Sunday, June 17, 2012

Crossing Named Killer Caught in Attempted Crossing

There has been another mall shooting. On Friday night, June 15, 2012, at the University of Alberta HUB Mall, during the robbery of an armored vehicle, three guards were killed and a fourth is hanging onto life.

The University of Alberta shooting suspect at the center of an international manhunt was arrested Saturday while attempting to cross the U.S.-Canada border.

Police say Travis Baumgartner, 21, was caught at the Lynden, WA U.S.-Canada border south of Abbotsford, B.C.

Police say Baumgartner was arrested while driving his dark blue Ford F-150.
The suspect is another guard.

Travis Brandon Baumgartner

French: Crossing
Last name origins & meanings:
1. English (mainly Lancashire and Yorkshire): occupational name for a gatherer of tolls exacted for the right of passage across a bridge, ford, or other thoroughfare, from Middle English travis ‘crossing’, variant of travers.
2. German: Americanized variant of Drewes.

Old English: Fiery hill
Last name origins & meanings:
1. English: habitational name from any of various places called Brandon, in County Durham, Northumbria, Norfolk, Suffolk, Warwickshire, and elsewhere. Most are named with Old English brōm ‘broom’, ‘gorse’ + dūn ‘hill’. One in Lincolnshire, however, may be named with the Brant river, on which it stands; Ekwall derives the river name from Old English brant ‘steep’, presumably with reference to its steep banks.
2. Irish (Kerry): Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Breandáin ‘son of Breandán’.
3. French: from the Old French oblique case of the personal name Brand, of Germanic origin.

German and Swiss German (also Baumgärtner): occupational name for someone who owned or worked in an orchard, from an agent derivative of Baumgarten, or habitational name for someone from any of various minor places called Baumgarten.

Baumgarter was caught at the US-Canadian border when he attempted to cross without a passport.

Tom Schreiber with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said: "Sometimes you have to scratch your head an wonder why people would knowingly come up and make contact with law enforcement. Maybe he thought he would be able to get through — I don't know."

Travis Baumgartner, who had been sought in what police termed an 'international manhunt,' was arrested Saturday. (Plenty of Fish)

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