Monday, May 28, 2018

Clown Killed at Little Caesars

Clowns. Clown masks. Clown masks. And more clown masks.

Two men wearing clown masks held up a Queens pharmacy at gunpoint on May 22, 2018. This caused a Twitter user to post this tweet:

Then it was only four days until the next evil clown story.

Heriberto Feliciano, 28, was closing up the Little Caesars pizza shop in Holly Hill, Florida, around 11:50 pm on Saturday, May 26, 2018. A "clown" was waiting for him at the side door and attacked him with a wooden post. When the post broke, the masked man pushed Feliciano to the ground and tried to stab him with scissors. Feliciano retrieved a concealed firearm and fired four to five shots at close range. The masked man died at the hospital. Source.

The Holly Hill Police Department released the photograph of the mask (at top) worn by the individual who attacked the Little Caesars employee.

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Anonymous said...

That's not like any clown I've ever seen. I would label that a vampire mask, a la Nosferatu.