Monday, February 27, 2017

Fayette Factor at the Oscars

It was one of those little details that often gets lost in the mess left in the wake of a massive mistake, as was witnessed at the 2017 Academy Awatds.

Many blamed Warren Beatty for announcing La La Land as the Best Picture of the Year, instead of the real winner, Moonlight

But it was Faye Dunaway who actually read the card. She was the Fayette Factor of the evening.

On Monday, February 27, 2017, a fatal plane crash occurred in Riversiide, California, one-half block from Beatty Drive. (Also, please note, Nicholas Park nearby, which Jim Brandon has also pointed to as a name to watch.)

Three people were killed and two were injured Monday when a plane nosedived into a Riverside neighborhood shortly after takeoff, destroying two houses and starting a fire that burned for hours.

At an evening news conference, Riverside Fire Chief Michael Moore had said four people were dead, but late Monday night he said three were killed, and said all had been on the airplane. No residents of the damaged homes were injured, he said.

The plane was carrying five people - a husband and wife and three teenagers - who had attended a weekend cheerleading competition at Disneyland, Moore said.

The Cessna 310 piloted by the wife had just taken off from Riverside Municipal Airport to return home to San Jose when, for reasons still unknown, it went down about 4:40 p.m. a mile east of the airport, setting several houses ablaze on Rhonda Road.

H/T for the Beatty Drive awareness to Matthew Deagle.


Unknown said...

Plane crash near Beatty Drive (north of Central and Streeter) in Riverside, California.

Unknown said...

Note also the weird comedy-film Ishtar starring Beatty & Dustin Hoffman: