Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Perfect Synch Storm

The events of October 2014 have been mind-boggling in terms of twilight language, lexilinks, synchromystic overlapping thoughts, and copycat phenomena. Many interpretations and observations have been made across the blogosphere this month, too many for me to link to, as well as in the social media and backchannel emails. The mainstream news has even jumped in, now and then. But I do need to pause, to take a few minutes to take stock of the fact that we are in the midst of this, and get ready for November 7th. More on that soon, but let's take a moment.

This horrible month seems to have started on Saturday, September 27, 2014, when five bodies in the Strack family were discovered to have died mysteriously in their duplex on the road leading to Springville High School in Springville, Utah. That high school's mascot is the Red Devil - based on the concrete company that was named after the use of the word "devil" throughout the area, not just because of the devil on the cement bag, as some would have you believe.

The wormholes are temporal and the rabbit holes are deep. The twilight language played games with many clues during the last 30 days.

One day was so bad, October 24th, that it was termed by one blogger, "Black Friday."

Even evil/killer clowns became part of the mix: see here and here.

How have people been internally integrating all of this?

Let me share some thoughts sent to me by one individual who wishes to remain anonymous. It certainly speaks to the attempt by folks to try to make some sense of all that is occurring:
I wanted to suggest an additional interpretation among the welter of logical interpretations, as to these events. Possibly this is another form of the Killing of the King ritual. The Native America lad who shot up his friends and family at the Tomahawk school had been recently elected "Prince." And the MK-Ultra-style attack on the police by hatchet-man (once again a fellow connected to the US military), took place in Queens. It's all standard Kabbalist ritual, as I see it. So much of these repeated event-makings stink of straight astrotheology/kabala/sorcerous numerology. As the "cosmic doorways" community is aptly detailing. Much easier making sense of all of it when this is assumed as the source. Amusing to me that the "American Slave" assaulting the "Big House" is highlighted by the lad's strangely but childishly informed and expressed postings about the Rothschild dynasty. Also amusing that days later some bloke who "wasn't on his meds" "drives/rams into" the Ten Commandments in OKC, a city with its own unique Satanic flair. And recently the ACLU attacked the idea of this monument, essentially siding with the Church of Satan. They both had the same response to the assault on the monument. Of course, the smashing of the tablets has a clear Biblical resonance, to be understood by Biblical types more than I, probably. The reportage makes an effort to note that the 2nd commandment was the one which suffered the break..meanwhile, it is the 2nd Amendment which is rife in the news. What with all these unstable shooters running about in the land...And as you've prolly noticed, Zale was 32, suggesting a possible succession-link to the lad's chosen number 33...Yep: heady times, Mr. Coleman.

Regarding the number 237, after I noticed that the Logan Airport Ebola scare was linked to Flight 237, other items began turning up, related to 237. See here, here, here, and here.

Then AWG/RDR said, "Within hours of reading this, I went to the tag agency to get a new license plate for my car. Oklahoma tags have three numbers followed by three letters. The numbers? 237, of course!" And he wrote about it here.

Native Americans. See here. Native Americans and 237. See here.

Insights have been shared on the Canadian War Memorial attack, here and here, for example.

Even some events I did not discuss need to be mentioned, like the White House astrologer dying.

I wrote about "car rammings," and soon RDR observed that the Ten Commandments were run down in Oklahoma City.

Temple Mount sychs and car rammings predict the potential for other events. Like the one that happened today:

But wait, Halloween is Friday! And we aren't through with pitchforks/tridents yet.

Coming soon...Why November 7th is worth watching...


Unknown said...

I wouldn't necessarily call JRF's view of himself as a Rothschild slave entirely "childish", since this is exactly how the Hebrews view the people of the world, both the Jewish and Arab ones. One need only read the Talmud or keep up with the statements of Saudi imams to know that slavery is a central doctrine in their "morality". Whatever the Rothschilds themselves are up to now, at one time they were involved in war-profiteering piracy as well as the owning of slaves, as also are many Saudis and Israelis/"Jews" throughout the world. Unfortunately, slavery is a part of ancient Hebrew culture that just won't go away no matter how many prophets condemned it.

Red Pill Junkie said...

"This horrible month seems to have started on Saturday, September 27, 2014, when five bodies in the Strack family were discovered dead mysteriously, in their duplex on a road leading to Springville High School in Springville, Utah. That high school's mascot is the Red Devil - based on the concrete company that was named after the use of the word "devil" throughout the area, not just because of the devil on the cement bag, as some would have you believe."

Well, maybe it started a day earlier.

Right now the most important development in Mexico, is the disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa rural school in Guerrero. The students went missing on September 26th; it has caused such an incredible media storm down here, the state governor was forced to resign, and the whole country has seen massive protests and civil disorder by people demanding the students to be found.

Now, some of the latest developments, which are still kind of difficult to understand, is that the students were somehow involved in a local dispute between two gangs: one is called Guerreros Unidos (warriors united) and the others are called los Rojos (the red ones).

Each day that these young men and women go missing, is one day we come closer to a MASSIVE social chaos in Mexico, with the protests growing increasingly more violent.

Cory Panshin said...

There's something in one of Charles Fort's books linking an outbreak of UFOs to a particularly frenzied religious revival in Wales -- and I've observed more generally that heightened mental states seem to be conducive to synchronisms, prophetic dreams, and paranormal events of every kind. These states can be the result of mental illness, sickness and pain, natural disasters, or political upheaval, but the effect is always to weaken the barriers that ordinarily keep things from slipping through the cracks.

In addition, times like these seem to weaken the constraints on uncivilized behavior, which may explain why beheading is becoming a thing. Normally even terrorists try to justify their actions in moral terms, but ISIS doesn't seem to care, and that's very strange. It's as if the violent and irrational fantasies that are generally confined to dreams and horror movies have been allowed to intrude upon the waking world.

I think holidays like Halloween must have been designed to control that sort of intrusion by limiting it to one day a year and reducing it to a matter of humorous hijinks. But right now, the control mechanisms aren't working.

CVG said...

the partial solar eclipse on 10/23 started at 2:37 PM EDT. the same day the first Ebola case in NY was reported (he landed at JFK 10/17) and a terrorist attack evoked Jack Torrance. the same day a hate crime was stopped by bystanders at Gate C 30 (33) Dallas Fort Worth airport 33 days after ebola patient zero landed there 9/20. it happened to be filmed by a Kennedy on 10/23 (10+23=33). Kennedy/Dallas/33.
10/17 a movie called Mall came out about a lone wolf mall shooting 5 days before 3 consecutive lone wolf attacks.

Dennis/87 said...

To weaken the constraints. The veil being removed. Red shields, red devils. 32 has come up a lot for me of late. Masonic game baseball, score 3 to 2. Who let the dogs/gods out? Shine forth brave souls. Dennis

Dennis/87 said...

Masonic game baseball, score 3 to 2. 32. The synchs have been fast forwarded of late. The neutron bombs being used on the Isil . Stormy days indeed. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis