Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Did James Holmes Call Diggity Dave?

There is a new wrinkle in the Aurora-James Holmes story. Could Holmes have telegraphed his bizarre obsession with the Joker and Batman a month before the attack? Or is this new news a hoax or a publicity stunt? This material is too serious for a prank, isn't it?

An individual who has a new Batman fan movie has come forth saying he was called by the alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes twice in June 2012, asking about his movie.  Coincidentally, a new trailer for the movie, Suffocator of Sins, was posted in conjunction with the release of this phone call news. (I have not put a link here to the film's newest trailer due to its graphic violent content. An older, milder trailer is posted below).

The informant is MTV Pimp My Ride’s Diggity Dave (real name Dave Aragon). He told KNX 1070’s Charles Feldman that a young man identifying himself as “James Holmes” phoned him about his forthcoming movie.

Los Angeles CBS News noted:
Dave wrote, directed and stars in the forthcoming takeoff of the Batman movie, which shows a young vigilante Batman shooting down evil doers. Some have said the YouTube trailer resembles a crowded movie theater. He describes the film as a “very sick and dark twist of the Batman movies.”
Dave said Holmes, 24, claimed to have watched the trailer more than 100 times. He was obsessed with the violence depicted in the trailer and dismayed that the film’s character didn’t use bigger guns, according to Dave.
“He would tell me what he really liked about the trailer. He kept pressing if I could give him more information on the story. He wanted to know how many people Batman kills,” Dave said. “He wanted to know if it was selective killing. Does he make a list of people he wants to kill or is it a mass body count?”
Diggity Dave / Dave Aragon

Eyewitness/police drawings of the Dendermonde Joker (above and below), January 23, 2009, re-release date of IMAX version of The Dark Knight.

Mugshot of James Holmes, July 20, 2012, release date of The Dark Knight Rises.

Dave Aragon styles his hair in a similar way to how Kim de Gelder (the killer named the Dendermonde Joker) allegedly had his hair done, in imitation of the Joker, during the Belgium attack of the Fabeltjesland creche or Fairyland daycare on January 23, 2009, the same date of the IMAX re-release of The Dark Knight. The Joker in The Dark Knight was played by Heath Ledger; Gelder is an anagram for Ledger.
Dave said Holmes was immersed in the characters.
“Not just the character of Batman, but the villains, too. He talked about the Joker,” he said.
And who is Dave Aragon, anyway? Is this the same "musical Dave Aragon" who allegedly molested someone's daughter? See here. Or is the poster of that item on the internet an enemy and slanderer of Aragon's?

What kind of name game is going on here? Aragon is Spanish (Aragón) and French, relating to a regional name from Aragon, an independent kingdom from 1035 to 1479, which took its name from the river Aragón that arises in its northwestern corner. The river name is of obscure origin; it may be related to Basque (h)ara(n) valley. In Basque, Aragon is called Aragoa or Aragoi, which may mean high valley.


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Red Pill Junkie said...

Batman using guns?? As a fan I'm deeply offended.

Who knows if this Aragon guy is even telling the truth. Maybe this is just a shameful ploy to promote his garbage of a film.

Ann said...

From what I understood, this Diggity Dave only suspected it was James Holmes who contacted him. The person never actually named himself.

But I was thinking that if James Holmes had handlers, and drugged him and such, any of these handlers could have contacted Dave Aragon for more information.

To my mind there is no way a Ph.D. grad student in an elite neurosciences program would contact 'Diggity Dave', let alone even know his name. But 'handlers' could have known about Dave Aragon and his Batman movie.

The thing with Aragon's Batman movie is that, in my opinion, implants the thought of going out and acting it out.