the mountain." Apparently, "Nagendra" does not mean "honey," so who knows what mystery has been solved here, yet?

[Hat tip, in part, to Django, for Olympics news.]


Red Pill Junkie said...

There's that famous The Police song, Roxanne, about a prostitute:

You don't have to put on the red light
You don't have to put on the red light"

... said...

This is so weird - I've seen this come up before in connection with a murder in the UK, where, in order to show that the perp. was a 'freak' the police found prostitutes in the US where the apparent murderer had recently (during a business trip) 'tried' to have sex with. What is this strange 'whore' angle...what are they really trying to tell us?


Red Pill Junkie said...

They are trying to portray Holmes as a sociopath and a sexual deviant, because by the media's judgment *anyone* who has to pay in order to have sex must be a total weirdo.

Ann said...

This staged shooting event has all the usual elements of the usual script. Now we have the sex angle with prostitutes. The MSM might as well now be the Jerry Springer show. I know the media hinted about a sex angle when they began reporting about Holmes and some dating service. That was preparation for the next part of the script. As far as I'm concerned, from here on out the media is just implanting lies. But it's still interesting to read the synchromystic connections with the names of the 3 call girls. I imagine one will be chosen to write a book as award for her participation in the MSM script.

Dr. Coleman, you probably would be in a better position to judge, but there is speculation that the two pictures of Holmes are of different people. Looking at them side by side -- his close up school picture and Holmes in court -- I have to admit the nose, mouth, and eyes do look a lot different.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Considering the lyrics of Queen's song - "Bohemian Rhapsody",which was part of the opening ceremony with a clip of the movie
"Wanye's World",where the boys are driving around "Aurora" singing the song.

" Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality.
Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see,
I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy,
Because I'm easy come, easy go, Little high, little low,
Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, to me.
Mama just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger, now he's dead.
Mama, life had just begun,
But now I've gone and thrown it all away.
Mama, ooh, Didn't mean to make you cry,
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow,
Carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters.
Too late, my time has come,
Sends shivers down my spine, body's aching all the time.
Goodbye, ev'rybody, I've got to go,
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth.
Mama, ooh, I don't want to die,
I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all.
I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango.
Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very fright'ning me.
(Galileo.) Galileo. (Galileo.) Galileo, Galileo figaro
Magnifico. I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me.
He's just a poor boy from a poor family,
Spare him his life from this monstrosity.
Easy come, easy go, will you let me go.
Bismillah! No, we will not let you go.
(Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go.
(Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go.
(Let me go.) Will not let you go.
(Let me go.) Will not let you go. (Let me go.) Ah.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
(Oh mama mia, mama mia.) Mama mia, let me go.
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me.
So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye.
So you think you can love me and leave me to die.
Oh, baby, can't do this to me, baby,
Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here.
Nothing really matters, Anyone can see,
Nothing really matters,
Nothing really matters to me.
Any way the wind blows. "

It's interesting that "Scaramouche"
according to Wiki -
" Scaramuccia, also known as Scaramouche, is a roguish clown character of the Italian commedia dell'arte who wears a black mask and, sometimes, glasses.He entertains the audience by his "grimaces and affected language"."

"is a lively couples dance, usually in triple metre, traditionally accompanied by guitars and castanets or hand-clapping.As a result of the extravagant features of the dance, the word fandango is used as a synonym for "a quarrel," "a big fuss," or "a brilliant exploit."

And Beelzebub -
" Ba‘al az-Zubab;, literally "Lord of the Flies" Ba'al, meaning "Lord" in Ugaritic, was used in conjunction with a descriptive name of a specific God. Jewish scholars have interpreted the title of "Lord of Flies" as the Hebrew way of calling Ba'al a pile of dung and comparing Ba'al followers to flies.
In the Testament of Solomon, Beelzebul (not Beelzebub) appears as prince of the demons and says (6.2) that he was formerly a leading heavenly angel who was (6.7) associated with the star Hesperus (which is the normal Greek name for the planet Venus (Αφροδíτη) as evening star). Seemingly, Beelzebul is here simply Satan/Lucifer. Beelzebul claims to cause destruction through tyrants, to cause demons to be worshipped among men, to excite priests to lust, to cause jealousies in cities and murders, and to bring on war. "

Interesting coincidences indeed.

Django said...

I don't know of a polite way to put it but Dr. Lynne Fenton looks crazy.

Anonymous said...

Like they don't all see prostitutes themselves.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that the whole Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce took over the news a couple of weeks before the shootings. Specifically Katie Holmes filed for divorce 06/29/2012 and the divorce was settled by 07/09/2012, nonetheless this story was all over the news, and therefore embedded in the mass-mind directly preceding the Aurora event.

Anonymous said...

re: Fenton comment

Lynne Fenton looks crazy because this whole thing is crazy.

According to propaganda reports:

Fenton, director of student mental health services at the University of Colorado's *Anschutz* Medical Campus. Fenton was chief of physical medicine with the *U.S. Air Force* in San Antonio, Texas, Since 2008. Fenton *won various grants and contracts to study schizophrenia.*

Anschutz = Auschwitz.
U.S. Air Force = self-explanatory.
Summation: "Grants to study schizophrenia."

Jimmy Aurora Shooter is a SET-UP.
The photo of the *nut* in court is not even the same guy as the *ubergeek" Jimmy.

This circus is a blatant message. As Sherlock Holmes would likely query, is it a warning by friend or foe? As I would say, use it as if from both.

Anonymous said...

Re comment:
"...there is speculation that the two pictures of Holmes are of different people. Looking at them side by side -- his close up school picture and Holmes in court -- I have to admit the nose, mouth, and eyes do look a lot different."

Actually, there are 3 photos to consider: The original Jimmy with dark hair, the faked redhead guy w/ the serpent tongue-licking woman from the alleged sex site, and the orange-haired actor photo from the phony court proceedings.

These are clearly 3 DIFFERENT PERSONS.

The only immediate burning questions: Is Jimmy alive and is the faked redhead a real person?

Please note: There was media circus report that when Jimmy Aurora Shooter (a set-up) was taken to his cell, there was a 'towel' over his head. In the name of Almighty God, why on earth would one need to do this: The internet had this face plastered far and wide before *he* took his first pee anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Roxanna = Rosanna
Song by Toto
Most famous Toto is 'little dog' in 'Wizard of Oz.'

'Wizard of Oz' = it's all a dreamlike fantasy but so very real, w/ real-life people 'appearing' (aka 'acting') in the fantasy.

All designed to say what? There's no place like home? There's no one like Holmes???

Put on your ruby RED slippers because we are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Chris said...

Red Pill Junkie beat me to it. I was going to point out the police song.

Anonymous said...

Given the overtly dark, deviant and sexual nature of the Olympiad imagery and the connections to homosexuality, Holmes' harlots as portrayed in this global macabre fantasy called the Aurora Theater Shooting is a deliberate attempt to not only criminalize but also make it appear 'insane' what has long been considered, and in some states and places still perfectly legal, a healthy intelligent young HETEROSEXUAL male's desire to, shall we say, patronize women in their 'oldest profession.'

Ann said...

Re Comment:

"Actually, there are 3 photos to consider: The original Jimmy with dark hair, the faked redhead guy w/ the serpent tongue-licking woman from the alleged sex site, and the orange-haired actor photo from the phony court proceedings."

I'm glad you brought that to the surface. Subconsciously the picture with the prostitute looked like a third Holmes, but consciously I didn't know what of the possibility of three Holmes now.

Thanks for your thought and bringing it out. I imagine we also have to look for touched up photos.

Anonymous said...

Yes Madhura is Sweet in Sanskrit. Is also one of the 7 holy cities in India and with a very special chemical nuclear department...Sweet Honey forward the yellow-black contingent, the bees (symbolic relation with the royalty). Red over blue, physical power over spiritual, blended is purple, again "royalty" but also magic, illusion. It is a code for sweet trap, it comes from the Mahabharata and the Bible (notice all the biblish and jewish references in all the ceremony) and Nagendra, yes, it is Lord of the Serpents, but it makes again reference to the sweet poison, the sweet trap.
They forbid everybody to take pictures or record during the ceremony. They showed the indian contingent only during 10 seconds and there is no other video in internet, enough to manipulate it with movie effects, movie tricks. There is something not right in her movements, in her hair, in her shadows. She is not real, it's a hoax. They wanted to proof how people believe in the medias, they wanted people to ask for harder security techniques...and you see, everybody is doing exactly that. All her identity is probably false, her name, the declarations of her family or friends, her curriculum, her facebook's all made up. Remember the ritual put in the centre the creation of a giant monstruos baby all under purple light. If a baby is concieved during this ceremony it will fall under the asiatic sign of the serpent.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

Woman in Red gatecrashes Olymic parade for India. ... India suffering from massive blackouts or Dark (k)Nights.

Anonymous said...

And what a coincidence, Mathura (holy city) is inside the power failure. Somebody wrote that there is located the Strategic Nuclear command. This and all the suspects of someting happening during the Olympics, the missiles on the roofs in London,...very strange indeed.