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Delphi Twins





"The Temple of Apollo at Delphi" by Giovanni Ruggero

Delphi, Lafayette, Fayette Factor, Twin Pines, Down the Hill, Oracle, Railroad Trestle, 501.

Twin Pines.

The Trestle.

The bodies of 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams were discovered on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2017, close to an abandoned railroad bridge near Delphi, about 20 miles from Lafayette, and around 60 miles from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Delphi, Indiana*

The Fayette Factor.

Down the Hill.

Liberty German, 14, one of two teenage girls killed along a northern Indiana hiking trail used her mobile phone beforehand to capture video of the man who killer her and her friend, Abigail Williams, 13.

Indiana State Police played a clip of the man’s voice during a news conference, where he can be heard saying: “down the hill.”

Liberty also captured a grainy image released by police of a man walking near the hiking trail outside Delphi about the time she and Abigail disappeared on February 13, 2017.

The police tip line for the case is: 844-459-5786.

501 Steps.

*Delphi, Indiana.

General, Samuel Milroy, "one of the most noted men of the Wabash valley," was born in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, on August 14, 1780. He came to Carroll County Indiana, in the spring of 1826 and was a leader in establishing that county in 1827–1828 as well as the originator of the name "Delphi" for its county seat. He was a representative for Carroll County to the state legislature in 1837 and again in 1838. For further details of his life, see John C. Odell, History of Carroll County (Indianapolis, Indiana., 1916), 175–176. From "The Logansport Telegraph and the Monster of the Indiana Lakes" by Donald Smalley, Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 42, Issue 3, pp 249-267, 1946


andrewbigdoor said...

Syncra said...

Very, very sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends.

From a simple surf 'n click I uncovered several curious links.

501: In the YEAR 1936, the famous 501 the RED TAB is first placed onto the right back pocket. The patent number for the famous Levi riveted clothing method is 139,121. (Paraphrased from 139,121 = 17, or the YEAR '17.


The NUMBER 501: "In the gematria of Eleazar of Worms, the Hebrew words "temunah" (image) and "parsuf 'adam" (human face) both had the numerological value of 501." Quote from Wikipedia).

LIBERTY = free. GERMAN = genuine; of the same parents.
MONON = >ancient Greek; one, alone, singular.

Bridges are always symbolic of connection between two sides, two lands, two places, heaven and earth, etc.

Rivers are highly symbolic of many things; time, underworld, blood/nerve system of Gaia, fertility, life, and more. Rivers are a common place of SACRIFICE.

Greek god Zeus founded DELPHI as the center or navel of Gaia. Here, Apollo defeated Python, a great SNAKE/SERPENT. At Delphi, there was always an ORACLE.

There is a WATER source near the Apollo temple in Delphi, Greece. It was used for ritual cleansing and was associated with the Greek nymph, Kastalia.

The WATER source of Delphi, IA is the DEER Creek Gorge. DEER are known as psychopomps, or SOUL GUIDES to the underworld.

There are more syncs within the NAME GAME of this NEWS story than I have time to place here. IMHO, no matter what the cause, there are very strong COINCIDENTAL undercurrents to this tragedy.

Erin O'Riordan said...

As a resident of Indiana, I associate the name "Deer Creek" with nothing else so much as the large music venue formerly the Deer Creek Music Center, now called the Klipsch Music Center (Klipsch being, of course, the high-end stereo speaker company).

My husband and I come down from our small city near the Michigan border once a month to visit Lafayette, the relatively large city southwest of Delphi. (West Lafayette, where Purdue University is located, is on the west bank of the Wabash River, and Lafayette is on the east bank.) There's very little to do in Delphi, but we have visited the historical museum. The museum docent we spoke to that day last summer told us there is no official explanation for who named the town Delphi or why anyone came up with that Classical name.

It may be worth noting that in between tiny Delphi and Lafayette is another tiny town, Battle Ground. It is the site of the 1811 Battle of Tippecanoe between American forces led by William Henry Harrison (then governor of the Indiana Territory, later President) and a coalition of Native American forces led by the warrior-mystic Tecumseh. The actual battle ground is now a park, and the main attraction in the town of Battle Ground is nearby Wolf Park, an animal sanctuary.

If William Henry Harrison is remembered at all today, it's usually for having the shortest presidency. He's the one who died 30 days after being inaugurated.

Sarah said...

This is fascinating. I have been researching possible occult links to this crime. One interesting connection is the dates of the girls murders with those of the two girls in Iowa. Abby and Libby were killed on 2-13-17. Lyric and Elizabeth were killed on 7-13-12. If you say the dates in reverse they mirror eachother. The dates also add up to 32. Both murders happened on the 13th of the month the day before Valentine's which is actually anot ancient pagan holiday. Not sure if this is significant. I know numberst are important in the occult world. Just wanted to share since you seem very knowledgeable about occult symbolism.

Loren Coleman said...

Comment maker Sarah: Thank you for your contribution.

However, your reference to "Lyric and Elizabeth" appears to be without any identification to whom you are talking about.

I found via a search that you must be talking of...

Elizabeth June Marie Collins, 8

Lyric Ray Lynn Cook, 10

Went Missing from Meyers Lake: Friday, July 13, 2012, in Evansdale, Iowa, in Black Hawk County

Bodies Found in Seven Bridges Wildlife Park in Bremer County: Dec. 5, 2012

Date of Deaths: July 13, 2012


BTW, "Both murders happened on the 13th of the month the day before Valentine's" must be a typo as one of the dual murders was in July.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry. Lyric Cook age 10 and Elizabeth Collins a few 8. Two young cousins from Evansdale, Iowa who were murdered on 7/13/12. There bodies were found in a wooded area near water 5 months after they were killed. No one has been caught. There are eerie similarities but no firm connection.

Sarah said...

Inside Edition did this episode comparing the two cases.

Sarah said...

Yes, I meant to say both murders happened on 13th of the month. Libby and Abby were murdered the day before Valentine's which may be significant in terms of the occult.

Sarah said...

Yes, I meant to say both murders happened on 13th of the month. Libby and Abby were murdered the day before Valentine's which may be significant in terms of the occult.

Sarah said...

Thank you for.posting the video. I am no expert on the Occult. Some members and I discussed this a bit on the Justice for Liberty German and Abigail Williams FB group but some members did not want to go there. Prefer to discuss with those who understand this world.

mixproject said...

yes Sarah as many have realized these occult organizations are often fronts for organized crime and trafficking run by govt intel agencies. Folks going on about number theory are either following a red herring or pushing disinfo. Indiana however is believed to be a hotbed or hub of trafficking activity. there are others who have made reference to this and certain individuals residing in the general Delphi area that may be connected to the girls.


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