Friday, June 01, 2012

Synchromystic Cannibals?

by Loren Coleman ©2012
Kessel le Vieux Jan van (1626-1679) Peinture sur cuivre
Cannibals are in the news this week. Why? Miami, Montreal, Maryland. Did you also hear about Manitoba, as well? Synchromystic cannibals? Synchronicity? Copycat media?


The word "cannibalism" originated from caníbales, the Spanish name for the Carib people, a West Indies ethnic social group formerly well known for their practice of cannibalism. Cannibalism, also called anthropophagy, is defined as the act or practice of humans (Homo sapiens) eating the flesh of other human beings, although prehistorically Neandertals eating CroMagnons and CroMagnons eating Neandertals has been called cannibalism. Humans eating Homo floresiensis, the so-called little people, the Hobbits of Flores Island may have taken place, and I'm sure that would be called cannibalism, as well. 

A person who practices cannibalism is called a cannibal. They aren't zombies. They aren't vampires. Both of those are mostly fictionalized characterizations. Cannibals are real. The folktale/fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel is, at its core, about cannibalism. The account about Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed and ate men and boys between 1978 and 1991 in Wisconsin, is a true tale of cannibalism.
In the last week, the news has been filled with cannibals. Despite attempts to avoid the news, how can we? Cannibals are in the news. Why?

Miami Cannibal
First, we have 31-year-old Rudy Eugene (in box below) videotaped devouring Ronald Poppo, homeless man (face first) during an unprovoked attack Saturday (May 26, 2012) afternoon, which started near the Miami Herald building, and ended on the Mac­Arthur Causeway in Miami, Florida. When Eugene ignored orders to stop, police shot him dead. 

Above Top Secret already detailed, as I often do here, the synchromystic name game. What is to be found is intriguing.

Rudy = Rudolph = Rudolf = from Germanic Hrudolf = hrod/"fame" + wulf/"wolf"
Eugene = "well-born"

Ronald = "ruler's counselor"
Poppo = this has been the name of various religious figures, like Popes.

So, "Rudy Eugene" is a well-born, famous wolf?  A werewolf? And "Ronald Poppo" is to be understood as having some relationship to ruler's decisions, power, Popes, and father figures (poppo - poppy - pop - Popes).
Ronald Poppo, 65, (left) is still alive and in a hospital. A surprising twist in the story is his sister, Antoinette Poppo, thought her brother had killed himself years ago.
As is often heard, friends and neighbors of the attacker did not understand this kind of behavior from the person they knew. Rudy Eugene's girlfriend said the attack could only be explained by Eugene being drugged or the victim of a Voodoo curse, she said.

Montreal Cannibal
Meanwhile, in Montreal, police were seeking Luka Rocco Magnotta (above), a gay porn star in relation to the discovery on Tuesday (May 29, 2012) of a male torso in Montreal and a hand and foot from the torso mailed to Ottawa. Magnotta, 29, fled after a Chinese male associate was chopped up and eaten in Canada. Officials feared Magnotta might be heading back to London.

Luka Rocco Magnotta was born July 24, 1982 in Scarborough, Ontarioas Eric Clinton Newman but also known as Vladimir Romanov or Mattia Del Santo.

The National Post noted
On the web, which is where the alleged killer variously known as Luka Magnotta and Eric Clinton Newman and Vladmir Romanov was if not born then certainly nourished, he was identified five days ago as the possible maker of the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video.For the record, the video, whether it is faked or real, whether or not it is ultimately tied to the discoveries in Ottawa and Montreal of a dismembered foot (mailed to Conservative Party headquarters), a dismembered hand (caught by Canada Post) and a torso in a suitcase (discovered by a janitor) is sick-making.
Luka = "Man from Lucania"
Rocco = "battle cry"
Magnottadiminutive of Magna, a feminine form of Magno, "fat"

Update: See here for more information on the real Russian individual named "Vladmir Romanov" who owns the Scottish football (soccer) team named Hearts. (Thanks, aferrismoon.)
Magnotta's victim has been identified as Lin Jun (above), a 33-year-old Chinese man studying at Concordia University in Montreal. He apparently was killed on May 24th or 25th.

Magnotta is believed to be on the run in France, and reported to be obsessed by the Eiffel Tour.

Update: Magnotta has been arrested. Click here for more details.
Maryland Cannibal
On Thursday (May 31, 2012), at the 21-year-old college student Alexander Kinyua’s bail review, a judge denied him bail. But the suspect, who was arrested on Wednesday, remained calm. He said very little other than he was originally from Nairobi, Kenya, and had strong community ties to Maryland after living here for nine years. But details behind this stunning crime remain a mystery. Investigators say Kinyua killed his Morgan State University roommate 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, and then ate his heart and parts of his brain. He cut off his victim’s head and hands and stored them in his family’s townhouse on Terrapin Terrace in Joppatowne, Maryland.
Alexander Kinyua, left, and Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, right.

Kinyua was due to be expelled from university after beating a fellow student with a baseball bat days earlier. That student was left blind in one eye by the apparently random attack.

Agyei-Kodie, a Ghanaian national, was also dismissed from Morgan after receiving a conviction for a fourth-degree sex offense, harassment and stalking in 2008.

I have been unable to find what exact tribal groups these men are from, or what translations there are for their names. 

Update: As a reader notes (under comments), the Kenyan's name is Kikuyu and the meaning of "Kinyua" appears to be Kiswahili for "drinker."

The Kikuyu group is culturally tied to reports of cannibalism. Furthermore, the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya occurred between 1952 and 1960, and involved the Kikuyu-dominated anti-colonial group called Mau Mau. British soldiers developed mythic racist rumors that the Mau Mau were "wild, bloodthirsty and cannibal black terrorists."

Manitoba Cannibal
Missed by most is the precursor news event to these recent cannibal stories, the one that appeared on May 22, 2012. CBC revisited the Manitoba Greyhound bus decapitation and cannibalism incident of July 30, 2008. As Andrew Griffith of Red Dirt Report pointed out to me, the news story put out across Canada during May 2012 was about Vince Weiguang Li (shown above as prisoner), who beheaded and ate a fellow passenger aboard a bus in Manitoba nearly four years ago. Li "believed he was chosen by God to save people from an alien attack."
Vince Li's victim, 22-year-old Tim McLean.

Chinese Cannibal
For more on a Chinese serial killer recently arrested, who is being called a "cannibal," click here.

Cannibals' Name Game
The similar sounding names Poppo, Rocco, and Joppatowne in these three recent stories pop into the mind's eye.

Geographical Groups of Historical Cannibals
The traditional locations of cannibalism have been specific to certain areas of the world, although individual incidents of humans eating humans are known globally. Cannibalism was widespread in the past among humans in many parts of the world, continuing into the 19th century in some isolated South Pacific cultures, and to the present day in parts of tropical Africa. In a few cases in insular Melanesia, indigenous flesh-markets existed. Fiji was once known as the "Cannibal Isles." Cannibalism has been well documented around the world, from Fiji to the Amazon, from the Congo to Māori New Zealand. Today, the Korowai cultural group is one of very few tribes still believed to eat human flesh as a ritual practice.
Menschenfresserin by Leonhard Kern, 1650


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Coleman,

I am originally from Kenya. Kinyua is a name used by the Kikuyu tribe (surname). In Kiswahili it means 'a drink' so could be translated as 'drinker' ...

Serenity said...

Loren, not sure if you had heard of this one, I'm including a link below. OTTY (maybe not as similar as the other names but has slight similarity) Sanchez decapitated her 3 1/2 week old child and ate part of his brain and 3 of his toes. This occurred sometime before the end of July 2009.

Also, not sure if Otty is her actual name or a nickname, it could be a nickname for Octavia or Ottavia, both which mean Eighth.

Here's the link:

aferrismoon said...

Luke Magnotta also used the name Vladimir Romanov which is also the name of Heart of Midlothian FC's owner.

The package sent to Conservatives in Canada had a red-heart on the box.


aferrismoon said...

Dressed in a priest's robe, in Tel Aviv


alanborky said...

Loren aren't cannibalism and human-sacrifice the first things culture bringers like Quetzalcoatl put an immediate stop to?

Mightn't these cannibals/human sacrificers then be unwitting heralds if not provokers of just such a new culture?

Anonymous said...

the miami 'couple' were both completely nude at the time of the attack- you think that is irrelevant? and your other examples also seem to all be gay men. also not irrelevant. nor did any of them seem to be religious in any way...

Anonymous said...

Loren, I recall reading, in last the year or so(?), about another cannibal incident on a south sea island (French-speaking?)of a German young man being killed and eaten by a local tribal man, with help from a couple of friends. It started from the local tribal man lusting after the girlfriend of the German man, then purportedly guiding them on a trip into the interior, as the couple were trekers, of a sort. This incident didn't get any play in US papers, but I read it on the front page (online) of Der Speigel.
Also, in the Nostradamas writings wasn't there something of "man eating man", along with the earthquakes, floods, etc. as precursers of the greater apocalypse? I find this recent grouping of cannibal events to be extremely weird and curious.

Devin said...

Loren -I just had an 'eerie' moment when I realized that greyhound victim McLean had same (or very close?) surname to American Pie (don Mclean) songwriter -didnt that song also have elements of 'ceremony' and 'sacrifice' in it?
I had a thought that perhaps the tptb are announcing a huge scale sacrifice in the coming weeks/months? God, I hope not-things are effed up enough already!

Anonymous said...

This recent cluster of cannibal incidents has me unsettled in a way not experienced since the Manson killings and the Summer of Sam. Is this by purpose?
Two observations....(1)-the Miami incident begs the question of the attacker being spirit-possesed. Further, the manner of attack resembles, to an extent, of the way a American mountain lion eats a human kill. Finders of lion victims report the lion having the licked the head clean down to the skelton, then eating out the thorso cavity. According to the latest report, the Miami victim had the forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth area cleaned to the skelton. The growling, with flesh in his mouth, at the police officer? What kind of drug can cause someone to do this? Are you kidding me?
(2)-In the Montreal case, it seems to me that the perpetrator could not have have done all the things alone, without the support of other people. Traveling to London, now Paris and disappearing. Cleaning out his appartment of most stuff. What did he do all day? How did he get money to live? There is much, much more to come out here. Very unsettling week, in our Strange World.

Adam Evenson said...

Loren, I must disagree with only one thing in your otherwise lucid and instructive post. The Miami incident you cite, particularly, and the bus incident, cannot be characterized generically as just another incident of cannibalism. I expect the word "zombie" will find its way into an enduring spotlight ere this present trend is done.

All acts of cannibalism do not exhibit the necessary "zombie" characteristic. Ordinary cannibalism is not driven by a total lack of concern for self-preservation and single-minded purpose as the "zombie" form of it is. The zombie is one that has been reduced mentally to absolute savagery, where there is no "human being" at all at the wheel, so that all things in the zombie's field of view are meaningless except for the target of blood lust. Cannibalism is secondary and only incidental to the savagery of the blood lust itself.

The human zombie is characterized, not so much by cannibalism, per se, which may become incidental to what the human beast has become, but by the single-minded purpose of blood lust in which the zombie apparently knows not that any authority outside said lust even exists. This is plainly revealed in the bus incident and recently in Miami.

It is as though the human zombie in action is a dominant lion in a pack feeding in the wild. This is a much more complex kind of incident than mere human cannibalism driven by sexual desires, or any other manner of hunger, such as primitive humans of old (and even presently) exhibit in their own kind of cannibalistic feeding schedules.

Loren Coleman said...

Re: Adam Everson's comment.

This is a nonfiction blog, generally, and this posting on "cannibals" is factual. I must point out that, by definition, a zombie (Haitian Creole: zonbi; North Mbundu: nzumbe) is an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means, such as witchcraft.

As far as can be determined, the incidents in Miami and Manitoba, Maryland and Montreal, involved real people eating real victims. Cannibals, not zombies.

Anonymous said...

Lukos is 'wolf' in Greek (and gives us the Latin 'lupus'). The city of Lucania is derived for the 'lukos' root as their ancient wolf-head coins show. So in the case of both Luka and Rudolf we have werewolves not zombies. This reminds us that we increasingly returning to an era where "Homo homini lupus".

The Wa Kikuyu tribe in Kenya is famous in the western world for two things the Mau Mau insurgency and the 'Tsavo Man-Eaters' - two lions who reportedly ate over 100 humans at the turn of the twentieth century. The lions were also believed to be some form of shape-shifters (ilium).

[One shape-shifter website lists the Kikuyu were-lion & Greek werewolf right beside each other:,+Africa,+and+the+Middle+East+]

Vincent Li is associated with the Wendigo mythos but its also worth noting that the in-bus movie at the time was 'The Legend of Zorro' (2005) which features a gruesome decapitation. 'Zorro' is Spanish for 'fox' & in the 2009 film 'Antichrist' a fox infamously states that "Chaos Reigns".

Luther Bliss

Red Pill Junkie said...

I understand not wanting to exploit the term 'zombie' when dealing with these gruesome stories. But in the movie '28 days' the zombie figure was reimagined as a mindless ravenous ghoul which had been infected by a 'rage virus' produced in a secret laboratory.

And in this context, recent news from Miami really makes you think that the line between fiction and truth has been utterly blurred.

The mention of the Korowai tribe who still maintains ritual cannibalism in Papua New Guinea reminded me of an article I read in Discover magazine some years ago, on how this practice would turn out to be deadly risky due to prions located in the victim's brain. The article noted that pretty much all Westerners were also in similar danger due to how little attention we've given to the threat of Mad Cow disease --And some of you might remember ho in the movie Zombieland the zombie virus was explained as:

"The plague of the 21st Century, remember mad cow disease? Well mad cow became mad person became mad zombie. It's a fast acting virus that leaves you with a swollen brain, a raging fever, makes you hateful and violent and leaves you with a really bad case of the munchies."

Finally, I must admit I concur with the Anon who mentioned Nostradamus. It's impossible not to think of that program with Orson Welles and that rendering of 'men eating men.' I'm not saying this is sign that the quatrains have been fulfilled, but it's hard to get rid of the imagery :-/

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Queen wanted a Zombie freak show for her Jubilee celebrations?
Zombies.......for the woman who has everything!

Anonymous said...

I feel that I must take exception to the anonymous comment yesterday at 4:39PM. The writer, in a short poorly written way, seems to be implying that these cannibal incidents all have some gay connection, in a implied predujiced way.
This is ridiculous. Only the Montreal case has a gay connection. He seems to be saying that because both of the Miami people were found naked, that there is a gay connection. Also, laughably ridiculous. The attacker had a active girlfriend, and the victim was a homeless man who had a wife and daughter (but who hadn't seem them in 30 years). News reports cite the attacker as stripping while walking along the highway, then stripping the victim at the beginning of the attack. Nothing sexual was mentioned by any of the withnesses during this vicious, and apparently, unprovoced attack. One passby driver reported a 911 call where he said there were 2 naked men on the sidewalk and he didn't want to look further at anything. I wish people would use common sense and explore the facts before jumping to erroneous conclusions, based on discrimatory preconceived conceptions.

The Montreal case clearly involved 2 gay men, the only such case in this cluster. To me it looks like a shallow, unhappy, extremely narcississtic, attractive young gay man, went over to the dark side as he progressed into his later 20's, and found his looks fading and his success/celebrity unrealized. I see some similarities to the Andrew Cunanan serial killing spree of 1997, only this case is much, much darker. I believe that it will come out that he had outside help in the "flipping of the switch" to greater evil. This is an extreme abnormality in the gay community. There are many similar young gay men, shallow, somewhat narcisscisstic, etc. who age into normal people in normal relationships, with normal positive contributions to society. Any abnormal attacker should not be used for generalizations or attacks on diverse groupings.

I am revolted by the Montreal attackers actions to the innocent victim and the innocent animals, and wish the universe supplies a deserving punishment.

But please, let's not negatively stereotype gays, or any other group or subgroup in these complex situations.

Thank You,

Adam Evenson said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comeback, Loren, however, various sciences are known to exploit fictionalized and even mythical characters scattered all through history to name various non-fictional conditions in man. One that comes to mind quickly is the Oedipus complex. Oedipus was quite mythical, but psychological science transplanted it neatly into everyday real, non-mythical behaviors in the modern world. Another is Narcissus, for those who love themselves too much in socially "unacceptable" ways. There is even a God complex. One may say of an overbearing individual, "He/she is just playing God."

Psychiatry is filled with fictionalized character traits employed to describe actual, non-fictional behaviors in real, present day life. How many such instances can you and your readers think of off the tops of your heads?

The psychological sciences (and even medical science) mix fictional/mythical characterizations with non-fictional factual ones in this manner because of the richness of the mythical, fictional metaphors employed. It is far easier to explain a highly complex behavior this way than rewriting history in basically a synonymous way using only modern, non-fictional language, such as you are doing with cannibalism.

I expect the term "zombie" will gain plenty of non-fictionalized traction ere the "bath salts" craze has run its course.

Jeremy Puma said...

Loren, don't know if you saw it, but there are some really interesting details about the Maryland case in this article. Note the mention of wolves:,0,395497.story

More recently, he appeared obsessed with the military and spirituality, according to online writings posted under the screen name "COREeye67," which The Baltimore Sun linked to Kinyua by cross-referencing it with other information he posted online. His social media accounts show bursts of activity, including more than 200 messages on Twitter in one day. A Facebook post from February refers to "mass human sacrifices" and discusses the survival of the "black family."

For an image to accompany his "Warrior Syndicate" Internet radio show Kinyua selected a picture of himself in face paint and wrote an ominous introduction: "Prepare yourself for a demanding and long-term engagement in the coming age if there is to be any hope for a positive outcome in the current … environment."

An album on Kinyua's Facebook page refers to a trip to New Mexico in August 2011, and shows him in his bedroom surrounded by posters of wolves, eagles and nature scenes, as well as a phoenix. One image is a poster of a ghoul with fangs who is covering up his victim's mouth and preparing to bite.

"It's a nightmare — one of my posters by my bed," the caption reads.

A search for COREeye67 brings up some fascinating background info on Kinyua, much of which is detailed here:

Anonymous said...

The conditioning of the group mind with these Zombies or cannibals has been widespread and is ongoing. Since at least January 2009 electronic street signs on the side of the road occassionaly warned "CAUTION, ZOMBIES AHEAD!" I saw one personally in 2010 in Phoenix on 16th street south of Highland. Also before the outbreak of these Zombie attacks, the CDC ran a Zombie apocalypse preperation campaign that you can still see on their website. Just last week, no less then 8 counties in Maine had emergency officials training for zombie attacks. I love Michael Hoffman II and truly enjoyed my Hoffman lenses since reading his book 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare' -BDL Ben

Syncra said...

And in 2017,
From UK's The Sun, a CNN news presenter eats human brain.

Modeling. Expect another wave of cannibal stories in the NEWS.