Thursday, September 15, 2016

Willy Wonka Syncs

Steve L. writes: "Is it me -- or there some weird kind of Willy Wonka sync going on with this election cycle? A lot of people think Trump looks like an orange Oompa-Loompa, and I just noticed that Hillary Clinton dresses like the girl that is turned into a giant blue berry --- violet beauregarde."

In the remake the new Violet Beauregarde is a blonde like Hillary.

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Steve L. continues:

If you think about it Willy Wonka is very Similar to Pied Piper Myth ---- a Mysterious character who lures children with Candy, instead of a pipe. Also, the ChildCatcher (screenplay by Roald Dahl) is kind of Pied Piper character as well --- leading children into danger.

The Child Catcher did not appear in Ian Fleming's novel, but was created by Roald Dahl, who wrote the screenplay for the film. The Child Catcher's song, Kiddy Widdy Winkies, was created for the 2002 stage version which enjoyed a smash hit run at the London Palladium, before going on tour.
Originally played by ballet dancer Sir Robert Helpmann in the 1967 film, the character has been voted the scariest children's villain and came in at No.37 in Channel 4's 100 Scariest Movie Moments.
Christopher follows the likes of Richard O'Brien, Paul O'Grady and Boyzone star Stephen Gateley in the stage role.
"I'm still getting into my stride so I can't say exactly how I'll be playing him, but I can say that's he's thoroughly nasty with no redeeming features," says Christopher. "The Child Catcher is everyone's worst fear, I spoke to someone the other day who she said she'd never really recovered from watching him in the film as a child.
"I once played Abanaza in panto and I got letters from parents saying You should tone it down, you've terrorised my child.' But children love being terrified, we all do."
The Child Catcher works for villainous Baron Bomburst but Christopher reckons he has ulterior motives. "I've been wondering what the Child Catcher actually does to these children once he's caught them. He makes them vanish, there's no trace of them. I think he eats them."
Well, I wouldn't put it past him. He's a horrible but fascinating creature, the kind that only Roald Dahl could create.
"He reminds me of Nosferatu, a sinister, pale, wiry figure hiding in the dark," says Christopher. "In the film he was a Pied Piper figure. He lures children into his wagon by tempting them with sweets so I suppose they're not too scared initially. Although realistically, I don't think any child would go anywhere near him, especially in this day and age."


By Wayne Bush

PETER PIPER who picked a peck of pickled peppers, a pepper is of the piper genus
THE PIED PIPER tricked the townspeople and led all the children into a giant rock or mountain and is where we get the phrase "pay the piper"
Stairway to Heaven which starts out with a flute says The piper's calling you to join him, the tune will come to you at last where all are one and one is all and to be a rock and not to roll

Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Sgt Pepper taught the band to play, Youre such a lovely audience we like to take you home with us

DR PEPPER - I'm a pepper, youre a pepper wouldnt you like to be a pepper too?
Pepsi slogan-- join the Pepsi Generation

"Piper At the Gates of the Dawn" and "Pay the Devil" lyrics by van morrison insinuate the piper is the devil

The trickster Willy Wonka the wizard or the magician had a flute, had a chocolate factory and all the kids/bad eggs would disappear/die thru pipes in his factory.
Finally, the Doctor Who TV show had an episode named Moonbase where a cyberman named The Piper, whose base was on the moon, would come to take a man when he was dying, fit him with a metal headpiece and alter or "convert" him. and "convert" him. The Piper had a wand he used as a weapon.


Syncra said...

Thanks for bringing up the topic, Loren. The Pied Piper, as an archetype, takes away the children's innocence via music (entertainment, collective fantasy). I've been wondering, why scare the children? Who's benefiting? Why now?

Tom Mellett said...

Hi New Day,

It depends on which archetype of the Pied Piper you use.

In the Grimm's fairy tale of 1816, the Pied Piper is called der Rattenfänger, which means “the rat-catcher.” He is hired by the town of Hamelin in the year 1284 to rid them of their rat infestation. He succeeds, but then the town decides not to pay his fee. In retaliation, the Pied Piper comes back and rids the town of its children in the same way he got rid of the rats. So here we see the motivation of tit for tat vengeance: if you're not going to pay me for getting rid of your rats, then I will come back and get rid of your children.

But in the earlier version of 1370, there are no rats and there is also no motivation given to the Piper either. It is simply a narration of events that the Pied Piper, a young man of 30, arrives on June 26, 1284 and leads away a total of 130 children from the town. Some scholars impute a motivation of the Piper being a recruiter for the Children's Crusade which happened in 1212, in which case the motivation is to march on Jerusalem and convert the Muslims to Christianity in a peaceful way.


Unknown said...

Loren! The trash can bombings : thoughts please?!
The New York Times is reporting an earlier bombing off the Jersey shore during a race of some type. Two bombings in one day in nyc

Syncra said...

Hi Tom. The history of the Pied Piper is interesting It is even connected to young people leaving the town for work in a distant land. But I think it's an archetypal representation of the human reaction to music.

The Pied Piper's archetype is specific to the "seduction" of children, en masse, away from their parents and away from their cultural heritage, which is the warning.
Human's can be "taken" away by music and children and youths are susceptible.

IMO, Willy Wonka represents karma, while the Pied Piper represents the vulnerability of youth.

And today's violent-face clowns represent lurking sadism.
I'm not sure if it is intentional psy-ops, copycat sadism, or both.