Thursday, October 30, 2014

Out of This World on November 7th?

Events have happened on November 7ths in the past and incidents will occur on November 7, 2014. Watch out. What those are remain to be seen. We may wish to look to the skies for their origins. Or closer to home. Let me explain.

As George Santayana (1863-1952) is often quoted to have said: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

I should add, those who ignore the signs and symbols from the past may be surprised when current experiences are mirrors of earlier times.

Something significant is in the wings for Friday, November 7, 2014. Is there a pattern of events that have taken place in the past? Let's have a look.

Is there any similarity to historic incidents that have been registered on November 7ths?

How about topics defined as...

1811 - Tecumseh's War: The Battle of Tippecanoe was fought near present-day Battle Ground, Indiana, United States. The Shawnee Indians and Chief Tecumseh were defeated by William Henry Harrison.
1837 - In Alton, Illinois, abolitionist printer Elijah P. Lovejoy is shot dead by a mob while attempting to protect his printing shop from being destroyed a third time.
1893 - In Barcelona, Spain, 23 people including 9 women, were killed at Liceo Opera House by a bomb thrown by anarchist Salvador Franch.
1908 - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are reportedly killed in San Vicente, Bolivia.
1940 - The middle section of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington state collapsed during a windstorm. The suspension bridge had opened to traffic on July 1, 1940.
1983 - A bomb exploded inside the United States Capitol. No one is injured, but an estimated $250,000 in damage is caused. A caller said the bomb was an action against US aggression in Grenada and Lebanon.
1996 - In Nigeria Flight 086, a Boeing 727 belonging to the Aviation Development Corp., crashed near Epe east of Lagos and 141 [142] people died.
2007 - Jokela school shooting occurred in Tuusula, Finland, resulting in the death of nine people.
2012 - In California, Lawrence Jones, 42, a discharged parolee, shot four coworkers before shooting himself at Valley Protein, a poultry processing plant.
2012 - In China, four self-immolations took place. Three Tibetan teenage monks, aged 15-16, set themselves on fire outside a police office in southwest Sichuan province. At least one died. A 23-year-old Tibetan nomadic woman, Tamdin Tso, died after self-immolating in western Qinghai province.
Is there anything there that we might observe repeated?

Spying a little deeper, one event appears to have created ripples through time related to what first happened back in 1917. Those would be the temporal outcomes from...

The October or Russian or Bolshevik Revolution
1917 - The Gregorian calendar date is of the October Revolution, which gets its name from the Julian calendar date of 25 October. On this date in 1917, the Bolsheviks storm the Winter Palace.
1919 - The first Palmer Raid is conducted on the second anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Over 10,000 suspected communists and anarchists are arrested in 23 different United States cities.
1931 - The Chinese Soviet Republic was proclaimed on the anniversary of the October Revolution, by Mao Tse Tung.
1941 - Russians paraded across Red Square commemorating the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and afterward went directly to the front to defend Moscow from the approaching Nazi forces.
1991 - Pro- and anti-Communists rallies took place in Moscow on the 74th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.
1992 - Alexander Dubcek, 70, former Czechoslovak leader (1968-1969), died in a car crash. His 1968 failed attempt to loosen the Communist grip became known as the Prague Spring.
1992 - Richard Yates, 66, US author of Revolutionary Road (1961), died in Birmingham, Alabama.
2008 - Mieczyslaw Rakowski, 81, Poland's last communist-era party chairman and prime minister, died. Rakowski, a historian and journalist, was chairman of the communist Polish United Workers' Party from July 1989 until the party was dissolved at its January 1990 Congress during the country's bloodless transition to democracy.
Can we expect something from the new Russia? Or accounts related to the old October Revolution? There does seem to be a self-generating human factor here that keeps coming to the surface for Russians, even beyond the Communist era. The anniversary syndrome with deaths also seems to be strong with this date and a "revolutionary" background. This is worth watching.

What I found, more importantly, however, was a common denominator in a specific series of activities, actions, and announcements. My research revealed, in an overwhelming fashion, a thread that kept surfacing. That theme was one linked to space, to astronomy, to rocketry.

Here is an overview of past November 7ths'...

1492 - The Ensisheim meteorite, the oldest meteorite with a known date of impact, struck the earth around noon in a wheat field outside the village of Ensisheim, Alsace, France. Emperor Maximilian visited Ensisheim 15 days after the fall and ordered that the Ensisheim meteorite be preserved in the local church.
1918 - Robert Goddard demonstrated tube-launched solid propellant rockets.
1932 - Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was broadcast for the first time on CBS Radio.
1936: Wernher von Braun's team tested the first clustered liquid-fueled rocket.
1966 - Lunar Orbiter 2 launched by US.
1967 - Surveyor 6 launched for soft landing on Moon.
1984 - The Space Shuttle Discovery STS-51-A launch was scrubbed at T-minus 20 minutes due to high shear winds in the upper atmosphere. Discovery launched successfully the next day.
1996 - NASA's Mars Global Surveyor blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on a mission to map the surface of the Red Planet. It went into orbit around Mars in 2001.
1998 - The Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-95) landed in Cape Canaveral, Florida. After 9 days in space, John Glenn, 77, returned to Earth aboard the Discovery, visibly weak but elated after the mission. On February 20, 1962, Glenn flew the Friendship 7 mission and became the first American to orbit the Earth. Glenn is the last surviving member of the Mercury 7. A Freemason, Glenn is a member of Concord Lodge # 688 New Concord, Ohio, and DeMolay International, the Masonic youth organization. Lots of 7, as you see.
2000 - The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration discovered one of the country's largest LSD labs inside a converted military missile silo in Wamego (means "clear of springs"), Kansas.
2007 - The Space Shuttle Discovery returned to the Kennedy Space Center after a 15-day mission building and repairing the International Space Station.
All of these space-related incidents clustered, remarkably, on November 7ths.

What do we know is going to take place on November 7, 2014? In a word, Interstellar. The film, directed by Christopher Nolan, is set to go into wide release in the USA on November 7, 2014. A perfect date for such an event, it seems.

Anne Hathaway is in The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar.

What was the last big event that created a massive emotional quake from a Christopher Nolan-directed film? That would be the Aurora shooting at the opening of The Dark Knight Rises on July 20, 2012. Will Interstellar's opening be linked to a more hopeful, celestial incident??

More on Interstellar, its ties to 2001, and more, in the coming week.


Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo experienced "an in-flight anomaly" during a test flight on October 31, 2014, the company said on Twitter. Details about the anomaly weren't immediately released.

On its website, Virgin Galactic describes SpaceShipTwo as having a cabin similar in size to an executive jet and capable of carrying two pilots and six passengers.

"The spaceship can be thought of as an air launched glider with a rocket motor and a couple of extra systems for spaceflight," the website says.

One of the two pilots was found dead, and the other one is critically injured.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Veeeery interesting. From what I've seen of Interstellar, it's main message is one of hope in the mid of near-impending doom --but the hope comes at a heavy price.

... said...

Looking forward to reading more on the connections with Space, Interstellar etc. Nolan makes a direct ref. to Kubrick albeit 'through reverse psychology' in the latest clip released from the film. I posted it on my own piece about the science behind the movie, which was all over mainstream media a few days ago.

It does appear there are rockets and astronauts everywhere in the media right now, in one form or another, coincidence? LoL in an ironic way!


Red Dirt Reporter said...

Actress Helen Mirren has been in the news a lot lately. She has a new "drone" film coming out called "Eye in the Sky." Syncing with your space and Soviet communism themes, in "2010: The Year We Make Contact," Mirren plays Soviet cosmonaut and commander of the "Alexei Leonov" as it heads to Jupiter.
Mirren recently discovered she has Russian roots and is related to Leo Tolstoy. In the film "The Last Station," it is noted: "Many of the haunting scenes in the film could just as easily have taken place on the sprawling estates of Dame Helen's own noble ancestors, the Mironovs and the more aristocratic Kamenskys, a century ago as the clock ticked ominously towards the Russian Revolution."

Red Pill Junkie said...

@Red Dirt Reporter: Your reference to Jupiter reminded me of Jupiter Ascending, the upcoming movie from the Wachowski siblings. It's IMDB page says it will premiere in February of 2015, but I think it was originally scheduled to be released this year?

Blue Gate said...

Seriously???? ROCKETS!!!!!! I just can't...WOWSER!!!

... said...

I thought this might be of interest, especially to those that look at these strange events as some kind of ritual.

The other night, at the London red carpet premier of Interstellar, the background music was playing on a loop and it was all very downbeat stuff; Walking on the Moon by the Police, several versions, and David Bowie's Ground Control to Major Tom, over and over... it was noticeable, as I say, in a very downbeat, depressing kind of way!

Just something that I found to be 'weird' for an 'upbeat' occasion.

Blue Gate said...

The above comment mentioned the "red carpet" premiere of Interstellar.....remember the Ikea commercial Loren referenced earlier this week? It had a parody of "REDRUM" and instead said "REDRUG"....hmmm....

Cory Panshin said...

In the first story I saw on the Virgin Galactic crash, I was struck by the trident-like appearance of the complete ensemble when the spaceship is still attached by the carrier yet. That picture is a couple of years old, since it appears in this story from 2012, but I assume the setup hasn't changed.

... said...

OMG Blue Gate, I think you hit the proverbial nail-on-the-head! I'm gonna swear, and I don't usually swear but WTF?!

The Ice-bucket challenge - I am freaked out about the deaths surrounding this now. Some kind of sick ritual stuff in disguise perhaps?


mediter01 said...

Operation Triton in Mediterranean sea:

D.S said...

SpaceShipTwo took off with two pilots on board at 12:20 p.m. ET from Mojave, California in a powered test flight that the company called a "Halloween treat."

Halloween treat indeed.

aferrismoon said...

The Virgin Galactic's logo shows a virgin , I assume, pulling behind her a cloak containing the pupil of an eye. The cloak makes the 'eye' look somewhat demonic.

The virgin's head is inside a space helmet 'severing' her head from her body.

Kore means 'girl' and also 'pupil of the eye'.

Kore = Persephone , Queen of the Underworld, her captivity there brings winter.

'Winter is coming'.

The Zodiac is in Scorpio at present