Friday, August 24, 2012

Empire State Building Shooting

Note the plaid shirt. Apparently the main victim was shot near the Empire State Building.

The FBI and the ATF are at the iconic Empire State Building, investigating a shooting. Four to six people have been shot, with ten in total injured, with two people dead, including the gunman who was killed by the NYPD.  A witness says the gunman was firing indiscriminately. Most of the activity appears to be on 33rd Street.

New York City officials say at least four people have been shot outside the Empire State Building and that the gunman is dead.

City police say at least four people have been wounded in the Friday morning shooting. Some of the victims were reportedly found inside the lobby of the Empire State Building while some were found on the street.

A fire department spokesman says it received a call about the shooting just after at 9 a.m. Friday and that emergency units were on the scene within minutes.

Aliyah Imam tells Fox 5 News that she was standing at a red light when a woman standing next to her fell to the ground. She says the woman was hit in the hip. She says the gunman was "shooting indiscriminately at people."

The shooting reportedly occurred at 33rd Street and Fifth Avenue, and it is 33rd Street that is blocked off.  Hazan Imports, outside of where this occurred, is located at 10 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10001. Their website is a deadlink,

This grab is from WABC-TV; emergency personnel respond to reports of several people being shot outside the Empire State Building, Friday, Aug. 24, 2012, in New York. Authorities say the shooter is dead. Photo by AP/WABC-TV.

Gawker published a series of photos (the mildest one above is shown) allegedly of the shooter, in a gray suit, dead, being examined by police.

Empire State Building is in the foreground, with the Twin Towers under attack on 9/11/2001.

Latest reports by NYC Police is that this is "not domestic terrorism," but allegedly the gunman was fired from his job yesterday. The date of this person leaving his job was given incorrectly in the early reports. He was laid off a year ago from Hazan Imports*.

Ralph Hazan is in charge of Hazan Imports. A "John Hazan" works at Bain & Company, Inc.

At the news conference this am, it was revealed the victim was a coworker, 41, shot by Jeffrey Johnson, first reported to be 53. Johnson was killed in a shootout with law enforcement officers. Nine other people (seven men, two women) were injured in crossfire.

The New York Times metro desk tweeted that Johnson was 58, not 53, and lives on East 82nd Street in Manhattan. He apparently lost his job a year ago when the company downsized.

The New York Post reported that Johnson stalked his former boss down the street and shot him.

Jeffrey Johnson, his neighbors said, went to McDonald's every day wearing the same suit he apparently wore during the shooting.

Johnson was an artist, who posted his art at several sites on the Internet.

Images of the victim are showing up more quickly than Johnson's photo.

A relative identified the victim as Steve Ercolino (pictured), who was the vice president of sales at Hazan. (The name Ercolino means "bow leg," and is also associated with the name Miller, for one "who works in a mill.")

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a spokesperson for the "Mayors Against Illegal Guns," heading a campaign called “Demand A Plan,” which is pushing the 2012 presidential candidates to “detail specific plans to prevent the gun violence.”

On February 24, 1997, a gunman shot seven people on the observation deck, killing one, then fatally killing himself.
*Hazan Imports

Here is a 2009 press release about that company:

Hazan Import Corp.

Hazan Imports, located in NYC at 10 West 33rd Street, brings over 30 years of experience in the handbag industry run by Isaac and Ralph Hazan. They are entering the branded market with BUM Equipment. They want entry into the majors and feel the BUM brand can open the doors for them. Ralph Hazan foresees a big opportunity in the kids’ segment of bags. “Branding is the name of the game for us. Today’s world is brand-centric,” states Ralph Hazan. Hazan chose BUM for its consistent ranking in the top 10 for consumer awareness and brand appeal. “We feel BUM Equipment will bring a fresh appeal to our product, adding to our huge and still growing customer base,” adds Hazan. Stephen Wayne remarks, “Hazan is a leading handbag company known to be young thinking, dynamic and always fashion conscious.”

Hazan will be distribute BUM to chains including specialty stores, mass merchandisers and sporting goods stores as well as independent retailers nationwide. Prices will retail from $14.99 to $39.00. Sales Manager, Steve Ercolino says, “We have kicked off our Spring selling with an emphasis on the Varsity look for Back to School. We are mixing fabrics and offering a fresh look plus color is more important than ever and is driving sales.” Nostalgia and vintage are the statements for Fall 2007. Hazan has developed a unique stamping process that puffs the fabric they treat and retailers are ecstatic it. “This eye-catching styling is crucial to the savvy junior brand consumer in our marketplace,” adds Ercolino.

Hazan’s design concept is simple says Ralph Hazan: “Take the best of the past and infuse it with the best of today! “We have high expectations for the BUM Equipment brand, and we hope to enjoy a glorious ‘revival’ with both old and new audiences.”

From sweats to a complete ACCESSORIES LINEUP in 2007: According to Stephen Wayne, “With the signing of both L’Egent and Hazan, we now have a full line of accessories under the BUM Equipment brand.” In Addition to the signing of these two new licenses, L’Egent and International and Hazan Imports, At the end of December Bum Equipment renewed all of its other existing licenses to new and additional terms. ROI EYEWEAR continues with Ophthalmic Sunglasses for another three years as one of the most successful licensees on the Bum roster. ROIhas been a licensee of Bum since 1997. Wayne is pleased to also announce the renewals of GENENDER INTERNATIONAL for watches and MONARCH LUGGAGE/BAY TRAVELGEAR for luggage and backpacks. They too have been licensees of Bum Equipment since 1997. BROWN SHOE for footwear and GOLD MEDAL HOSIERY for hosiery and cold weather accessories have renewed their contracts for additional terms too. Bum Equipment footwear can be found at all Famous Footwear retail stores across America.


A Few Shots to Shaman said...


purrlgurrl said...

Well, if it turns out the guy's spent the last year unsuccessfully looking for a job (like so many of us) would it be a surprise that he finally snapped? I know that response sounds flip, but it's really not meant that way.

There is real pain out here from our downhill economic slide which both political parties and campaigns are ignoring. I would expect corporate leadership to look the other way because many are still profiting greatly nevertheless. But the irresponsibility of our elected officials (that fool, Akins, and the judge in Texas predicting civil war if Obama is re-elected) is beyond appalling.

About the only thing surprising to me about this shooting is that there haven't been more incidents of this type. We've been very, very lucky so far.

Eugene said...

"Guy" as women's accessory/fashion designer = the emasculated male priests of Kybele.

Galloi = "gay loy"

5 x 33 = 165

191 - 165 = 26

26 = Kingdom of Iron

Iron as 26th element

I = 10
H = 5
V = 6
H = 5

"I have begotten a man (Qaheen) who is full grown IHVH."

Obummer misspelled OHIO as OIHO.

The inversion of HI as IH is the name game of..

Abram becomes Abra (H) am = he gets a "window" in his middle, ie he is now she.

Sara(I) becomes Sara(H) = she gets her (I) hand/yod to also become a (H) window, ie she is now a he.

Such is the cross eyed game of the prince of princess.

The name game of Abraham and Sarah happen when they are 90 (she) and 100 (he) = 190 / 191.

191 are the two towers with "9" in the middle. Nine is the pregnancy of the twin pillars see Monkey Bizness 191.

The three shepherds of Zechariah 11, ie where the 30 pieces of silver and the door of Judas are found, lays out the triple destruction of the three shepherds. They are Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Why? The worthlessness of their arms. They have reached the distance 191 .. the 43rd prime. During the tenure of the 43 .. the twin pillar incident occurred.

Here is Crowley's 43 - Mulberry Tops:


Black blood upon the altar! and the rustle of angel wings above!

Black blood of the sweet fruit, the bruised, the violated bloom—that setteth The Wheel a-spinning in the spire.

Death is the veil of Life, and Life of Death; for both are Gods.

This is that which is written: “A feast for Life, and a greater feast for Death!” in THE BOOK OF THE LAW.

The blood is the life of the individual: offer then blood!


The title of this chapter refers to a Hebrew legend, that of the prophet who heard “a going in the mulberry tops”; and to Browning’s phrase, “a bruised, black-blooded mulberry”.

In the World’s Tragedy, Household Gods, The Scorpion, and also The God-Eater, the reader may study the efficacy of rape, and the sacrifice of blood, as magical formulae. Blood and virginity have always been the most acceptable offerings to all the gods, but especially the Christian God.

In the last paragraph, the reason of this is explained; it is because such sacrifices come under the Great Law of the Rosy Cross, the giving-up of the individuality, as has been explained as nauseam in previous chapters. We shall frequently recur to this subject.

By “the wheel spinning in the spire” is meant the manifestation of magical force, the spermatozoon in the conical phallus. For wheels, see Chapter 78.

In reading the notes .. you can see why Akin's "legitimate rape" has been running the loop, and how "giving up of individuality" was the result of the "wheel spinning in the spire" as the Patriot Act, the War-on-Terra all stemming from the collapse of the spire of 11 and 9 bomb in the middle.

I divined the OPLE LOPE POLE from the watermark egg of the Ten (read hand/yod) Dollar bill released with the passage of the Patriot Act. Patriot Act is "manifestation of magical force, the spermatozoon in the conical phallus."

daft vader said...

"33" there's that magical Freemasonic number again.

Eugene said...

Jeffrey Johnson is being reported as McDonald's fanatic .. thus reinforcing the MC as BEN BEN Stone.

MC or MAC is the Scottish version of Ben in Hebrew = clad in plaid.

The BEN BEN of course is 191.

What follows "Mulberry Tops"?

The Mass of the Phoenix. This is Obummer.

What follows the Mass of the Phoenix?

Chinese Music.

chris said...

How about mayor Bloomberg start "Mayors against poorly trained police departments"?

I believe I hear the lawyers salivating.


Eugene said...

Clearly the paintings show the "Galloi" overtones in my comments above.

The priests of Kybele are using the police shooting bystanders and the police shooting Marines in Mexico ... "we shoot our own useful non-knowings" as well as "you useless bystanding eaters".

The message is not lost here.

Again wisdom says Baphometis is the message. Jeffrey's paintings show inverted females who aren't females at all. Width of one's shoulders and the anointing oil of the King.

That flag is clearly the Empire that won the world on sodomy and the lash. Back to Prince Hairy and his marine pool exposure.

The message is not lost here, Hairy said it himself ...

"Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die."

If you drop this into context of shooting the useful and the useless .. time is clearly short to way way bigger events all too soon. I mean this is like broadcasting Batman to the world of those in the circle of Cosa Nostra oaths.

You agree?

Eugene said...

The ambu-LANCE in the pics is numbered "570" and this is

3 x 190.

190 and 191 again is the BEN or Mac MC stone.

MC is master of ceremonies is the official name of Roman priest in charge of ritual.

Roma Amor is and will always be Kybele and her emasculted, boy diddling servants. Such is how the entire pirate ship works.

191 - capstone
808 - bricks in the slave oven
999 - the totality of system

Lance also plays the message of the dethroned and stripped King in that "we dont need no stinking evidence" (Lance is the most tested athlete in the history of sport) and "we do it anyway".

Anonymous said...

In the 4th image of your article, it appears that the police have turned the shooter over, and where he was lying, there appears to be the number 33 - from sweat or...