Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oklahoma "Red" Suicide: Dressed As Batman's Two Face

Breaking News: Cade Poulos, September 26th's suicide, was dressed as the Batman supervillain Two-Face (Harvey Dent), for his school's "Super Hero Day." This appears to be in the realm of a copycat and continues the outcome we are seeing issuing from the "Bane/Joker" red dawn event in the wake of the Aurora shooting (July 20, 2012), allegedly carried out by James Eagan Holmes.

The comment from the Joker character that I quoted at the beginning of a recent posting, here, was delivered to Harvey Dent/Two Face in The Dark Knight (2008). There is a direct link from Bane/Joker to Harvey Dent/Two Face, Aurora to Stillwater, from Colorado to Oklahoma, from The Dark Knight Rises to The Dark Knight. The duality here is deadly obvious. We are sad to see that Cade Poulos' metaphoric flipping of the Harvey Dent/Two Face coin, to determine his own fate, landed on this tragic side.

The Daily Mail notes:
Several students told KOCO that Cade had gone to school dressed as the fictional character Two-Face, also known as Harvey Dent, for the day of costumes as part of Breast Cancer Awareness week.
Approximately 750 to 760 students attend the junior high school with students in grades eight and nine, according to Stillwater Superintendent Ann Caine.
The school sent a statement to parents saying there had been a 'single shooting incident' at the school and that staff and students – eighth and ninth graders – had been moved to a safe location. Parents were told to pick up their children at a nearby shopping center.
With Cade allegedly dressed as a popular Batman villain, the scene may have painted a grisly reminder of this summer's shootings at the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre where accused gunman James Holmes shot and killed 12 while dressed as the Joker.
'Everyone thought it was a joke at first,' ninth-grader Ashlyn Lundholm told the Stillwater NewsPress. 'Then I heard people screaming. Then we went to lockdown for 35 to 40 minutes.'

Cade Poulos


The Dark Knight character of Alfred Pennyworth (on right), Bruce Wayne's butler, was played by Michael Caine, in all three Christopher Nolan Batman films. 

Stillwater Superintendent Ann Caine is shown at the September 26th news conference, waiting to answer a question about the costumed Batman Harvey Dent/Two Face suicide event.

Earlier news:

Word has been received (early this a.m.) from the Red Dirt Report in Oklahoma that there's been a death in a school in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The victim of a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound at Stillwater Junior High School is a student and the shooting occurred at 7:50 a.m. on Wednesday, September 26, 2012. The suicide victim took his own life in a hallway as the school day was beginning.

The dead youth has been identified as Cade Poulos, 13, a natural redhead, who some have compared to the recent images of the "Joker."

According to one legend, Stillwater, Oklahoma got its name because local Native American tribes, the Ponca, Kiowa, Osage, and Pawnee, called the creek “Still Water” because the water was always still. "[H]e leadeth me beside the still waters" (Psalm 23:2b).

The name Oklahoma comes from the Choctaw phrase okla humma, literally meaning red people. Choctaw Chief Allen Wright suggested the name in 1866 during treaty negotiations with the federal government regarding the use of Indian Territory, in which he envisioned an all-Indian state controlled by the United States Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Equivalent to the English word Indianokla humma was a phrase in the Choctaw language used to describe the Native American race as a whole. Oklahoma later became the de facto name for Oklahoma Territory, and it was officially approved in 1890, two years after the area was opened to white settlers. ~ Wikipedia

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Ann said...

What's so bizarre with all these stories is that I'm sensing a pattern here. I'm saying that with a little irony.

This is too much. The picture that shows Cade Poulos shows him with frizzy red hair, just as James Eagen Holmes had. What was the Oklahoma school thinking, having a 'Superheroes Day' after the Aurora shooting?

Aside from the lexilinks and synchromystic links, I have to say deep down I don't understand this phenomenon, and the dark turn it is taking regarding the popular culture of superheroes.

I wonder now, with Halloween coming up soon, would some disturbed individuals be aiming for that holiday...and dress up?

This stuff is really too wild. And yet...somehow...there's a pattern to it. What does it all mean?

Ann said...

I was reading over that quote you provided in the previous article, given to Harvey Dent/Two Face in The Dark Knight (2008)

"...Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It's fair!"

I agree that there is more than a little anarchy in the air these days, taking place on many levels. From the Occupy movement to now riots in Greece over austerity measures, just to name two levels.

But what baffles me is how does all this reach a mere 13-year old, like Cade Poulos? He looks innocent enough to me, just like an average 13 year old, really.

Does it transfer via a mind virus? A virus that just happens to leave traces of itself via lexilinks and synchromystic clues?

Another copycat -- and truthfully I never expected it. September seemed such a slow news month. It's sad for that poor kid though.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's the mask factor that can trigger this abnormal behavior... there's an alter-ego released when the everday one is concealed. And this includes the Tonto-esqe facepaint and the runny Joker makeup as well- the word mask derives from the Latin 'masca' meaning specter, and the Italian 'mascara'...

Anonymous said...

Also seems weird that the superintendent's name is Caine. Just like Michael Caine and close to Bob Kane, the creator of Batman.

Different Mike said...

Earlier today, I was making jokes on a forum about Gingrich giving Romney debate advice. I thought - but did not type (didn't think the joke was strong) that he should dress up like Two Face before he comes out on stage. This was a couple of hours ago....


Poor kid.

aferrismoon said...

Okla-Humma means 'red people'.


Red Dirt Reporter said...

Looking at the top photo of Cade gives me a feeling of sadness and foreboding. That photo has half his face in shadow. Really heartbreaking that he succumbed to these feelings. We are thinking of his loved ones here in Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam's guitarist played lead guitar for an up-and-coming rock band called "Stillwater" in the 2000 movie
"Almost Famous". Pearl Jam's 1992 "Jeremy" song and video was based on a student killing himself in front of other students,and was cited by future school shooters as inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Also the Joker was wearing a Red wig when he was disguised as the nurse.

Xenkenito said...

here is an interesting sync...

which guy has the red (orange) hair?

Ann said...

Xenkenito > "...which guy has the red (orange) hair? "

That is a very interesting observation in that painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Besides watching out for men in checkered shirts loitering in backgrounds, now I have to attune myself to people with red hair.

I realize the painting is about the sin of Wrath, but I am struck that there seems to be an element of the vampire in it. The red-headed one appears to have sunk his teeth into the neck of the other, and digs his nails of his right hand deep into the flesh of the one clearly losing the battle.

Apparently others have noticed this also in Bouguereau's painting. Out of curiosity I googled 'vampires in dante's time' brings up a lot of popular culture links where the name 'Dante' figures as part of it, be it books, movies, or TV series. There's even a gay-themed vampire-Dante, which doesn't surprise me, as Bouguereau's painting looks distinctly homoerotic.

There's a youtuber who puts out videos. He's got some bizarre ideas, but mostly he has this obsession with red-haired people. He believes them to be somehow incarnated from geometric type crystals and that these crystals house evil alien insect life forms. I don't believe it, but now I am wondering about people with red hair.

I came across a reference that Salome, daughter of King Herod, danced to obtain the head of John the Baptist, and that she had flaming red hair.

Eugene said...

MC elroy fulfills the Master of Ceremonies on this one.

Aurora makes two face nod with lawless cops and women/children as criminals in Wells Fargo robbery.

Xenkenito said...


I've heard that the first "elites" of early civilization where infected with syphilitic worms in the brain which made them behave more reptilian and made them want to sacrifice and consume human flesh. Human sacrifice is very old. The "royal" "blue" bloods that are alive and still owning humanity today may not test for brain worms, but instead are cold and heartless because they are born with the genetic defect that was caused by the worms in their ancestors.

I see the homoerotic touch to that painting of Dante and Virgil in hell witnessing one man consuming another man. I guess sex is a less violent form of "consumption" of one another. If the dude wasn't biting his neck I might assume the painting to be a depiction of rape.

Dante may have inspired a lot of hell, with his hellavision. As to many movies and other forms of art. Art imitates life and life imitates art. We are in an eternal feedback loop. History recapitulates phylogeny.

There is cool artsy movie, Called Dante's Inferno ( It's worth a look, very funny and tragic.

Enki said...

The name Stillwater showed up in the news in Maine, where Loren and I live, last month:

ORONO, Maine — Two Orono teenagers jumped into the Stillwater River on Monday afternoon to save a couple being swept away in the swift current. One of the boys said he was dragged under the water several times by the woman, who was close to drowning.


The two boys have been friends since the fourth grade. Both will be juniors at Orono High School this fall and play soccer and tennis for the Red Riots.

Ann said...

@ Xenkenito -

Thanks for the youtube link on Dante's Inferno. It was pretty neat.

I didn't catch that at first - the idea of cannibalism in Bouguereau's painting. In light of the recent cannibal attack in Florida (where the man's face was eaten off), I can see it now in the painting.

I don't know how the idea of 'blue blood' got started. I heard long ago that when we look at our veins, they appear blue, as if blue blood were flowing, but it changes color to red when it hits oxygen.

The idea that the first "elites" of early civilization where infected with syphilitic worms in the brain -- why would this worm target only the first 'elites', and not the general population also?

My observation of humanity, taken as a whole, doesn't limit me to putting all the blame on the "royal" "blue" bloods. Of course I've never met any, but have met others who have. One scientist was knighted by the Prince of Belgium (I forget the Prince's name) for putting Belgium on thr map for nuclear energy. I've always found these elites far more rational and decent than the ordinary person. If elites are cold and heartless, the same surely can be said of the average person also. So maybe these syphilitic worms wasn't singling out just elites, but anyone who happened to get it. There's certainly enough violence in the world being committed by ordinary people, that I'd say at most it's a draw between the elites and the common people, but with the common people leading a bit more as to violence.

I agree though humanity does seem to be in an eternal feedback loop. Usually with these sorts of things, a 'shock to the system' is needed to bring humanity out of it, at least for a time. I read about this idea long ago when I was reading a book or two by George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, and his pupil, P. D. Ouspensky. I know I must have read "In Search of the Miraculous", as I would have been drawn by the title alone. I've also noticed since then, that indeed when one gets caught up in a rut, that a 'shock to the system' (which always comes one way or the other) brings one out of it and makes one take stock and make changes.

It's too bad this site doesn't have a mechanism that sends out an email alert when a comment is made to one of the articles.

Ann said...

@Xenkenito -

Incidentally, yes, rape also is easily imaginable in Bouguereau's painting. I can see that too.

I never heard of Bougereau before, but I like his paintings. They don't paint like that anymore -- it's a lost art. Now it's all this neo-modern art or whatever it's called, that is evocative of nothing. I always loved traditionalist type paintings, especially when they use mythological themes and Classical subjects.

Xenkenito said...

@Ann -

Yes, Syphilitic worms in the brain and such is all just speculation. Far out speculation. The truth is that we all have a reptilian part in our brains. We can be mean and cruel for many different reasons, some subjective and some objective.

I think the "blue blood" term is not meant to be literal. Some have speculated that it is a reference to the fact that royalty, throughout history, has always used silver utensils and such. And Silver is a germicide and antibiotic. One of the most non-toxic, other than it can turn your skin blue like a smurf. Blood is never literally blue though, that I know of.

Here is a link to a very speculative video about the Origin of Satanism.....

I have heard of Gurdieff, haven't paid him as much attention as James Joyce, Marshall McLuhan, Alan Watts, R.D. Laing, Terrance McKenna, Huxley, Crowley....etc

starviego said...

The same day another 13-yr old named Trae Schumaker was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Columbine Park in the town of Sterling, Logan County, Colorado.