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David Icke-Inspired School Shooter T. J. Lane Escapes From Prison on 9/11

Update: T. J. Lane was taken into custody about six hours after his prison break.

Convicted school shooter T. J. Lane -- serving life in prison for killing three fellow students at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio on February 27, 2012 -- has escaped from prison, Ohio law enforcement officials reported. Lane escaped at 7:40 p.m. on September 11, 2014, with another inmate, Clifford Opperud, from the Allen Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio. Both currently remain at large.

Lane, who was 17 at the time of the rampage, was sentenced in March 2013, to spend the rest of his life in prison without parole.

During Lane's 2013 trial, he wore a tee-shirt to court that said "Killer." When he addressed the court, he flipped his middle finger and used profanity toward those in the audience, including the victims' families.

One of the most intriguing items of media interest at the time of the shooting was that T. J. Lane had posted that he was "inspired" by David Icke (shown below). It created an uproar from Icke followers. noted in 2012, "Twilight Language may have been one of the first sites to note that according to the Facebook profile of T. J. Lane, one of Lane's favorite books is The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy." 

Yes, I believe I was first, as I merely researched his background on his Facebook page.

For more on this part of the topic, see "'I Like Icke' Fans, T. J., and the Chardon Shootings."

Thomas Lane, aka T. J. Lane, is shown in a portrait from the 2011 Chardon High School yearbook. The Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The following is my report on the shootings, with updated information, at the time, as it was happening:

Columbine copycat? A cafeteria shooting. Photos on the Internet. Name game links to the Valentine's Day NIU shooting. On February 27, 2012, there was news of a classic school shooting.

Three students eventually died and one was arrested and was identified as Thomas J. Lane.

At noon on February 27, 2012, Chardon Police Chief Tim McKenna announced in a news conference that one of the victims had died. The first deceased student was identified as Daniel Parmertor, a 16-year-old high school junior, by a spokeswoman for Cleveland's MetroHealth Medical Center. His family issued a statement requesting that their privacy be respected. When Lane opened fire, Parmertor was in the cafeteria waiting for a bus to the Auburn Career Center vocational school in nearby Concord Township, where he studied computer science.

At 12:42 a.m. the next day, a second student, Russell King, Jr., 17, was pronounced brain dead at MetroHealth Medical Center. King, a junior, studied alternative energy technologies. He was enrolled at both Chardon High School and at the Auburn Career Center. King's family released a statement thanking the public for support and offering sympathy to the families of the other victims. They also said that his organs would be donated as he had wished. A witness, Nate Mueller, said that King had recently started dating Lane's former girlfriend. Other student witnesses said that it appeared as if Lane was specifically aiming for King, indicating that he was the first to be shot. The students stated that King had previously threatened to beat Lane up. They told reporters that Lane had taken up weightlifting with the intention of fighting King.

On February 28, it was reported that Demetrius Hewlin, the third student who was transferred to MetroHealth, had died. His family also expressed their sorrow for their loss in a statement to the press. Friends of Hewlin said that he liked to work out and wanted to be on the football team. Hewlin's mother, Phyllis Ferguson, in an interview with ABC News said of her son, "He wasn't a morning person and he was late for school. But that one day he wasn't late. We were running a little late, but we weren't late enough. But it's okay. It's in God's hands. Let His will be done." When questioned about what she would say to the assailant, she said that she would forgive him, because most school shooters did not know what they were doing. She explained that her son's organs would be donated and that one of the recipients was a child who was within days of death without a transplant.

How about names? Looking a bit closer, you will find that the "name game" dwells here too. If you translate the monikers of the tragically deceased victims, you will discover literally, the fact that "three kings" (The Holy Trinity?) were killed in Ohio in Chardon, supposedly randomly. 

The three young men (shown above) who were killed in the Ohio school shooting of February 27th, were named Demetrius Hewlin, Russell King Jr., and Daniel Parmertor.

So, what we find is this:
Demetrius = King of Macedonia 294–288 BCE
King = King
Parmertor = Of Irish origin, from an Old Celtic word meaning "high" or "noble."

The first Chardon victim was identified as Daniel Parmenter, (as well as Daniel Parmentour in one earlier confused report). Others use the spelling Daniel Parmentor and Daniel Parmertor. In a strange coincidence, the victims of the February 14, 2008, Northern Illinois University shooting were students Gayle Dubowski, Catalina Garcia, Julianna Gehant, Ryanne Mace and 20-year-old Daniel Parmenter.

Late on the day of the shooting, The Guardian in London wrote the name as "Daniel Parmertor, 16." Intriguingly, some of the Guardian's wording also reflects material here, including this sentence: "In an odd twist, another similarly named student, Daniel Parmenter, 20, was killed four years ago this month in a shooting in Northern Illinois University." Furthermore, also during the evening, Reuters was using the spelling "Parmentor."

On Tuesday, February 28, 2012, officially, the names of the victims were announced: "The students who died from their injuries have been identified as Daniel Parmertor, 16, and Russell King Jr., 17."

What of February 27th? It is also a date of some significance in Nazi history. February 27, 1933, was the date of the Reichstag fire: Germany's parliament building in Berlin, the Reichstag, is set on fire. (BTW, the cornerstone of the Reichstag was laid on June 29, 1884, by Kaiser Wilhelm I, who was the patron of the three Berlin Grand Lodges. Wilhelm I died in 1888, Dreikaiserjahr, the Year of Three Kaisers.)

The Reichstag fire on February 27, 1933, is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany. It is the one incident leading directly to the increased power for Hitler and his party.

According to the Facebook profile of T. J. Lane, one of Lane's favorite books is listed as The David Icke Guide, and a person that inspired Lane is noted as "David Icke."

The father of suspected Ohio school shooter TJ Lane has been busted several times for violence against women, including TJ's mom, according to court records. He had been warned to stay away from the boy and his mother, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Dad Thomas Lane Jr. and TJ's mom were each charged with domestic violence against each other, and Lane served time in prison after trying to suffocate another women he later married. It's not clear what kind of relationship the father eventually maintained with his son. Friends said TJ was being raised by his grandparents, according to the newspaper.

As the news was breaking...

A school shooting has been reported at Chardon High School near Cleveland, Ohio, local law enforcement officer says (Monday morning, February 26, 2012).

Civil deputy Erin Knife with the Geauga County Sheriff's Office says the shooting was reported at Chardon High School. Gunfire at a high school outside Cleveland injured a number of students Monday morning, and at least one suspect has been taken into custody, officials said.

FBI agent Scott Wilson said that there was one suspected shooter, who is in custody. He said four students were wounded in the shooting and one died.

CBS This Morning correspondent John Miller reports that at least one of the students was critically injured.

The shooting was reported around 7:30 a.m. at the 1,100-student Chardon High School about 30 miles east of Cleveland, said Civil Deputy Erin Knife of the Geauga County Sheriff's Office. CBS affiliate WOIO-TV in Cleveland reports the shootings happened in the cafeteria before classes started for the day.

Television news footage showed anxious parents escorting children away from a school building, and ambulances could be seen outside. WOIO-TV reports the high school was evacuated and students were taken to an elementary school to be picked up by their parents. Students on school buses were dropped off back at their homes.

A spokeswoman for Cleveland's MetroHealth System said a medical helicopter was dispatched to the high school. Schools in the area were locked down.

Bob Herp, a Chardon trauma nurse, was at a command scene at a local Wal-Mart store where he said helicopters were on the ground.

+++++Name Game+++++

Chardon is a city, about 30 miles east of Cleveland, of about 5,100 residents.

The name "Chardon" has two meanings of note. As a French word, it means "thistle." As a Sioux word, it means "sand bar."

The town of Chardon was named after one of the wealthiest men in America, Peter Chardon Brooks, who gave the land to Ohio. Peter Chardon Brooks was the son of Rev. Edward Brooks and Abigail (Brown) Brooks. Rev. Brooks was one of the "high Sons of Liberty," the elite of the Masterminds of the Boston Tea Party, who assembled at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston. Reverend Brooks was at "Lexington on the 19th of April, 1775, with his gun on his shoulder, in his full-bottomed wig." Peter Chardon Brooks established his first insurance business at the corner of King Street (today's State Street) and Kilby Street, at the Bunch-of-Grapes Tavern , the site of the first grand lodge of Masons in America.

After the Siege of Boston ended in March 1776, "General Washington was handsomely entertained" at the Bunch-of-Grapes Tavern, as was Marquis de Lafayette (see also, the Fayette Factor), and General John Stark (who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill, a site denoted today by a Masonic obelisk, seen above).

For more on the covert Masonic and other secret landscape, as well as the King-Kill/33 symbolism, see Adam Parfrey's and Craig Heimbichner's Ritual America.


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Quite often, conspiracy-journalists, just as many other "heroes" and revolutionaries, are psychopaths, whereby they display the characteristics of fearlessness, doggedness, and cunning, but less of the behaviours of manipulation, falsehood, lying, hypocrisy, &c. Thus there is an intimate relationship, a kind of tension in the outer world that may well represent the inner struggle with the inner demons. Between the revolutionary and the reptilian there lies only a difference in desire for freedom and truth on the one side, and pathological lying and hypocrisy on the other, whereby dissociation from reality means detachment from the real consequences of one's actions. On one shoulder of every foolhardy young revolutionary stands Batman; on the other, Joker.

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It seems this misguided child missed reading David Ickes book "Infinite Love Is The Only Truth, Everything Else Is Illusion" and by doing so has completely misconstrued everything Icke stands for. Nothing Icke has ever said or written promotes violence of any kind.

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Well said! David Icke has never promoted violence on ANY level and this fact is 100% verifiable.

Unknown said...

David Icke has never promoted violence on ANY level and this fact is 100% verifiable.

Unknown said...

David Icke stands for PEACE and LOVE and has NEVER promoted violence in any way, shape, or form. These facts are 100% verifiable. I can't imagine how anyone who's read David's work could do something like this kid...which is why I wouldn't doubt for a second if a this questionable statement was added to this kid's facebook account by an outside source to demonize David and his work. 3 million people have viewed this page alon...looks like got the response that they were looking for.