Monday, August 27, 2012

Illuminati Are Watching

Okay, we finally have firm evidence that the Illuminati are overtly paying attention.

Bugsport's Ted Bastien, the famed 32° Scottish Rite cartoonist, saw my posting, "Your Guide To Watching the Illuminati In Tampa." He then created this wonderful cartoon, which we share:

Here are some other Bastien panels:
Considering the references I made earlier today to the Ark of the Covenant and Indiana Jones, before being contacted by Ted, the timing of all of these "coincidences" is getting to be a little spooky.

The event this morning was at Perry Hill, Maryland.  Below, this Bugsport cartoon points to Perry's Nut House of Belfast, Maine, another bizarre sync.

All cartoons copyrighted by Ted Bastien and published here with his permission.


creamneuron said...

the last new comic from him is this one:


Red Pill Junkie said...

I like Bugsport. I always wanted to know what would be next in the story arc, before it went into hiatus in 2010 :-/

daft vader said...

A different kind of copycat effect this time.